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fender player series vs mim
Fender's Australian website lists both Player and Standard, and the Player basses are cheaper. This might just be the worst-kept secret of the guitar world in 2018: The new Mexican-made Fender Player Series is a revamp of the whole Fender Standard line-up, with some tweaks and a new, updated Jaguar model. The MIM is installed with more expensive Fender Standard Cast tuners. Each model is based on a particular decade, so for example, the Vintera 50s Strat has features; pickups, colours, neck profiles etc that would have been on an original Strat in the 1950s (‘Modified’ versions are also available but more on that later). But it's fair to say the MIM will handle more "whammy action" or aggressive bending without having to re-tune. In terms of value, the clear winner is the Fender Player Series Stratocaster. I agree; the Player series are very close to the 2008-2016 American Standards but the necks are narrower at the nut - 1.650" vs. the USA model's 1.685" nut width. Sure, there will be those who’ll knock some of the non-1950s aspects of this guitar, but I say try it before you deny it. The Vintera series on the other hand, is a direct throwback to the 50s, 60s and 70s. KEY FEATURES. Fender knows the audience it’s aiming for with the Player series, and based on the performance of our review Stratocaster, it’s hit the bull’s-eye. (For Jazz basses, Player RRP is AUD$1199, Standard is AUD$1399.) It's worth noting … Fender Vintera Series. It’s the same classic design, sound, and stylings, but made with a more budget-friendly goal in mind. Fender 2018 Leaks. That's not to say the "Vintage-Style" tuners on the CV are poor. Fender Player Series Stratocaster Alternatives. Here in mid-2018 the Fender Player series represents excellent value for money and the instruments are tangible improvements over the previous Mexican Standard models. Fender Player Stratocaster I couldn't find anything on the website explaining the differences between any of the different series. This guitar is a favorite among many beginners. Expect to see and hear a lot more of these guitars… The Precision’s svelte neck will suit younger players, or guitarists switching over. Squier by Fender Standard Stratocaster – Budget Option. Not to downplay the Squiers are good enough for what they are, but the Player series is the perfect revamp the MIM Fenders have needed for a few years until they came out. I've personally tried the Player series Strats in shops and owned CV Teles albeit ones from early 2010s, I think the Player is a noticeable step up in quality.
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