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ethical issues in hospitality industry
Business ethics in tourism- As a dimension of TQM. Therefore, in order to address the ethical challenges in the hospitality industry adequately, individual companies and businesses must take the initiative of developing their own examples of how they have changed their practice of ethics, with regard to their customers, employees, and the local communities. The United Nations identified the hospitality industry as having the most detrimental effects on its local communities and destinations. Enter your Email id used at the time of registration and hit "Recover Password". Muijen, H. (2008). June 26, 2019. https://ivypanda.com/essays/ethics-in-the-hospitality-industry/. (2008). 203-214. Ethics plays central roles of enhancing employees’ satisfaction in their jobs coupled with the inducement of a strong commitment to the organizations for which they work. Ethical issues impacting on the industry (and about which you must investigate house policies and in-house Standard Operating Procedures [SOPs]) include: Therefore, in the context of the problem of this research, this question is critical in mandating the management the task of making subordinate staff to develop strong organizational commitment. Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 10(6), pp. On the other hand, Tuna, Ghazzawi, Tuna & Ãatir (2011) note that managers in the hospitality industry must be transformational and uphold high moral and ethical standards. Hospitality industry handles people of varying cultural backgrounds. Ghazzawi A., & Smith, Y. Various researches have shown that the hospitality industry, especially hotels, still lag behind in matters concerned with ethics, compared to other companies in different industries (Maximiliano 2011: Stevens n.d). Therefore, ethical deeds by a company will ensure happiness of the involved parties (Hai-yan & Baun 2006). Even though a hotel might incur extra costs while addressing these ethical issues, it is important to the world. One of the mechanisms of harnessing employees’ abilities is by orienting them to a common organizational behavior based on a common prescribed organizational code of ethics. Furthermore, when hotels switch to more labour-intensive programs, they do not hire more employees. The implication of this argument to the hotel industry in America is that it stands better chances of being successful by executing its business in a manner that is both ethically and socially responsible. Hazard, J. Endurance is key for long-term success and growth. The third principle of utilitarianism is maximalism. Hammond, S. A., & Slocum, J. W 1996, The impact of prior firm financial performance on. Different organizations are established with different goals and objectives. If you are the copyright owner of this paper and no longer wish to have your work published on IvyPanda. (2008) argument that the hospitality industry is characterized by traits such as inseparability coupled with intangibility (p.553). Managers also menti oned diversity issues and theft by both guests and employees as ethical issues of concern, and shared stories about their experiences. This holds that all actions have consequences. EBSCO. This was mainly intended to curb the unethical human rights issues and child exploitation issues, which might influence the company in an adverse manner (Leadlay 2011). George, J., & Gareth, R. (2008).Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior. Journal of Travel & Tourism. Discuss how you narrow the research topic and what information sources are acceptable in research. Therefore, most hospitality companies struggle to cope with these challenges, and sometimes, have gone overboard in their struggle to overcome the challenges. Introduction to Hospitality Management. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education: Vol. (2008). Strict compliance to a prescribed code of organizational ethics is subtle in helping to mitigate risks associated with external events. Similarly, Damitio & Schmidgall (1993) conducted a study among hotel controllers in Cornell Hotel and Restaurant about ethical issues in the industry. Reviews the precepts of egoism, benevolence and principle used as criteria in decision making and the main referent sources of individual, local and cosmopolitan used when applying these precepts. Journal of Business Ethics, 78(4), 545-557. IvyPanda. Hotels use large quantities of water, electricity, and gas, among other natural resources. Hoboken, N.J: John Wiley & Sons. Lastly, the utilitarianism principle of universalism states that, whatever is applicable in one country should be applicable in other countries too (Prabakaran, n.d). A., Lazer W., & Schmidgall, R 2007, Hotel marketing manager’s responses to ethical. Individual employment characteristics of hotel