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erik johansson pictures
ENTER Updated: February 15, 2018 24 Erik Johansson pictures. Erik Johansson is a master of photo retouching; using Adobe Photoshop, he creates very realistic-looking surreal landscapes and images reminiscent of Escher and DalĂ­. Surreal Photography. Erik works on both personal and commissioned projects with clients all around the world. His work can be described as surreal scenes created by combining different photographs. Check out the latest pictures, photos and images of Erik Johansson. Free worldwide shipping on orders over 25 USD and 10% off all day! Shop gallery quality art prints by Erik Johansson. Website of Swedish surreal photographer Erik Johansson. Surrealism Photography By Swedish Artist Erik Johansson Erik Johansson (born 1985) is a photographer and artist from Sweden based in Prague, Czech Republic.
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