They lay fewer eggs of big sizes and high survival rate; they lay about 7 to 10 eggs, four to eight times each during the growing season. You could plant plantains and bananas around your snail farm to prevent the impact of wind. It is regular amongst farmers who engage in snail farming with the objective of generating profits. Tubers: cocoyam, cassava, yam, sweet potato, and plantain. They are; Feeder: You need is a flat tray, preferably a plastic material; where serves the food daily. Clayey soil and acidic soil should be avoided. Under stable condition, their eggs have a 98% hatch-ability rate. The most desirable soil for snail farming is sandy-loamy soil with low water holding capacity. Snails want carbohydrates for energy and protein for growth. Among the species found in Africa, some have good market value with a very high demand than others. They want to procure parental stock ends as soon as your snail farm is established; you can now choose a breeding stock from their own snails for subsequent batches. Most snail activity, including feeding, occurs at night, with peak activ- ity taking place 2 to 3 hours after the onset of darkness. Heliciculture or Snail Farming is simply the process of keeping edible snails primarily for human consumption or for other purposes such as the production of slime. As the name implies, the semi-intensive system or mixed system integrates the intensive system with the extensive system. Book keeping is easier with this housing system, Mortality, egg record, hatchlings and other miscellaneous records are always Up-to-date. Achatina Marginata commands good Market value. Please try again. A pen could be made out of galvanized sheet metal, wire gauze, wood or block material. Remember that the snails can reproduce fast and become pests when their breeding is uncontrolled. this post is the complete guide on how to start snail farming and be successful. Fruits: mango, pawpaw, banana, eggplant, pear, oil palm, fig, tomato, and cucumber. Maintaining Your Farm 1. Choose the right specie. Snails can also be affected by various types of diseases like fungal, bacterial and deficiency diseases which causes death or retarded growth and also limit reproduction. There was an error while trying to send your request. They are surprisingly mobile so keeping them safe and secure must be your number one priority. Marginatas are the fastest growing among the GALS specie. You have entered an incorrect email address! At their website, they offer A Guide to Snail Farming, available for $32.95. Household waste: peels of fruit and tuber, like banana, plantain, pineapple, and yam particularly paw, and leftovers like cooked rice, beans, fufu, and Eko. You have successfully subscribed to the newsletter. The extensive system is a pattern of snail housing specific to subsistence farmers and those who practice snail farming on a small scale. To prevent snails from losing water so rapidly, your snail house also known as snaileries must be located in an environment that is protected from the wind. It is advisable and suggested that farmers procure the parental stock from known breeders or agricultural institutes. They have a rounded tail. Another useful resource to check out snail farming in greater detail is Escargot World. Snail has a huge demand in the market of Nigeria for it's unique taste and nutrition value. Broom: For daily cleaning of the pen, you want a broom. They have strong brown shells with zig-zag lines on its shell and grow to full size in two years under excellent management conditions. It should be balanced, not waterlogged, not too dry, and must not be acidic. In general, the intensive system comprises different types of snail housing, including pens, greenhouses, plastic tunnels, and buildings characterized by limited climate fall. Snails are mostly picked by hand, at nightfall, when they become active and are easier to find and collect. There’s also a growing demand for snail slime in the cosmetics industry, so do some research and find out how you can potentially become a supplier. And when it come to snail farming this is the only guide that covers every aspect of raising healthy snails. Surprised right? Snail also laid its eggs on the soil and drinks water out of the soil. Snails can be collected at nighttime and on cloudy or foggy mornings. Water is a very important factor in any livestock farming. Snail farming is about gathering the right resources, like humidity and temperature controls, the type of pen needed and the quality of the soil. Climate control is very important, especially devices like sprinklers to keep the soil moist. Some example of intensive housing systems are Pen houses, Curtain method, wooden or iron cages, concrete/wooden hutch boxes and tyre. Through snail farming, one cannot make money quickly as the snails are the animals which grow very slowly. The next factor to consider here is what housing system you should consider using when starting your own snail farm. Snail meat contain a high amount of protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A and very low in fat. All these attributes can be gotten from the performance record of the snail kept during the production phase. The type of housing system you choose for your snails will have a great effect on their reproduction and eventually their growth. However, some highly experienced farmers manipulate their snails to still produce during this period. Smart Farming Hub will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to provide updates and marketing. If you are planning to start a snail farm on a small-scale, as a hobby or you just want to test the waters before you invest a large sum of money into snail farming. But if your intention is to start a commercial snail farm on a medium or large-scale.
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