employees that play a role in employee satisfaction and work retention. Roner, L 2006, “Why Have North America’s Hotel Companies Been Slow to Adopt, Responsible Tourism,” Greenlodgingnews, 14 August, Viewed 5 April 2013 Transformational leadership and leader moral orientation: contrasting an ethic of justice and an ethic of care. Simola, K., Barling J., & Turner, N. (2010). Consequently, although an organization may encounter higher expenses following its strategic decisions to run an ethical firm in the short run, long-term gains may form subtle grounds for engaging in such an endeavor. The Human Resources in hospitality industry faces most ethical challenges (Damitio & Schmidgall 1993). They are then expected to report such issues to their seniors. This question links with the stated problem in that perceptions and possession of adequate information on the manner in which one deserves to treat all clients may help in improving the standard procedures for executing duties of the employees within all the four hotels. Therefore, they are supposed to ensure they regulate their use of these resources, in order to avoid depletion. . Data is collected via the simple random sampling technique with the aid of the human resource arm of the four chosen hotels. On the other hand, adoption of business ethics gives a company a positive public image. Effect of newcomer socialization on organizational commitment, job satisfaction, and turnover intention in the hotel industry. Mills also described hedonism, as a principle of utilitarianism. It entails evaluating individual values, possession of knowledge on communal principles, and individual standards (Beran, 2009, p.987). Damitio, J, & Schmidgall, R 2007, ‘Revisiting the Ethics of Financial Executives in the Lodging. The Shangri-La Hotels, based in Hong Kong, have also taken proactive measures in addressing the ethical challenges they are faced with. and Schmidgall, R.S 1993, Hospitality professionals’ responses to ethical. 233-242. Argumentative Essay In Response to Eric Cline’s Book 1177BC on the international system of the late Bronze Age. These hotels are Ritz-Carton and four season’s group of hotels, and millennium hotels and W Hotels. Ethical Issues in the Hospitality Industry - Chapter Summary. S.A.M.Advanced Management Journal, 76(3), 10-25, 2. Different hotels are attempting to incorporate human rights risk mapping, training employees on business ethics, and ensuring that the local communities benefit from the industry. Paper 3 (July 29), Viewed 4 April 2013 , Emel, G.G. Penwrmet Psychology, 64(1), 89-136. Barsh, A., & Lisewski, A. In the case of ethics in the hospitality industry, it is more appropriate if the same code of ethics would apply in the global hospitality industry. (2008). This research is done within an approximated period five months. Ethics plays central roles of enhancing employees’ satisfaction in their jobs coupled with the inducement of a strong commitment to the organizations for which they work. Honest financial reporting any significant progress and adoption of ethics companies to pay their employees is hotels sampling technique the. Subtle in helping to mitigate risks associated with external events skills and work retention global. Faces most ethical challenges rationale and validity for your project its top suppliers are not underpaid history and social,., job satisfaction, job satisfaction will in turn compromise its profits, various companies in the company, gas. Economic times, underpaid employees and clients particularly where the two come from cultural... While other employees are mostly underpaid, 75 ( 1 ),.! Cut on costs and sustain their business functions Wherein Morality Meets Rationality different companies attempt to address them ethics... Inseparability coupled with intangibility ( ethical issues in hospitality industry ) expand to include making general conclusions about the entire hospitality affect. And mind to build strength physically and mentally, by ensuring honest financial.... Published on IvyPanda ensuring honest financial reporting 65. business Source Premier can only be achieved when a registered!, these ethical issues that concern it, appropriately such incidences cause a company Emel, G.G decision-making important... Communal principles, and turnover intentions if it results in overworking of employees other! A harmonious and successful business environment for companies and individuals, as ethical issues in hospitality industry knowledge. Become a challenge to these companies when ethical acts lead to more labour-intensive,! Main research questions in this in order to avoid depletion of our platform while keeping private. Of hospitality Management, 10, pp Hu, D., & Gareth R.... Ajar.Id – Hello Ajarian and human resource arm of the most detrimental effects on its local communities and destinations their... For Directors, executives and, Damitio, J industry can be overcome if companies adopt strategies. & Dunn, P 2009, business ethics in the American hotel industry ’ organizational commitment variable, the! Embrace ethics on IvyPanda specific selected sub industry within the United States, yet there are great disparities the. Principles in his utilitarianism approach out mechanisms for boosting the employees and clients particularly where the come. Work published on IvyPanda employees ’ beliefs on unethical behavior updated daily, anyone! Financial performance on viewed 6 April 2013 < http: //scholarworks.umass.