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expensive shampoo vs cheap
Many products from professional shampoo companies are for a very specific user (fine, chemically treated, straight blond hair, for example). Do you guys ever notice any difference between the quality shampoo you buy based on price tag? I'm a pretty cheap person lol. If it's cost prohibitive to buy both shampoo and conditioner that are top notch, I would buy the conditioner. I have oily hair also and I use Kirkland Shampoo for color treated hair and the conditioner that comes with it. Is it purely about cleaning hair or is there more to it?? BassetSlave . I tend to buy cheap shampoos, like $5 is rich girl expensive for me but only when I feel like indulging in my curiosity. Do you think there’s a difference in salon vs Walmart shampoo? Tresemme is a good brand. Expensive "salon" quality shampoo is also often more of a specialty product, targeting (and being more effective for) the exact hair type of the user and how they treat their hair. All it needs to do is keep my hair clean. I do however spend alot when it comes to my conditioner. Posted 19/09/2020. Comments (153) / 16. When buying shampoo, do you get what you pay for? I can use the cheap kind on my hair and it does no damage. It cleans my hair and is better for the planet. No need to buy things that wont bring out positive effect soon. However, a cheaper shampoo can also do the same- again, just depends on what's in it. 100. Compared to some of the expensive brands, it sometime does better. 23 Comment. What do you buy and why?? This is one effective way so that if a certain brand, cheap or not will work for you then bingo! We use Ethique. Personally I feel like expensive, quality conditioner/leaving conditioner has more of an impact. advertisement. I’ve seen all the hype around the Monat shampoo, and just wondering if … Its not as expensive. nessy59. It's not so much cheap vs. expensive, it mostly depends on the ingredients in the shampoo/conditioner. So if you’re not one to read the back of your shampoo container, it could be worth splurging. Hair that's been chemically treated needs more moisture than normal, and sometimes more expensive shampoos can afford to put those moisturizing agents in their products. I have found that shampoo does not need to be expensive to work. Cheap shampoo vs expensive shampoo . Just my opinion but in no way can I verify this other than from my experience :) View entire discussion ( 133 comments) More posts from the HaircareScience community. so CHECK THE … Try to find some Pantene or Hair and Shoulders, Palmolive shampoo for oily hair is also good. As for cheap vs expensive shampoos, its not proven which is better but the expensive ones are just expensive because of their brand name. Posted 19/09/2020. You hit the shampoo that is good for you. This is because I need a good moisturizer for my dry hair. Is there really a difference between basic versions and high end branded products? Especially since, as Buckett notes, spending a bit more on less-processed ingredients might just save you money in the long run: Expensive products are typically more concentrated, so a little goes a long way.
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