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edge pro vs kme
So, KME or Edge pro or something else entirely for my entry level arse. For $475 you get the base model Wicked Edge. Re: KME Precision vs Edge Pro Shapton Price NI Post by farnorthdan » Wed Jan 18, 2017 6:09 pm ZrowsN1s wrote: I'd be comfortable saying you could get 15 degrees per side (the farther the edge sticks out of the clamp the more acute of an angle you can get) but not 8 … I have the Pro Pack 1 (PP1), with the additional 1200/1600 and 1.4/0.6 micron ceramic stones. Then picked up an Edge Pro, which really improved my edges exponentially. Save Share. The knives I have are basic EDC knives, camp knives, and western chef knives. Reply. Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. KME vs Wicked Edge Go vs Hapstone M2 vs Edge Pro? There is still a place for the others, but the KME is now my first go-to for a full edge sharpening. KME vs Wicked Edge. I did a search for past posts on this subject but only found a few that were what I was looking for but the info or reply's were limited. My best friend of 16 years, Cheech, RIP. I even tried using a sharpie to mark the edges so I know where I'm sharpening but I'm either changing the angles while I'm sharpening or doing something else. That's my story, hope it helps. I'm considering buying a sharpening system under $200 that I can keep for a very long time. A. Especially if you follow MadRookies tips in the Edge Pro forum. I don't see a benefit of the KME over the edge pro … Lansky vs KME vs Edge Pro vs Wicked Edge I give up on whetstones because either my wrist is retarded or my whole arm is challenged. It's priced closer to the KME and has a ton of aftermarket support too. To get the other stuff they have an $1,199 package or get it all individually. Stop collar spring load stone changer and I had my edge pro up usually in under 5minutes. Then got a KME just because I heard so many good things about it, and I really wanted to try a clamped system without the WE price tag. A few small mods to an edge pro and it sets up super easy and fast as well. And I absolutely love it. 7-97 to 7-1-13. You could also look into the Edge Pro. ... Wicked Edge - this is now my go-to.
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