As the baguettes are baked in a stone oven, the crust is crisp and crunchy. This is the first of the new recipes I have made. Durum Bread from Bread by Jeffrey HamelmanThe second edition of Hamelman's Bread includes 40 new recipes. (2 1/4 cups) Water 10.8 oz. The baguettes also contain sourdough to give them the rich flavour of bread. The Baguette Rustic Durum Bun is made with a very soft and moist dough with lots of durum flour to give the buns an open, chewy and very sturdy crumb. (1 T.) Olive oil, extra virgin 1.6 oz. He does not describe it further and does not identify it as an Italian-style bread… Now add the rest of the water (cold) and little by little the durum wheat flour, the salt, and almost all the remaining all-purpose flour (leave about 50 grams – 1/2 cup – to add later if needed). Here is the process I used to make this bread: Creating the Sponge: Mix the durum flour, bread flour… (1 3/8 cups) Salt .6 oz. (3 T.) Sponge, all of the above . (2 1/8 cups) Bread Flour 9.6 oz. Hamelman writes that this formula for “Durum Bread” is the best of a series of “test batches” he made some years ago. “Canadian durum is known for its exceptional brightness and it gives a very pleasing yellow colour to the bread crumb, something that many consumers find appealing.” With regards to functionality, “durum flour … Mix and transfer the dough on a stable surface covered with flour. Semolina Flour 9.6 oz.
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