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ecotourism notes pdf
A lion in a Kenyan game reserve today, is estimated to be worth five hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars ($ 575,000.00) in foreign revenue from game viewing. But the PO (BAFMAPA) running the tour … Mangrove Ecotourism Sites . IT HAS NOT BEEN VETTED BY THE FISH PROJECT NOR DOES IT REFLECT THE VIEWS OF THE FISH PROJECT, USAID O R DA-BFAR. Notes : *) Biosphere Reserves **) World Heritage Sites ***) Ramsar Sites 6 . Cattle farming shows a fourteen Rand per hectare profit whereas the Sabie Sand Game Reserve generates seven hundred Rand per hectare. During that time, increasing environmental awareness and a desire to travel to natural locations as opposed to built up tourist locations made ecotourism desirable. Ecotourism generates fifty-eight times more revenue than cattle farming. Investing to attract foreign visitors can be risky as it is vulnerable to product substitution and strong competition. Existing Sites 1. Since then, several different organizations specializing in ecotourism have developed and many different people have become experts on it. Eco tourism, natural resources, cultural heritage, rural lifestyle and an integrated tourism is a type of local economic activities. 2 A. ECOTOURISM - IMPACTS, POTENTIALS and Possibilities - book PDF Ecotourism Concept and Development 2 7 . Ecotourism itself did not become prevalent as a travel concept until the late 1980s. Ecotourism Society Founded in 1990, Network NGO Dedicated to promoting ecotourism Members from around the world(over 90 countries): tour operators, lodge owners, affiliated businesses, universities, NGOs, associations, professionals, travelers. An ecotourism project, that meets the requirements of the international markets, tends to be based on heavy capital investment. NOTE: THIS IS AN UNSOLICITED CONTRIBUTION. … They note that "tropical rainforests are the country's greatest ecotourism assets due to their unique and special biodiversity and the great concern of the world community of the disappearance of these forests." While foreign visitors can provide the required hard currency, domestic visitors can help prevent the out flow of foreign exchange (Amat, 2002). Banacon Island – is the oldest mangrove based ecotourism site and one of the two destinations featured in Bohol Travel Guide.
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