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edith piaf daughter
Her rise to stardom began in 1935 when she was 19. German-born star Marlene Dietrich had affairs with Sinatra and Edith Piaf but her grandson David Riva, 53 (left with her) said intimacy for her was about power, not … Dietrich would make her female conquests in secret gay clubs in Los Angeles, when she’d visit wearing men’s clothes. Edith was an unwanted child for her mother. Edith Piaf's current partners: Edith Piaf's husband was Theo Sarapo. Edith Piaf's children: Edith Piaf's daughter was Marcelle Dupont. And her long list of female lovers included Hollywood’s other foreign vamp, Greta Garbo, French singer Edith Piaf, and many members of Hollywood’s closeted lesbian world. When she was 17 she had a baby daughter by a lover, but the little girl died at the age of two and Edith would have no more children. The failed actress Anita Maillard refused to look after her daughter since her birth and often nursed her with diluted wine instead of milk. It was not long before Edith’s father decided that the girl would be better off in Normandy, under the wing of his mother, who ran a brothel.
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