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fallkniven dc4 or cc4
Weboldalunk az alapvető működéshez szükséges cookie-kat használ. How would a fallkniven Dc4 and CC4 work for a field sharpening system? I use the CC4 and DC4 and attach them to a modified paint stick as a base. The CC4 whetstone consists of a superfine ceramic stone (white side) and a ceramic side made of synthetic sapphires (dark gray). FALLKNIVEN CC4, Hidegfém - Kések és parakordok. A kő szuper finom kerámia kőből (fehér oldal, 0,1 mikron) és szintetikus zafírból készült kerámia kőből (sötétszürke, 1 … That sound about right for straight razor touch-ups or the last steps in a progression. Fallkniven CC4. We're happy to present something everyone has been waiting for--a combination ceramic/ceramic whetstone that will handle your finest sharpening needs. I was wondering about this new product from Fallkniven, the CC4. There's adhesive on both sides of the "core" bar ... one that holds the diamond pad and the other that holds the ceramic pad. Fallkniven cc-4 - will i ever need anything else? Szélesebb körű funkcionalitáshoz marketing jellegű cookie-kat engedélyezhet, amivel elfogadja az Adatkezelési tájékoztatóban foglaltakat. According to the manufacturer, the white side is at 0.1 micron and dark grey side is at 1 micron. The newly-developed DC4 whetstones consist of a fine diamond stone (25 micron) and a very special ceramic stone, made of synthetic sapphire. No, not the DC4 (which was already discussed on this forum). SWEDFNCC4: CC4 Ceramic Whetstone Fine/Superfine Fallkniven. I put an old belt on the other side as a strop. Fallkniven CC4. I’m going to be doing some hunting and a lot of outdoors stuff this summer and want to invest in a good field sharpening system for my enzo trapper 95 in O1. Would these 2 stones together work well to maintain a hair popping edge in the field (in addition to my belt)? I suck at sharpening but something about the CC4 makes it easy for me. Ez egy automatizált szoftver általi fordítás: Kerámia csiszoló kő. Fallkniven CC4 Ceramic Whetstone Sharpener W/Leather Pouch, White/Gray: Amazon.in: Sports, Fitness & Outdoors The DC4 is a combination diamond/ceramic whetstone that will handle all your sharpening needs. Valo, the problem with the new DC3/DC4 sharpeners seems to stem from either sub-standard adhesive or bad application process of said adhesive.
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