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give up the ghost film
Production: Tabi360 (Alaa Alasad), Nordic Factory Film (Helene Granqvist), ArtHouse Blockbusters (Boris Despodov, Plamen Bontchev) Directed by Chris Mullins. Give Up The Ghost. One day, while out a new job, he discovers something that alters his way of … Give Up The Ghost. Orizzonti . Cinema. With Andrew Johns, Christine Mahaney, Larry Neumann Jr.. Floyd has worked his whole life. A cool horror/comedy short film with great cinematography, special effects, fun characters, and a twist ending that leave you wanting to know more. Share this page on. After years working in the film industry, her second short as a writer-director, Give up the Ghost, was accepted into the prestigious Venice Film ­Festival last September. Give Up The Ghost (2019) by Jordanian filmmaker Zain Duraie won Best Arab Short Film at the third edition of the El Gouna Film Festival. Give up the Ghost is a story about a group of friends who go to a Haunted Hotel that they think is just a standard attraction, only to find out that the "attraction" is a bit more real than anticipated. With Trenton McClain Boyd, Jet Jandreau, Anthony Montanaro, Maxwell Rinehart. Directed by Marian Mathias. Director: Zain Duraie.
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