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evergreen trees zone 9
If you are not in a similar region, to find your locales hardiness zone, visit the USDA’s plant hardiness zone map at planthardiness.ars.usda.gov/PHZMWeb/Default.aspx. Red dogwood (Cornus florida var. Its crimson berries are lovely and provide food for wild birds. Some good varieties for zone 9 include: Cypress – Usually tall, slender trees that work well planted in a line for privacy screens, good choices for zone 9 cypress include: Holly – An evergreen tree that is low maintenance and often keeps its attractive berries through winter, good zone 9 hollies include: Tea Olive – A wonderful smelling plant that produces fragrant white flowers and can grow to 20 feet in height (6 m.), the tea olive is hands down a top choice for the landscape. Some good zone 9 evergreen varieties of pines are: Broadleaved evergreen shrubs for zone 9 include the pineapple guava (Acca sellowiana), a low-maintenance plant from South America. Privet hedges reach heights of 12 to 15 feet and do well in a mixture of sun and shade or full sun. The small compact tree grows well in USDA zones 6-9. In some zone 9 regions, drought conditions are frequent, and watering schedules should be increased to include frequent deep waterings. If you planted one of the above species and suspect an evergreen tree disease, or notice signs that are concerning, consult a local arborist for guidance. Sign up for our newsletter. However, classification for the hardiness zone map and a tree’s ability to thrive is determined by the annual extreme low temperature. Also, consider the following juniper varieties for zone 9: Mexican Fan Palm Tree (Washingtonia robusta) – When planted in large landscapes or wide-open areas, this tree can reach heights of 80 to 100 feet. This drought-resistant cedar reaches heights of 40 to 70 feet at maturity and can attain a spread of 20 to 40 feet (in a loose pyramid form). It’s extra nice to have trees that don’t lose their foliage in the winter and remain bright all year long. A hardiness zone is defined as a geographic area encompassing a range of climatic/temperature conditions relevant to that area’s plant growth and survival. Pineapple guavas … This evergreen leafy tree can grow between 6 and 8 ft. (1.8 and 2.4 m). Sounds nice, right? Privet – Extremely popular in hedges because of its fast growth and neat shape, privet is an exceptional choice for the zone 9 landscape. Japanese Black Pine Tree (Pinus thunbergii), Coastal White Cedar Tree (Chamaecyparis thyoides), Top Point Cedar Tree (Chamaecyparis thyoides), Dwarf Japanese Cedar Tree (Cryptomeria japonica), Italian Cypress Tree (Cupressus sempervirens), Blue Pyramid Cypress Tree (Cupressus arizonica), Murray Cypress Tree (Cupressocyparis leylandii Murray), Hollywood Juniper Tree (Juniperus chinensis), Spartan Juniper Tree (Juniperus ‘Spartan’), Wichita Blue Juniper Tree (Juniperus scopulorum), Pygmy Date Palm Tree (Phoenix roebelenii), Broadleaf Lady Palm Tree (Rhapis Excelsa). It’s hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zones 8 and 9. The purple orchid tree (Bauhinia variegata) is also one … Some good zone 9 evergreen varieties of pines are: Cedar – Cedars are usually tall, narrow trees that are very drought resistant. Keep reading to learn more about growing evergreen trees in zone 9 and selecting zone 9 trees that are evergreen. Its green-yellow needle-like foliage, conical growth, and fresh citrus smell make it highly desired for landscapes and yards. Pine – A very broad range of trees, pines tend to be evergreen and many are hardy in zone 9. A mature Hybrid Poplar tree will be 40 to 50 feet tall with a spread of about 30 feet. Juniper – Drought tolerant, low maintenance trees that come in all shapes and sizes, you can’t go wrong with junipers.
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