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equatorial mount comparison
To help you in this regard, I’ve reviewed the specifications of all the ZWO color cameras on important aspects like read noise, quantum efficiency, and dynamic range. As you do this your signal to noise ratio drops, and you are rewarded with more detail and resolution as you gather more of those much travelled photons. Hopefully, this will help you a bit in assessing which mounts would be suited for you. Remember all mounts should be able to guide down to 2 arcsecs? It is worth upgrading from your EQ6? That honor falls to the Orion EQ1 equatorial telescope mount, but that has a rather modest payload capacity of 7 pounds that you will soon We also have our own in-house custom Test Rigs that can very accurately measure the unguided tracking rate of any mount to 0.001 ArcSecond, which means we can also record the micro acceleration/decelleration of lubricants, stiction, motor tracking and encoder performance over time, compared to 100% of Sidereal Rate. Thank you for posting your blog comment. The Skywatcher EQ6-R PRO mount, a high end equatorial mount. It means the performance will be consistent as you will be guiding for longer. If you're guiding or just tracking within or under your limits of seeing, then you are doing really good. . If you want to know how good our mounts are compared to everybody else's you've come to the right place. The term "equatorial", applies to any mount having an axle that can be aligned toward the celestial pole. On Dual bar with WO ZS71/EOS40D Guided Payload 9KG  ©2016 David Woods/DarkFrame Ltdtd, Table 1 (06/03/20) EQ Sky-watcher - Arc-second Unguided/Guided Performance over 300 second exposures, Key: *Recommended Imaging Payload  **Avg Guided RMS (Customer supplied)  @Focal length (tested OTA's on reference mounts/customer data) *** Build Type: 6.5.5 (Flat Earth) ^^ Build Type: 6.3.x (Bonneville), Table 1.1  (12/04/17) Maximum guided exposure time vs dropped frames (4 hour session @900sec), Key: *Recommended Imaging Payload  **Avg Customer Data  ***tested OTA's on Reference Mounts to BT v6.3.x, Table 2: (06/03/2020) EQ iOptron - Arc-second Unguided/Guided Performance over 300 second exposures, Key:  **Avg Guided RMS (Customer supplied)  @Focal length (tested OTA's on reference mounts/customer data), Table 2.1 (06/03/2020 EQ Celestron Arc-second - Unguided/Guided Performance over 300 second exposures, Table 2.2 (06/03/2020) EQ Capable Meade mounts - Arc-second Unguided/Guided Performance over 300 second exposures0. However, your mileage will vary, as how you set up your mount is more important than your seeing conditions. Have a read of this data table: http://lambermont.dyndns.org/astro/pe.html. So think of it like a racing car, where 1/100th of a second determine Pole Position and second place. There are many things to like about the SkyWatcher EQ6R-Pro. No point boosting/trimming the figures, anyone can with a guide camera can test their own mount for themselves. Well, as you can see they do offer serious performance. The limiting factor is our wonderful UK Skies. Remember, you're tracking a star light years away so the movement is so tiny you can barely see it, less than the twinkling of a star in fact. The claim is that this figure is the true mark of the potential of a mount from a quality perspective in terms of build and assembly, and that less mounts don't make the grade. Heavier than the other 2 sixes, (that'll explain the handle then), it's higher build quality and architecture moves the game on. This list which has been around for awhile lists over 120 mounts stated and independently quoted via owners and forums. Best ZWO cameras for planetary imaging and deep-sky (DSO) astrophotography, SkyWatcher EQ6R-pro: User review AFTER 6 MONTHS, Pillars of creation and Eagle Nebula: astrophotography, I love Astrophotography - Astroforum Unisex Hoodie, The Horsehead Nebula in HaRGB - Astroforum, Seven Essential Steps to Start Astrophotography. That's why we know what works. The PE Factory/guided values are out-of-the-box as independently published on the Internet ans customer supplied. Everything comes into play, for long exposure - Polar Alignment, Balance, Guide setup, backlash even voltage! Home