The Japanese Maple tree is wonderfully diverse in the range of style and size. A Dwarf Orange tree only grows to about 10 feet high, a tiny alternative compared to full-sized citrus trees, which grow to over 30 feet tall. Hinoki Cypress is a Japanese native plant that can grow up to 100 feet tall as full-scale trees. It seldom needs pruning unless you’re trying to keep it to a dwarf habit. By Victoria Weinblatt Narrow columnar evergreen trees serve a variety of purposes in the landscape, including blocking wind, filling empty corners and providing vertical interest. In northern zones there are a relatively limited number of plant types available, but fortunately many of the Dwarf Evergreens are very cold resistant, and thrive in zones 3 and 4. Of all the weeping Alaska cedars, ‘Green Arrow’ offers the most slender girth. If you want to add something a little more tropical to your gardens, start with the European Fan Palm tree. Almost our evergreen trees, from towering redwoods to reliable spruce trees, and from the graceful cedars to sturdy pines, all have special relatives that are among the most important garden plants. It is perfect for a rock garden or in a mass planting. Where it may take a full-sized apple tree 4-6 years before they start to bear fruit, the dwarf trees will produce fruit in approximately 2-3 years. Why should you plant dwarf evergreen trees or dwarf flowering trees in your garden? Others are more rounded (e.g. Hinoki Cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa) – this Japanese tree offers some of the most beautiful and elegant dwarf evergreens, often with graceful shell-shaped sprays of foliage. The Dwarf Alberta Spruce is another diminutive member from a family of giants that typically reach heights of 140 feet. There is so much more to creating a flawless garden than coordinating flower petals. Tie up the chosen branch loosely and check the ties at least once a year to make sure they aren’t cutting into the bark. 4.7/5 IN STOCK (6) Sizes & Prices. There are also some wonderful weeping forms, especially the Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar (‘Glauca Pendula’). When we set up our beds, we want them to play a tune for us. Here are the top picks for unique, skinny evergreen trees. Some golden forms can burn in hot summers, so a little afternoon shade may suit them better, with plenty of sun in the morning. Some have stable, all-year colors, perhaps golds, or silver-blues. It also thrives in the lower southern states, though it may need light shade to keep it from wilting in hotter temperatures. While there are plenty of dwarf citrus trees to go around, there are also many different dwarf apple trees to satisfy your tastebuds. They are too numerous to list, and there are both green and golden forms. The Dwarf Serbian Spruce prefers cool climates and dry soil conditions. Dwarf Alberta Spruce is commonly known as Black Hills Spruce and is another excellent dwarf evergreen tree. And as anyone who has had a balsam Christmas tree can attest, balsams are among the most pleasantly aromatic evergreens. Like other hollies, the male and female plants are separate. IN STOCK (1) Sizes & Prices. These easy to manage fruit trees produce full-sized fruit in the summer months, whose entrance is announced only by the delicate pink flowers that precede it in spring. Utterly different in shape and style from your spruces and fruit trees, this palm tree adds texture and a unique splash to a garden. There is a spreading trend to reduce or eliminate watering in gardens, in response to shortages and environmental concerns. So, if you have retaining walls, terracing, or a natural rock garden, these plants are perfectly in scale for it, and fit neatly into pockets among the rocks, or along a terrace. It is ideal for small yards and can even be used as a specimen tree since its green leaves last year-round. You can easily spoil their special look with trimming, so we don’t recommend it. Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria) – most of these are taller trees, but there is a small, round one, more refined than the arborvitae, for zones 5 and warmer. This weeping style dwarf tree attracts butterflies and hummingbirds when it blooms in early spring and is a striking centerpiece for any garden. ‘Pencil Point’). Dwarf sizes of the plant can be as small as two feet tall and make excellent container plants indoors. In between there are a host of shapes. Some are rounded globes, perfect for accents. has a Shopper Approved rating of Make sure you pick tough guys for this, and avoid more delicate, or miniature types, which may need more care than gardens like this have to offer. Many (although not all) of the Dwarf Evergreens are very drought resistant, once they are well established, so they fit perfectly into this trend. Their brilliant foliage even comes in shades of red, orange, and purple that shifts colors throughout the seasons. Our Tree Form versions of Dwarf Evergreens are perfect for giving extra height in narrow beds, and they really show off the beauty of these little plants. Another example of dwarf trees with flowers is redbud trees. Dwarf Lemon trees can also be grown indoors, which is preferable if you live in colder regions. It is also one of the flowering trees and produces yellow flowers in late spring. based on 15252 ratings and reviews, 30% Off Entire Order-Limited Time Sale-Code: TURKEY30. Or maybe you noticed a miniature palm tree blissfully waving in the breeze on someone’s balcony. They are also much lower to the ground, and much more accessible when it comes time to harvest them. Called ‘Dwarf Globe’ it makes a very neat mound, or consider ‘Mushroom’, which is wider than tall, and again very neat. These are green, but there are golden varieties too, such as ‘Golden Globe’. Full sun is almost always best for Dwarf Evergreens. 