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flowerhorn hump down
The male is larger than the female, has the bulge of the larger head and brighter colors. Without forgetting that those aquariums where plants are going to be housed will require more specific lighting conditions to favor the growth and development of the same, and they are also necessary if the aquarium is intended for the accommodation of Flowerhorn fish. In aquaculture, a rule is usually observed. A Flowerhorn fish can live without having any food for 20 days. I feed him cooked pieces of shrimp and Tetra Cichlid Sticks. It is a very voracious fish so it should not fall into the error of overfeeding. The most common way Flower horns get ICH is when they are fed live or frozen food that has already been contaminated with the parasite. Among its species, you can find beautifully colored fish as well as fascinating patterns of behavior, especially during spawning and subsequent breeding. On the other hand, choose, that they are not aggressive and that they have the same temperature and feeding needs. •    Flowerhorn fish benefits the human mind. Other fans instead especially if it is large cichlids choose to put plastic plants as above all today there are frankly very successful. Take care especially if you collect yourself live foods in contaminated ponds. You can use a filter with a capacity slightly higher than the volume of the tank, so you can be sure that it will be efficient. Obese fish, among other symptoms, tend to form fats around the liver, making their good health more difficult. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you like colored gravels look for a natural, without dyes that can contaminate the water. At present there are commercial preparations of very good quality although every aquarist who claims to try to offer their fish the best, sometimes making their own preparations or porridges. They are fish that like to stay at the bottom of the aquarium, shelters or caves are essential since these animals like to stay inside, especially if the aquarium coexists with other fish. It is recommended to use regular municipal water and DO NOT use RO water. Indeed, there are many species that need a regular vegetable intake but there is a little trick to at least alleviate this problem. Here are some of FAQs, we have answered here. Regarding the assembly and decoration of the aquarium, it is recommended not to include plants, simply a thin layer of gravel and logs or some medium rocks. You should not obsess over their care since you will only get the fish stressed. Respect the doses and frequencies of the application indicated by the manufacturer. The cichlids by their characteristics and personality can bring us great satisfaction. Simply remove some of the water from the bottom by siphon and replace it with another clean one without chlorine. As always, according to the Flowerhorn fishes that we maintain there are exceptions and therefore options. LED lamps are a very interesting attraction to recreate a light environment in which beautiful and colorful highlights. Another interesting point about the food that we often forget is quantity. Finally, an entry, if you observe something strange in your aquarium, always proceed with caution, unless it is something urgent, sit down and first try to find out the cause, then act accordingly. For good water optimization, it is recommended to change 20% of the water every fifteen days. This affects the quality of the water and is harmful to the fish. With each partial change of water, you can add some granites of salt for aquariums to the aquarium, a quarter of a teaspoon of coffee will suffice and it must be very very little. The use of plants is contraindicated for many species since they tend to move them, it is also difficult to maintain them, taking into account the peculiarities required by the aquarium water, keep in mind that, although it is variable depending on the species. These types of hybrid fishes come from Malaysia. They tend to be very pronounced since their texture is not exaggerated, they are narrow. Those who have decided to keep a Flowerhorn fish in an aquarium have never regretted it. It is very important because overcrowding causes stress and so many organic wastes are generated that the filter cannot eliminate them at the rate they are produced. •    Place some live plants in the aquarium. Not only that the hump of the Flowerhorn is associated with luck but it is found that the bigger the hump is the more aggressive the fish becomes. It is advisable to give small amounts two or three times a day alternating the type of food. The alkalinity can be achieved and kept by placing in the aquarium some small rocks of calcareous origin. There are people who think that in an aquarium the main decoration is the Flowerhorn fish and that an excessively overloaded and baroque “theater” is a source of problems.
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