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gopro hero 9 media mod
GoPro Media Mod for Hero 9. There is a delay in sourcing this item from the supplier. Buy from GoPro: $79.99 16. The Max Lens Mod is the newest and arguably most innovative accessory for the GoPro Hero 9 – taking some of the most useful features of the GoPro MAX camera and adapting it for the GoPro Hero 9. Me: For the Gopro Hero 9, In the Connected Features section of the specs, it says you can use a Media Mod "OR" a Micro HDMI Cable Me:Is this true? GoPro Support:What you saw on the website is true, you can use a media mod with the camera. I can get the Hero 9 alone to work as a webcam on my laptop (HP Elitebook), but NOT with the Media Mod accessory... does anyone know how to get this to work? Am I missing a software update or something? I dont want to wear headphones all day long while working and want to use the Media Mod … The display mod connects to your Hero 9 Black via Media Mod. Everything I have read says usb-c to HDMI cables do not work. ETA mid December 2020 Thanks to the presence of the two-inch screen flip-up, you will enjoy vlogging. That aside, it features a built-in rechargeable battery and a micro-HDMI connector. With the folding design, you can comfortably store and carry it anywhere you want.
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