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feralis notes biology dat pdf
Download the Feralis Biology Notes and other free study material with access to videos and lectures. Use this if you need a deeper explanation into any chapter in the Bootcamp Bio Notes. polysaccharide, polymer similar to cellulose but each beta-glucose has a nitrogen-containing group attached to ring. Cliff's AP Bio 3rd Edition a. DATBooster offers powerful study tools that can help boost your DAT scores to the next level for the 2020 DAT. extremely diverse kingdom but have these characteristics in common: -radial - organisms have only one orientation, front and back. Prepare using the most powerful DAT resource available. Unfortunately, the majority of resources available are either recycled MCAT material or just simply not affordable. Hi! Accelerate your learning with our unique tracking software. View the Bootcamp Biology Notes. Built-in 3D models for every DAT question, a feature exclusive to DATBooster. genetic recombination during meiosis and sexual reproduction originates from 3 events: 1. I'm a content expert in DAT Biology, and I want to help you ace this section on your DAT. Start studying Ferali's Bio Notes DAT. biological information cannot be transferred back from protein to either protein or nucleic acid, visible light for thin section of sample. DATBooster | The Best DAT Preparation Resource, The most powerful resource available for the DAT, DATBooster has been created with the same quality and attention to detail that, Studying for the DAT can be a stressful process, but figuring out which resource to use shouldn’t be. triglycerols, three fatty acid chains attached to a glycerol backbone, two fatty acids and a phosphate group (+R) attached to a glycerol backbone, three 6 membered rings and one 5 membered ring, ethers of fatty acids and monohydroxylic alcohols, fatty acid carbon chains w/ conjugated double bonds and six membered C-rings at each end, polymers of amino acids joined by peptide bonds, H, NH2, COOH bonded to a central carbon and then a variable R-group, casein in milk, ovalbumin in egg whites and zein in corn seeds, hemoglobin carries oxygen, cytochromes carry electrons, lower activation energy and increase rate of reaction, do not affect overall energy, nonprotein molecules that assist enzymes; can be organic or inorganic, 3d shape resuling from hydrogen bonding between amino and carboxyl groups of adjacent amino acids (ex: alpha helix, beta sheet), 3d structure due to noncovalent interactions between amino acid R-groups, 3d shape of a protein that is a grouping of two or more separate peptide chains, somewhat water soluble, many functions: enzymes, hormones, inter and intracellular storage and transport, osmotic regulation etc., mostly dominated by 3ary structure, not water soluble, made from long polymers, maintain and add strength to cellular and matrix structure, mostly dominated by 2ary structure, nitrogen base, five carbon sugar, deoxyribose, phosphate group, polymer of nucleotides that contain ribose, not deoxyribose, 1. all living organisms are composed of one or more cells. High-yield, quick DAT focused biology review. Very condensed and detailed Biology note compilation; harder to read b. Feralis Notes: This is a document of notes including some images of everything that you need to know for Biology on the DAT. Learn more about scoring a perfect 30 on the DAT. Toggle navigation. macromolecules form monomers (1 unit) which form polymers (series of repeating monomers), PO3, polar, hydrophilic, acid (sometimes shows Po4), single sugar molecule, ex: glucose and fructose, two sugar molecules joined by a glycosidic linkage (joined by dehydration), series of connected monosaccharides; polymer, polysaccharide, a polymer of alpha-glucose molecules, store energy in plant cells, polysaccharide, a polymer of alpha-glucose molecules, store energy in animal cells, polysaccharide, a polymer of beta-glucose; structural molecules for walls of plant cells and wood. Unfortunately, the majority of resources available are either recycled MCAT material or just simply not affordable. The ones currently on DAT Bootcamp are only halfway filled out. And so, a few years ago we set out on a goal to create the ultimate DAT resource by putting together a team of elite educators, developers, and engineers. From comprehensive content and high-quality videos that mimic the DAT, to advanced generators and software that analyse and pinpoint areas of weakness. Bootcamp Biology Notes. made up of neutrons, protons, and electrons. 5. Free pdf can be found online c. used for transport of materials b/n cells and interstitial fluid, completely encircles each cell creating a seal that prevents passage of materials between cells, narrow tunnels between PLANT CELLS - ONLY PLANT, present when there is a high level of stress being placed on individual cells, all organisms EXCEPT bacteria, cyanobacteria and archaebacteria, have plasma membrane, DNA molecule, ribosomes, cytoplasm and cell wall, movement of transports AGAINST their concentration gradients requiring energy, an oxidative, exergonic process (delta G= -686 kcal/mol), entry of air into lungs and gas exchange between alveoli and blood, exchange of gas between blood and the cells + intracellular respiration processes, in the presence of O2 (glycolysis, pyruvate decarboxylation, krebs cycle, oxidative phosphorylation), decomposition of glucose into pyruvate in the cytosol, also referred to as Citric Acid Cycle(CAC)/Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle (TAC), process of ADP --> ATP from NADH and FADH2, occurs in human muscle cells, other microorganisms, overall rxn: 6CO2 + 6H20 --> C6H12O6 + 6O2, electrons trapped by P680 are energized by light, two excited electrons passed are accepted here, electron transport chain (noncylclic photophosphorylation), consists of PSII complex which containes proteins (cytochrome and cofactor Fe2+), two electrons move down chain - lose energy, electron transport chain terminates with this (P700), replenishes ATP when calvin cycle consumes it, 12 ATP + 12 NADPH converts 12 PGA --> 12 G3P (or 12 PGAL), 2 remaining G3P are used to build glucose, light dependent and light independent reactions occur, fixation of oxygen by rubisco (rubisco is not efficient, will fix both O2 and CO2 at the same time if both present), nucleus disassembles, nucleolus disappears, chromatin condenses into chromosomes and nuclear envelope breaks down, chromosomes line up single file at center, microtubules shorten, each chromosome is pulled apart into two chromatids, nuclear division, nuclear envelop develops, begins after mitosis and cytokinesis are complete, cell increases in size, G1 checkpoint ensures everything is ready for DNA synthesis, second molecule of DNA replicated fromt he first, provides sister chromatids - DNA Synthesis, rapid cell growth, preparation for genetic material for cellular division, Prophase 1, Metaphase 1, Anaphase 1, Telophase 1, homologous chromosomes pair at plate, migrate to opposite poles, nucleus disassembles, nucleolus disappears and nuclear envelop breaks down, chromatin condenses, spindle develops, homologous pairs are spread cross metaphase plate, homologues within tetrads uncouple and pulled to opposite sided (disjunction), chromosomes spread across metaphase plate and sister chromatids separate and migrate to opposite poltes, nuclear envelope disappears and spindle develops, chromosomes align on plate but with half the number of chromosomes (no extra copy), each chromosome is pulled into 2 separate chromatids and migrate to opposite poles of cell, nuclear envelope reappears and cytokinesis occurs. See how students who prepared using PATBooster performed on the DAT last year: *Average scores reported to us by students as of 5/1/2019. must add large amount of energy to warm up water, water expands as it freezes, becomes less dense than its liquid form (H-bonds become rigid and form a cyrstal that keeps molecules separated), attraction between LIKE substances due to H-bonds, the strong cohesion between H2O molecules produces a high surface tension, attraction of UNLIKE substances; capillary action; ability of liquid to flow without external forces, have carbon atoms.
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