Modded, is usually owner modified mounts, run via PHD2. Your mileage will vary. Your email address will not be published. One of them will coincide with Earth’s rotational axis and will track the right ascension of the target. StellarDrive's have precision worm-gears in both axis that take the periodic error circa ±5 arc-sec and matches the Takahashi EM200 of which it is an almost copy of. The best I got unguided was 8 mins unguided at 320mm fl lens and Canon EOS450D on a Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer, and also using an AstroTrac TT320X-AG. Well, your skies will ultimately dictate that, but your mount has to track the sky, not for 10 minutes but for a few hours if you want to gather enough meaningful image data to create those amazing images. The equatorial axis is known as right ascension, while the perpendicular axis is called declination. Some mounts are more equal than others. So why is guiding such a mixed bag? It really is down to the build in all cases. It's not quite up to date but illustrates cost in Euros, Payload (max), Period Error (PE) and after PEC training or other control. Every time you use it. On a good night, it should be in the realm of what you see in the tables. The venerable HEQ5 and NEQ6 are seen as the benchmark EQ mounts upon which all others are judged. The traditional German equatorial mount (GEM) is seen less often these days as Dobsonians, which are altazimuths, have taken front stage. We load test our tuned mounts to ensure that the mount is operating to how you use it. That's more than double the performance of our previous EQ6. On Dual bar with WO ZS71/EOS40D Guided Payload 9KG, (Customer supplied)  @Focal length (tested, Table 2.2 (06/03/2020) EQ Capable Meade mounts -, Arc-second Unguided/Guided Performance over 300 second exposures, Table 3 (06/03/2020) Higher end EQ mounts Arc-second Unguided/Guided PE Performance. Another equatorial mount from Orion, this isn’t actually the cheapest mount they make. German Equatorial Mount vs Equatorial Mount? For a detailed review of advanced level mounts from $1250 to $1500 price range, click here. I'm certain they wanted to pitch the EQ6-R at a higher price, but again a tuned EQ6 mount is a great leveller. They are named Pillars of creation because the gas and dust are … Continue readingPillars of creation and Eagle Nebula: astrophotography, CategoriesReviewsPosted onJuly 17, 2020September 6, 2020AuthorAstroforum, Are you looking for a reasonably affordable telescope for planetary imaging? Is it that easy? I've added the new Celestron CGX, CGX-L, Skywatcher EQ8-Pro, and the iOptron CEM60, as they are newer intermediate class of mount, and all over £1700. I had the same question and decided to do some research. Oh, it needs to do it with your telescope of choice, DLSR or CCD, guidescope and guide camera. For example, the Orion EQ-1 equatorial telescope mount pictured below requires you to manually control the axis of the mount … So far this is similar to the alt-az mount. This applies to any worm-driven EQ mount, and should typically be set up slightly east-heavy to provide the mount with an attitude of a controlled fall, so that the RA motor is dictating that precise movement. Most people guide though with these mounts though. PE is based on PHD2 guiding on. All of this contributes to more reliable imaging, even in poorer seeing conditions. Mounts like Avalon, Paramount and 10Micron (Table 3) are by their nature a better engineered platform with unguided periodic error figures typically into single figures that may match a TDM, for the ultimate unguided performance.? However, as illustrated in these tables it proves that your existing Sky-watcher can be brought up to date and refreshed very cost effectively, to match other EQ mounts costing at least £1200-£4000 more from new. Precision Equatorial Mounts, Dovetail Secondary Systems and Accessories EQUATORIAL MOUNTS - D SERIES DOVETAIL SYSTEMS - V SERIES DOVETAIL SYSTEMS - GEMINI 2 GOTO SYSTEM TELESCOPE ACCESSORIES - REPLACEMENT PARTS - DEALERS - PRICE LIST - TECHNICAL SUPPORT - SECURE ORDER FORM - USERS - NEW But it makes sense. That is what you are paying for, and the high end mounts are worthy of such distinction.
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