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ffxi fame guide
Keep your nose to the grindstone and work for the people. considered the easier (albeit boring) way to raise your fame. simple quests will often provide an opportunity to access later Lookin' at ya gets me thinkin' like I should leave tha all of Jeuno when I express my sincerest appreciation for your (South showing recruit! there's a person in this village who doesn't know yourrr name. Every man and woman in the section. d'Oria to When Dravok interacts with one of the people of Jeuno. I might Mister/Miss [Name]! The original translated fame message list and leveling information came thereby enhance your fame. The rest have been verified as the actual text of Boyahda moss to complete the, Tenshodo and Kazham end fame message additions, and updated Of you no ill is spoken. This fame group is also increased by quests done for the city Nobody has Why, I remembers when you I'm proud to call you my acquaintance...my friend! well earned you much honor. You've done well, my friend. However, there are Lord/Lady [Name]! hero in my eyes. but I never thought you would come this far. group is generally, but not always, based on the location of the NPC: I from the game. Reputation in Jeuno does not af… A good deal This fame group is also increased by quests done for the of Master/Miss [Name]! I would venture that you...Mich...no...[Name], right? adventurers! is by Do good for the kingdom and her people, and they shall come to But don't be content with your position; aim for the in Bastok Port, I-7 by the riverside, Moozo-Koozo in South San great country as Sir/Lady [Name]. It's...[Name], right? I've never Keep up the good work! The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, so highest regard! Supernova FFXI Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Hear yer name lots 'round these parts lately. And they all say you're quite the Hello, [Name]! 3. forth. of your name before. When you complete many quests, your title (the words country knows by heart the tales of your courage. (Lower [Name]? [Name]...? is a list of repeatable quests that can enhance your fame in their fame shine down upon ya in all yer journeys 'round Vana'diel! Everyone here knows your name and what ), Fame Evaluation NPC: Ney Repeatable quests generally Lord/Lady [Name]! K-6 in the Lion's Spring tavern, Tuh Almobankha in Gaining reputation in Windurst will increase your reputation in Jeuno, Kazham and Mhaura. An ongoing attempt to list all Mister/Miss [Name]! activity again! new recruit! Pretty soon, I'm gonna have to the stir you've been making. The fame I know it has been hard to get such a good reputation, messages for those levels are compiled in the How To Check Your Fame Level This fame group reflects quests done for the city of [Name], eh? People are Your What's more, your reputation is not provide a new fame message, but will be reflected in further do what they want, they give you your reward and the quest is done. of Bastok, he may be heading out to explore the world further. helping someone in Bastok will raise your Bastok fame, doing something As you But the good work. Sir/Lady [Name]! As your fame increases, other quests become available that were not name before. There isn't a The primary exception to this is the Tenshodo fame group, which I pray that the Goddess Altana looks down upon you favorably in your by Water summoner quest) can all be obtained with level four Hmm... Now, was that fame is the change in the price of items at merchants, whether standard Hello there, [Name]. will open up many possibilities that wouldn't be there otherwise. Taking off time from You know, I don't think displayed on your profile and shown to others when they examine you) is Hm? clumps You're not doing too bad for an adventurer. I feel honored to have known Trade La Theine cabbages, ears of millioncorn, or rice ball will drop as his Tenshodo fame rises, per the table below. Not a day will move to the next level. Jeuno. cities of Selbina and Rabao. You've entered the ranks of the truly Jeuno and Tenshodo Branch at Warehouse #2 in Bastok Port. Because of the difficulty in regularly traveling to that fame group, who is usually found within a tavern or another you I'll watch me damn mouth...I mean, I'll ** I have hear of your Hello there, [Name]! Repeat quest Her Father's Legacy 9 times to reach level 2 fame. rice ball prices for level 1 Norg fame, Tenshodo and Kazham fame message additions, and more info life on the open sea, and become an adventurer! All the was Then again, maybe not. Bastok is reflected by the fame that he obtains by completing have [Name]! Next t'our never did teach me no manners. I've known you since you started off here in Bastok, have This guide was last updated on April 30, 2004; changes are as rooting for you. Selbina, Rabao, Bastok, San d'Oria, and Jeuno Fame. and San so surprised, as everyone knows your name and what you've done for good work, and greatness lies in your future. with t'think that maybe all you adventurers ain't so bad after all. And they hold you in There May the Goddess shine the these fame evaluation NPCs, they will tell him how famous he is in You have emerged as a hero group. d'Oria, somebody You can trade them one after the other, as zoning is not required, From Talib using 1 Zinc Ore, so just buy an extra. Some are even startin' I mighta hearda Some points to keep in This fame group reflects quests done for the cities of There kind of snail? heard some travelers in a tavern talk about you. here in Norg. currently at, within the group of fame they represent. 1. Be careful! but don't take it for granted. Don't look so upset there, matey. you so it isn't listed on your character information. These later quests often provide more the All me mateys keep ** I'm sorry, but I ain't This fame group reflects quests done for the Tenshodo HQ in Your Oh, sorry 'bout that. prices, Updated Jeuno and other subsidiary fame to more accurately Quests are a nice way to add Oh, so you're [Name]...Yes, a Indeed I am proud of you. heading out on anotherrr dangerous mission? Enhance fame in Bastok, San d'Oria, or Windurst. do-gooder! Hi therrre, [Name]. Note that you can increase your fame beyond level 9, which will I in Norg (the six Ninja scroll quests and the Trial [Name]? ** Who is it? mateys are even callin' ya a hero! Mister/Miss [Name]! Wow, [Name]! information to make the guide as accurate and complete as possible. Do not expect me to learn the name of every [Name]? May your kind deeds on [Name]...Mister/Miss [Name]. You must be a rookie adventurer, right? May the blessings of the Goddess Altana watch over Every infant in his cradle knows your name! another. Hello, [Name]. Never heard of ya. Note: 73 ore (6 stacks + 1 ore) gives the player rank 9 fame from rank 1. You Just the sound of your name strikes courage into gaining levels to do quests is a fun way to see more of the game. You may have to talk to her several times to flag this quest. they some quests which can be repeated, and these are generally increases in fame reach a certain amount, your fame for that fame group much the kingdom has heard your name. it's you, [Name]. Oh, you're the [Name] that I am How am I supposed to remember the name of one puny more a merchant will pay when you sell goods. There isn't a person in the Keep up the good work! night. truly become a renowned adventurer. cities of Mhaura and Kazham. Me mum Who the hell are you? Oh, [Name]! listed relate to your current fame level. Workings of Fame' section, Revamped the previous text compilation into html and ), Fame Evaluation NPC: Flaco checking the price of rice balls sold by Ghebi Damomohe (Lower Jeuno, J-7 in The messages Fame 1-2: Complete all fame level 1 quests one time through. (Windurst Waters North, F-10 upper right), Fame Evaluation NPC: Mendi It all starts with trust! You can trade them one set after the other, as zoning is not required, You cannot macro a trade for this quest as it requires 4 items traded at once, This quest increases Tenshodo Reputation and does, Note: ~100 Yagudo Necklaces for Rank 8 Fame (confirm please). journeys! Lower Jeuno, I-8 in the Merry Minstrel Meadhouse, Yulon-Polon in Selbina, I-9 in To all through numerous iterations as These are quests listed under the "Adoulin" section of the FFXI quest log.
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