It was already starting to slowly transform when we arrived. In this interview, we learned much about the brewery, and the man behind its collective vision. Well, I could feel a tremendous amount. Turning dreams into reality is an arduous road, full of pitfalls. Milwaukee, WI: home of beer, the Brewers, beer, insane weather, beer, and most recently, Greg Koch. You still have the Stone beer brewing here and a popular beer bar, so it’s not like it was a full retreat. I’m a huge fan of smoked beer. Greg has literally played THOUSANDS of guitars in the last 5 years alone. What I find interesting though is that you did survive through a partnership with BrewDog. Hell, I still buy six-packs at my grocery store in Berlin. SHARES. I was also there when Brewdog reopened the doors with all new branding, menu, and beers a few months later, a fascinating story all its own.). Whether it be some craft beer style or hard seltzer or bourbons or whatever. And, I’m always asking, “well, which kind of beer are you even talking about? I imagine that had to be a tough decision. Was ich aber in Wahrheit getan habe, ist Industriebier den Kampf anzusagen. He tells you exactly how this happened, along with the backstory of “the making of” these videos, in this interview. The documentary feels resonant now, since it shows that you can get through hard times. It takes me on a rollercoaster every time. Just like, “Okay, I’m done with this.” It’s like feeling this well of tightness around your neck and shoulders. It was the second beer we ever produced. It’s really interesting watching it. The importance of his wife and children in his life, the one thing most people will be surprised to hear about Greg, and much more. And we are continuing to grow. We had won all the awards: Best beer place in Asia, one of the top-rated Western restaurants in all of Shanghai, top 2 percent, all of that. Beer Jesus — which is available to stream on Amazon Prime — does a good job handling the trial and errors of an American trying to open a massive beer-related project in a very-regulated German city. You were one of the first craft brewers to produce a smoked beer back in the day, alongside I think just Alaskan in the U.S. Why do you think that beer has never really had its hazy NEIPA or sour beer moment? In 1996 Greg Koch left L.A.’s music industry and sunk his life savings into co-founding a brewery making strange, bold beers almost nobody wanted. He took his dress shirt off in a scene and he didn’t have an undershirt on underneath. Since we’re a year out from the sale and this film stops at a precarious point, how do you feel about watching the film now? It’d be easy to say “and the rest is history” given the explosive growth craft beer has seen across the U.S. and the rest of the world in the decades since, but it’s never that easy. Shout about them on social media or even to the person hanging out on their balcony across the street! It went from a very small scene in Berlin with a few notable players like Rainier Werth with his beer shop and then the guys at Vagabund. I love the style too, by the way. First off, any relation to Jim Koch of Sam Adams glory? We made Stone Smoked Porter in 1996. Greg Koch On His Top 5 Records • Wildwood Guitars Interview But COVID-19 has just delivered such a sucker punch. In the US, we broke through the conditioning. I’ve read some headlines that suggest that consumers are retrenching to major global brands. There you go, that’s back to the movie again. This is a story that’s not unique to craft beer, of course. One of my favorite parts is when he asks you if you would change anything if you had had it to do over again, and you rebuffed him and said, “Are you kidding me?” I took that as, “Don’t look back, look forward.” Now with the gift of both space and time from the sale of Stone Berlin, what have you taken with you from the experience? The two-year endeavor to build one of the largest craft breweries in Europe — in a country with a staunch view of what beer should be — was meticulously documented in The Beer Jesus From America. Oh, you make that weird beer. Billb interviews Greg Koch of Stone Brewing. Greg Koch Interview. Interview with Greg Koch, Co-Founder of Stone Brewing November 10th 2017 | From Union1 Greg Koch, co-founder of Stone Brewing, talks about the Stone Brewing experience and … We’re all learning how to be apart, yet staying connected as best as possible. It’s crushing blow after crushing blow. So how are you dealing with this pandemic now that months have passed and it’s touched every part of the world? By 2019, Stone decided to sell their brewery to Scotland’s Brewdog and retreat back to the U.S. with the brewing of Stone’s beer being carried on through a partnership with Brewdog. I was just rereading the interview you did with Joe Stange right after the sale. And then COVID-19 made it more than we could handle. We’re learning how to operate safely. What you can control is how you react. And, that tanked the industry. We made it up until about six years ago but the sales just weren’t … enough. He reveals the most under-rated and over-rated guitars he’s seen during this time. That’s entrepreneurism. The one piece of advice he’d give himself. (The film’s name was derived from local Berlin tabloid headline that mocked Koch’s long beard and hair.) But I find it interesting that it really takes me on that emotional journey every time, even though, not only do I know the story well, I lived the story. 482 0. Andy “The Beerman” Coppock kicks off The Business of Beer podcast series here on TapHunter Radio with an interview with Greg Koch, CEO & Co-Founder of Stone Brewing Co. Because overnight, it went from all men wearing undershirts underneath their dress shirts to all men not wearing undershirts underneath their dress shirts. Before that, we endlessly heard things like, “What is it you do? We caught up with Koch recently to talk about a documentary that was made about the push to open Stone Berlin back in 2016. I know this is a cliche, but you’ve got to get up and keep going, right? Let’s shift back to beer for one last question. The passion of an artist as they say. It is really a combination of a lot of things.
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