You can view the footage below and see what you think. What particularly unnerved the young man, was this was not the first time he had found unexplained markings on his body. As it did so, it raised higher and higher into the air. Or might the picture, for reasons unknown, have managed to capture a craft that was using some kind of futuristic cloaking technology? You can watch that footage below. One resident from the east coast from Rhode Island would state: The whole house shook. Waldridge Fell was my birding choice for last night and tonight. Perhaps one of the strangest UFO sightings of August 2019 took place over Popocatepetl in Mexico when an eagle-eyed viewer watching a live volcano-cam spotted a strange white disc speeding past the screen. A sighting on the very same evening in San Antonio, Texas was not only filmed by the local resident, but the footage would find its way on to the local FOX news station. The skies were clear at the time of the incident. Once more, an explanation was offered that the sightings were due to a “test launch of a Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missile”, with footage even being provided of the launch from the Kapustin Yay base the previous day. The red light had now changed to a bright white light and was pointing directly at them “like a torch”. Whether there was anything else, unknown to the general public, remains unknown and most certainly officially denied. It would appear over the last few months that the south part of the state is undergoing one right now. While that is only speculation, in this case, it is an interesting notion to keep in mind. You can see a copy of that photograph below and make up your own mind. Then, “incredibly fast and with perfect precision” the object moved away and vanished into the night sky. You can check out the full interview below. They would further state in their report: I could see they were not anything that I have ever seen before! I believe as there are good and bad in our race so there is in other races. The following night, across the border in Ontario, Canada, another sightings featuring two orange lights were witnessed. And this time, there were multiple witnesses. The witness would further recall that it was “definitely not an airplane or helicopter or traditional firework”. However, the parent states that “they are becoming scared” the more they see them and the more they appear. Is there something particularly untoward taking place in North Carolina? Whatever it might be, the footage is very much worth watching. Might we indeed be set for another UFO wave? There are a plethora of claims currently roaming around the Internet. Post a new comment! The orbs would “circle around the first light”. By publishing these accounts, UFO Insight does not take responsibility for the integrity of them. However, it then began to grow in brightness slightly before seemingly vanishing into the distance. However, one thing to note, investigators would note that the International Space Station was in their location at the time of the sighting. Disappearing Plane From Chile To Antarctica, 10th December, “Fireballs” Fall From Strange Craft Over Arizona, 12th December, Birds Drop Dead In Road Anglesey, 11th December, Three “Reddish-Orange” Lights Pass Over New Vienna, Ohio, 15th December, Strange Craft Captured Over Kelowna, Canada, 16th December, Blinking Lights Over Conway, Arkansas, 17th December, Flashing, Sparkling, Silent Object Over Las Vegas, 19th December, Bizarre Flashing Lights Over Wilton, North Dakota, 21st December, Several Strange Sightings From Space, 21st December, The Official Sixth Branch Of The US Military. Marcus also regularly appears as an expert on radio talk shows including Troubled Minds and Unexplained Radio discussing these topics. There are many theories and claims, ranging from proof of the “elite” constructing underground facilities to the opening of portals. With that in mind, as we examine some of the better UFO encounters of December 2019 in this festive “bumper” edition, perhaps we might think how we as a collective will continue to investigate, document, and research the UFO incidents that surely await us in the next 12 months. What is so hard to believe in UFOs and ETs when other people have seen and experienced these moments in time. So much so that he has had several similar encounters with these mysterious men in the past. It is certainly an interesting piece of footage and one that is worth checking out. Then, “in a flash” it vanished. Who, or what is the intelligence behind that presence is perhaps the real question? However, the beast immediately retreated out of sight. These secretive birds are mostly gray with bold white “eyebrow” stripes over piercing orange to red eyes. Thinking it was as good as any object to focus on, the witness did exactly that. Is there really nothing at all to the glowing sphere-like object in the image above? One of the planes would attempt an approach but the strange anomaly vanished before he could get close. To this, the witness responds: The witness would then began to use their laser pointer in an attempt to communicate with the strange and apparently highly technically advanced craft, although these attempt s would appear have gone unrewarded. The couple, despite their awe and surprise, would manage to record several moments of footage of the incident. This could be something as simple as the battery was low at the end of a long day without charge. One particular witness would even state that their attention was only brought to the strange object when: …the nearby Scottsdale Airpark sent up two (sets) of fighter jets…. You can view a freeze-frame of the object below. And what’s more, it would remain that way for several hours, with (local) online commentary seemingly awash with theories and explanations as to just what this “portal-like” light beam was. You can check out the video below which looks at the incident a little further. One resident, Chelsea Salt, would tell the Grimsby Telegraph newspaper that: My mum’s partner saw them on his way to work. Were they using some kind of cloaking device? It is worth including here. Before anything is put in place, the only change that will occur (although there will be no change other than the assignment) is the pacing under the Space Branch umbrella of 16,000 already active duty airmen. It would appear the video was originally filmed in Indianapolis, Indiana by a YouTube user named Daniil Tumanny. On the evening of 11th January, back in the United Kingdom in London, a strange “circle of lights” was seen by multiple residents. You can view the video below for a little more information on this particular sighting. During May there have been several other such sightings, albeit not with as much clarity or indeed backstory of our earlier sighting. It remained in view for around 10 seconds, allowing the witness to snap several pictures with their mobile phone. Orb-Like Object In Doncaster Garden, South Yorkshire, 17th January, UFO “Lands On Roof” In Trinidad, Colorado, 14th January, Other Intriguing Sightings Over The United States, Strange “Circle Of Lights” Over London, 11th January. And this time, there was footage of the incident. According to one eagle-eyed space and UFO enthusiast, the skycams of the European Southern Observatory would capture a “UFO going in or coming out of what looks like a wormhole”. A little unnerved, they continued on for several more miles until a red orb appeared in the sky. At around 9:30 pm on the night in question, an anonymous witness who is “an experienced huntsman and outdoorsman” was driving with his wife, who was much the same, along a logging road.
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