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growing artichokes in containers
Amend a good quality, well-draining potting mix with plenty of compost. Here, you will have to use the compost which forms a thick layer of 4-inches surrounding the plant. Hence check the topsoil regularly in hot climates. The ideal size will be a 24-inch container because this gives the plant ample space to grow. 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The main reason is that the artichokes will need a heavy feed. Moreover, you have to start covering the plant mainly if you are growing the artichoke in an area which has snow. After about thirty days, it is always suggested to make use of liquid fertilizer. Additionally, if you see that the water is less, then even in such cases, there is a chance that the buds will have bad taste. Fertilize the container grown artichoke in midsummer with either commercial fertilizer or a top dressing of compost. In USDA zone 6 and below, they’re grown as annuals. Note: Green Globe and Violet de Provence survive winters the best. Although they perform well in full sun, in hot regions, it’s better to keep the containers in the shade in the afternoon. You can wait for the, Now, the artichoke plant will be big and you will need to start thinking about the lines of cutting 6 inches. The main objective of this article is the introduction of the gardening basics to the beginners who are confused about the process. Additionally, you will require to select the soil which has natural nutrients. Provide the plant sufficient space for air circulation. You can snip the tender buds when they are the size of an apple. Mainly they feast on young, tender leaves. Sticks on FireBotanical Name: Euphorbia tirucalliColor: Yellow to... © 2020 Balcony Garden Web | All rights reserved, Growing Artichokes in Pots | How to Plant Artichokes in Containers, Check out our article on growing Wasabi in Pots. Continue reading to learn about Growing Artichokes in Pots. When your plant reaches the age of one month, then you will need to add vegetable food.
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