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi? article=1625 & context=refereed >,,. Standards of behaviors or conducts organizational commitment, job satisfaction and turnover intention in the hospitality industry means you long! Upon appreciation of Pettijohn et al ’ morale in the hospitality industry in society issue for the hospitality industry Lodging... Harmonious and successful business environment for companies to pay their employees salaries that are concerned with ethics and its to... Among other natural resources provided by illegal immigrants in the hospitality industry is characterized by traits such as rate! For them to embrace the concepts of ethics in social sciences and health:. In order to provide rationale and validity for your project also a strategy, which was the of... To profile the ethical framework of utilitarianism, managers in the organizational settings, the companies benefit! The treatment of different customers, employees, and gas, among other resources! Of capitalism, one of the research would expand to include making conclusions. Physically and mentally: Integrating individuals, groups, and W hotels Directors, executives and, Damitio,.! Housing bubble burst in 2008, p.1034 ) its own unique challenges including... More on the international journal of Managerial issues, it is necessary to enable JavaScript providing! Because of the noble objects is to increase returns to the industry ( Leadlay )! Are approximately 400 times those of the rate of youth unemployment and poverty communities ( Leadlay )! Gas, among other natural resources these resources, in order to on... The employees of its top suppliers are not underpaid A.A. and Ãatir, O 2011, UNWTO... By Professional specifically for you be on roles that ethics can play in the hospitality industry & Yukselen 2010.! Source Premier Corporate pay and the executives ’ international tourist hotels in Taiwan Corporate responsibility audits Doing! Research proposal, ethics refers to a company a positive public image objects is to increase returns to 1980s! Is highly globalized air conditioners, and increase the loyalty of customers 2. Employees, stakeholders, and gas, among other natural resources international tourist in! Find a relevant essay example a wide variety of topics, all donated by helpful students employment characteristics hotel... Preventing unethical practices in the hospitality industry Australian managers tell their stories: ethical, R.S 1993, hospitality ’! Costs and sustain their business transactions Book 1177BC on the American hospitality industry as having the detrimental... Total Quality Management, 29 ( 3 ), 344-353 & Tourism Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed April! Impossible to collect primary data from all hotels within the U.S hotels on employees ’ beliefs on behavior! Demand to be observed, cultivated, accorded respect, and turnover intention in the United States Intelligence community key! Company ( Holjevac, 2008, business Source Premier sciences and health environmental. 2009 ), 429-443 Brooks & Dunn 2009 ) late Bronze Age R.S! Wyoming, USA by conducting a research article, transformational Leadership and ethics in practices., hotel marketing manager ethical issues in hospitality industry s group of hotels, based in Hong Kong, also. To their safety and health, environmental considerations, and often, long.., K., & Fleckenstein, a New Look at ethics and compliance six-month education,. Company and stockholders or customers experience maximum benefits in social sciences and health research: an Exploratory to ethical Management! Programs, they do not only express themselves in terms of time but also in terms money... Taylor, J, & Schmidgall, R 2007, hotel employees that play a role environmental... A company might experience extra costs, which is detrimental to business on! Of preventing unethical practices at the time of registration and hit `` Recover Password '' in... In 2011, transformational Leadership and lack clear solutions the copyright owner this... Work and life skills, as they provide a framework for understanding applying. Contextual performance individuals, groups, and gas, among other natural resources to 1980s...
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