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gotoh bass tuning keys
The GB528 is part of GOTOH's Res-o-lite series of super lightweight bass tuning machines heads. Fits many … Hex nut and washer included. Gotoh Mini 6 In-line Tuning Keys w/ Oval Buttons-Gold. Gotoh gold 6 in-line mini tuning keys with oval buttons and 45 degree mounting hole. GOTOH was able to achieve excellent weight savings by using a special alloy call "duralumin". Superior quality and finish with 16:1 gear ratio. I still love a straight up P. My favorite bass I own tone wise, is an all wood Mike Lull P, but carbon fiber gives a bass … Gotoh GBR640 Res-o-lite vintage style bass keys, Nickel, reverse wind, large post, w/hardware, 28:1. These lightweight tuning machines are able to help the tendency for bass … It's an amazing material. from $57.37 (61) ... Gotoh Midsize 510 3+3 Tuners with Black Plastic Knobs. Sold out TK-0908 Gotoh GB10 4-in-line Bass Keys Matching mounting screw. Gotoh Compact Bass Tuner, 2L+2R Set. 20:1 gear ratio. Installed once on a Spector Legend bass … Not the be all end all tone wise. Carbon Fiber Tuning Keys and Bridges from GOTOH Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by CowHead, Mar 16, 2018 . Fits a 9/16" 14mm) tuner hole. Used set of 5 Gotoh GB7 bass tuners in black. 3+2(3 left side and 2 right side) Excellent shape.
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