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epiphone slasher review
22 Best Epiphone Guitar Reviews. epiphone Slasher. Ive been playing for 15 years. Content titles and body; Content titles only; epiphone; All Activity; Home ; User Reviews ; Guitars ; Electric Guitars ; epiphone ; Slasher ; My Reviews Write A Review. Slasher combines a commentary on morality with mystery, suspense, and buckets of blood and gore, which is what good horror anthologies have done since EC … User Reviews ; Electric Guitars ; epiphone ; Slasher User Reviews View All Reviews; Sort By . this one is made in Korea Your are viewing an Epiphone E Series Slasher. I was driving one morning and saw it at a yard sale. Stopped and talked to the kid selling it. Bought it for $40! It plays extreamly well for a low priced guitar. IT has a flat, wide neck and very good tone. Not that I gig much. The red paint is about as nice a metallic red I've seen on a guitar.. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Let’s take a look at some of the top recommended Electric Epiphone guitars. Epiphone's best selling guitar; Two Humbuckers in a budget guitar - enhances tone and sets it ahead of similar priced competitors; Get the look, feel and tone of a Les Paul for a fraction of the price ; Great first guitar for beginners - easy to play & simple controls; Epiphone 'Slash' AFD Les Paul II Special . Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Epiphone Slasher Fx Metallic Blue at Amazon.com. Epiphone Electric guitars. This thing sounds really good. Epiphone Slasher Reviews / Tweet. More like woodshed and once in a blue moon jam with somebody. My other guitar is a 60s reissue Strat, the import kind. I use a POD as my woodshed of choice, with a mid 90s Princeton 65 as my gig amp, using the POD as a preamp. Found this guitar quite by accident. This was a line Epiphone put out around 2000, The Epiphone embossed 'buckers really do the job. For all such new players and the advancing students, here is a very reasonable option that … 1) Epiphone PPEG-EGL1VSCH1 Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Package, Vintage Sunburst. Mostly the beginners tend to choose the more economical options. It really is like new with the stickers and protective plastic still on it.
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