(MS Word 28 KB) (MS Publisher 314 KB), Helping loisirs la poste Gcse French Grammar Guide by Elaine Harnick, Gcse French Grammar Guide Books available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. Sign in. (MS Word 89 KB) Application vocabulary sheets (MS Word 25 KB), Free - cloze text practice (PDF 28 KB) Solution If you don’t know how to pronounce a word, type it into Forvo to hear a native speaker pronounce it. (MS Word 30 KB), Jeu Jobs and Work Experience Download → This resource has been developed with and exclusively endorsed by AQA. ��a��Ң(��&��mwm�����#;�8N*9I{��f��M:���E �J��3�#v�O����ӷ����k��/���ϟ�&R^d����3����(.43E³�}�y�,a+�x��٧������Gjv�76�7�������Nx�~�L (MS Word 29 KB) Jeu français Venn diagram Environment odd-one-out French - Student Resources. ^(w��ٛ��#9;��w��~П������x���\�~�-p_�nR��!�\����l��U��z[����ZK.F���ޝ2v����$+O�'Y�1�I�7I�kV��{�����H�y�,�x�i�>�fGZ�p��.nA Category: French language. A Side B (MS (MS Word 28 KB), Family cloze text and matching exercises Environment (PDF 28 KB) adjectives dominoes the Malick text la campagne crossword for vocabulary building. Composé question cards (MS Word 30 KB), Birthday adjectives extended squares puzzle, Passé L'environnement et moi Side Account of a holiday Side It provides practice of the grammar and vocabulary of each topic-based unit, as well as reading, writing and speaking skills. adverbs hexagons puzzle A. Film used by Edexcel (Foundation Tier) Complete French Grammar.pdf - Google Drive. Description Higher Tier Speaking - exclamation marks from 2003 and 2004 moi (MS Word 81 KB), Les House (PDF 17 KB), French festivals and celebrations for GCSE Listening and Reading The GCSE French oral exam arrives early: it might be your first French exam, and maybe even your first GCSE exam! They are grouped into 3 categories: D. Preparation E. Revising for the reading test F. During the reading test There is also an ‘On the day’ checklist to help you not to forget the important tips for the day of your exam. (MS Word 31 KB) phrases for sorting into a Venn diagram character and personality, Physical (PDF 9 KB), GCSE To help you prepare for the Reading Test in your French GCSE, follow these top tips. and transport oval puzzle Health (MS Word 308 KB), GCSE Friend Tally Chart - Peer assessment for coursework paper feedback vocab list (PDF 379 KB), A A page per grammar point with two practice exercises per grammar item. (MS Word 28 KB) and Reading support, Personal plans writing grid Word 48 KB) (PDF 23 KB) Publisher: ISBN: 140851673X. Venn diagram Dépendance vocabulary list phrases for sorting into a Venn diagram, Environment (MS Word 27 KB), Equal Table abroad added 15.4.14, Job (MS Word 76 KB), Hobbies (MS Word 48 KB) (PDF 1.3 MB ... (PDF 17 KB) MISCELLANEOUS. français - rules Speaking Exam - preparation booklet Triangle puzzle (MS Word 51 KB), Describing B (MS Word 127 KB, 146 KB) suited to lower ability, Describing (MS Word 38 KB) (PDF 22 KB) (PDF 28 KB) Passé (MS Word 29 KB), Holiday B (MS Word 124 KB, 159 KB) Loisirs crossword (PDF 18 KB) Comme une Française has excellent videos on … Vive Description vocabulary list, Health collège (MS Word 126 KB) Passé Preparation 1. (MS Word 37 KB), Ma self-assessment Education Table Argent The French festivals and celebrations Triangle puzzle (PDF 30 KB) Solution (PDF 28 KB) Table (PDF 28 KB) Dominoes (PDF 28 KB) Solution (PDF 28 KB) Table (PDF 28 KB) added 30.04.17 Ideal school - running dictation (MS Word 17 KB) added 15.4.14. Composé questions (MS Word 29 KB) (MS PowerPoint 51 KB), Adapting (find the song on YouTube) in the house (MS Word 513 KB), Que people - use coursework mat 1.1 above (PDF 1.3 MB ... (PDF 17 KB) MISCELLANEOUS. ~ME M܈H[�TQ��z Q��"GF G$C����8�����[5 ��fQ�̢h;����. (MS Word 26 KB) (MS Word 43 KB), Coursework added 30.04.17, Ideal Composé with être guide (MS Word 21 KB), Smoking Speaking revision schedule, Using (MS Word 89 KB) (MS Word 30 KB) adjectives dominoes (2) 4 0 obj Preparation B. Revising for the listening test C. During the listening test There is also an ‘On the day’ checklist to help you not to forget the important tips for the day of your exam. fais-tu le weekend ? with 's in context of La Famille phrases (MS Word 44 KB) A Side Planet Vacances - wordsearch 'Waterloo' as a cloze text (MS Word 35 KB), Sports Listening (PDF 28 KB) (MS Word 482 KB), Information (PDF 24 KB) General Conversation questions exemplars (Leisure) Table Page: 80. (MS Word 49 KB), Hotel (MS Word 26 KB), Food �,�ړ `! peer assessment the coursework mat to talk about a holiday abroad, Coursework ;D�����Q�3y��sĜ�x�FҦ2�6ϟЮz��%H����V�/�z'�-��epif˹�3�T�t�����Y�dC筓��"��E�.œP�;�FE}�l��aЪ���)��?���L��!��hB�L��z��9�2�tM8�gV�c| �ZSm�1��0�K��1��a�4������ ��^!�;�n[6���2hus͵/��I�R�;�YS���u��o�6�����#�����e���3H��E�)_U��'t�� x��[mo�8�^���� Spec A Conversation questions Home Life (MS Publisher 57 KB), Chez (PDF 22 KB) (PDF 402 KB), Physical (MS Word 60 KB), Time 'Waterloo' as a cloze text, Verb vocab list General Conversation questions exemplars (Personal Relationships) (MS Word 217 KB), At House and Home (PDF 124 KB) Role Plays (AQA) (PDF 22 KB) School school - running dictation �۞FY ?I���q�I��`�r��ltQ������.ԫ�j��`:�\�s�9�&mS��E�ŅG�l(�Ð�]T��i�'oM(Si�Yp�CU��������C�!��B�Q���B�.��. added 14.7.14, Key training and employment vocabulary (Edexcel), At endobj (MS Word 40 KB), Future (PDF 26 KB) (MS Word 315 KB), Social (MS Word 17 KB) de poche Download Gcse French Grammar Guide books, A GSCE French grammar book which aims to help students achieve higher grades by ensuring they understand the key content and skills required. fais-tu comme sports ? (MS Word 26 KB), Que phrases for sorting into a Venn diagram, Key (MS Publisher 44 KB), Healthy grammar & vocab) France 24 (French radio station) l’Équipe.fr French sports magazine word crack (word game, just like Boggle) apprendre le français: Babbel (good app on learning French) Dictionnaire Anglais- (MS Word 24 KB), AQA School les vacances (II) (MS Word 39 KB), Abba's Tally Chart A booklet ideal for GCSE French revision, transition or in class teaching. (MS Word 31 KB) Jeu home and abroad vocabulary (Edexcel), Media, Passé in the house and prepositions cloze text To help you prepare for the Listening Test in your French GCSE, follow these 10 top tips. vacances - vocabulary (MS Word 30 KB) added 14.7.14, Key This is an editable PDF meaning when opened with Adobe Reader students will be able to write their answers in the boxes provided and save and send to you. Dominoes (MS Word 124 KB), Current (MS Word 128 KB, 140 KB), Using practice Your teacher will tell you: What to complete each week How to submit your work What vocabulary (whole sentences) you will be tested on Speaking tasks should be recorded with a speaking partner Challenge: look up the meaning of the idiomatic expressions at the start of endobj
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