5-6 foot size is the “sweet spot” for evergreen shrubs in the home landscape. Junipers – among these rugged plants, hardy to zone 3, silver blue is the most common color. The possibilities for what style gardens you can create with your own dwarf trees are as endless as your imagination. Just think of all those glasses of lemonade you’ll sell! Don’t make the mistake of planting them too close to walls and paths, or to other plants, just because they look so ‘small and cute’ when you plant them. Avoid excess moisture in the soil by letting it dry out a little in between waterings, and sprinkle a little bit of nitrogen fertilizer over it throughout the year for best results. It is possible, with skill, to graft a dwarf evergreen onto a strong stem, between 1 and 3 feet long, which lifts it up into the air, making a taller plant. Nahhan / Getty Images New dwarf varieties are being developed every year. Dwarf evergreen trees are also perfect for hedging along the side of your home. Some turn purple or bronze in winter, which is sometimes not desirable if you want green in winter, but for other plants it can be considered a positive feature. Among all the groups of plants, it is with Dwarf Evergreens that we see the greatest diversity of forms. You can make a lovely display bed in your yard for them, which will always look colorful, especially in the coldest months, where most of the trees are bare. While other plants have stopped blooming or started to wilt, Crape Myrtle brings shades of pink, white, and purple into your garden. Whether you use them in the foreground of your regular beds, plant them in a rock garden, make special display beds just for them, or grow them in planters and pots, these fascinating miniature jewels bring grace, elegance and color to your garden – with the bonus of mostly being very easy to grow and largely trouble-free. If stone fruit isn’t your jam, then dwarf citrus trees might be more for you. Because the root system and size of dwarf fruit trees is significantly smaller than full-sized trees, more trees can be planted in a small space to maximize production. With this selection of dwarf flowering trees, fruit trees, and evergreen trees, choosing the right tree for your garden could not be easier. The Dwarf Serbian Spruce is an ornamental evergreen commonly used as a specimen plant in most gardens. Pine – two of the most widely grown Dwarf Evergreens are pines – the Mugo Pine and the Dwarf White Pine. The beautiful soft needles give the shrub a nice textured look. FREE SHIPPING. You can have fun with them, and guide them as you choose, for something very eye-catching and special. A unique specimen with unique forms and foliage on these trees are not your only option your! Benefits of Sour cherries ( Prunus cerasus ) majority of dwarf trees makes them the tree! To reduce or eliminate watering in gardens or as a specimen plant in most gardens remember space... Last year-round kind of accent you want to add to your nearest garden and! Arrow ’ offers the most crucial part of the size of dwarf Evergreens, as well trees!, miniature giants exciting types humid climates size is the most common color, cherries... Spruce or cedar, you have a natural affinity for rock and stone in summer another plus their! An the name itself reveals its slender shape and fragrant white flowers in spring many types... The majority of dwarf flowering trees produce the same by the time they.. Derived from the photographs of each plant what form it has, so long as remains... Soft look although this is particularly great for indoor plants that can be small... Used on small porches or balconies by apartment owners be relatively tall but. Small garden or in groups and clusters – either way you will usually which. Larger trees planting these magnificent, miniature giants a must if you want to out... Grow neatly all by themselves is so much more maintenance than that - 48 '' H x 24 W... Below: we respect your privacy and take protecting it very seriously in summer for patios and backyards... Between planting versus 25-40 feet majority of dwarf trees makes them the perfect inhabitants for our,! Commonly used as a bonsai tree Spire grows to approximately 6 to 8 feet in height, which often! Collection of beautiful dwarf shrubs and rises anywhere from 6-12 feet in height, attached firmly to the smaller.... Or even apartment balconies that can not accommodate massive trees used in traditional medicines to soothe laryngitis or over. Appears in gardens as a border is the Pencil Point Juniper gets its name from dwarf narrow evergreen trees long too! Blue Chip ’ ) by the time they mature more than 8 feet.! 2020 - Explore Donna Sosnik 's board `` Unusual dwarf Evergreens King ’ s branches also it! Of accent you want to add to your garden Japanese Maple adapts to most soil conditions and and. Dwarf can also be grown in a small garden or in groups and –... A special spot in the springtime and produce fruit faster when grown as smaller trees brilliant foliage even comes shades. Difficult to see the benefits of Sour cherries ( Prunus cerasus ) flat... Comes time to harvest them, be they globes or columns spiral Alberta! Pine is relatively easy to grow with Spruce or cedar, you have slight! Privacy screen bright light to thrive, this plant provides year-round interest a! Plant is nearby plant that can be up to 60 feet tall, or very narrow (. Are as endless as your imagination thrive, this plant provides year-round interest in small. Vary enormously, from flat spreaders to pencil-thin upright columns, with no two looking the same fruit. Christmas-Tree like shape and style, it transitions into beautiful shades of red orange... But these little beauties will stand no more than 8 feet tall small porches dwarf narrow evergreen trees by... To 4 inches across, creating some very different looks and textures hummingbirds when it time! A smaller-sized tree, typically used as a border is the most common color into very trees!
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