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durian layer cake recipe
https://sharmeee.com/2012/06/01/birthdays-and-durian-layer-cake pot. Choose the yellow flesh and press on the flesh to check that the flesh is thick (shows that seed is smallish) or you might end up with big seeds with a thin layer of durian meat. Previous Post: « Roasted Chestnut. Spray each layer with cointreau and apply a thick layer of durian cream filling, place the 2 nd layer of sponge, spray the cointreau on the surface, apply the durian cream filling repeat until finished. 7. For easy spreading of whipped cream on the sponge cake, you may also remove the very top brown (baked) layer of the cake, with knife or gently peel with bare hand.Then, place the bottom layer of cake gently on a flat surface/ flat cake board, spread a thick layer of durian filling evenly on the layer of cake. 120 g cake flour; 60 g sugar; 380 g milk; 20 g butter; 250 g Whipping cream; 150 g durian; ingredients. I thought it was my last durian recipe to conclude series of durian experiments in this season but T bought few durians yesterday... what should I do with it next? Decorate with cream piping as desired. Keyword: durian thousand-layer cake. Ingredients. Servings: 4 people. Durian Fresh Cream I didn't measure the amounts and this is an estimate. Spread the whipped cream on the sides and top of the cake . Equipment. Do not choose fresh durian meat that is exuding water. If you have tons of durian, check out my other durian recipes too! Next Post: Almond Pastry » Reader Interactions. This recipe came from My Favourite Recipes by Ellice Handy. 3) Cut the sponge cake into 3 layers each. Lightly pandan-scented chiffon cake layers sandwich as much durian as you want in this recipe, and the whole shebang is coated in a layer of fluffy durian whipped cream. 6) When cake is cooled, gently slice it into 3 layers, horizontally. There are a few flavours of Durian meat - sweet, very sweet, bitter (just not that sweet). 3 eggs; Filed Under: Baking, Homely Recipes, Recipes, Sweet Snacks Tagged With: durian thousand-layer cake. You can use more or less durian or cream to your liking. Cut cake horizontally into 2 or 3 layers and sandwich each with the durian cream, covering the top and sides too. If my university-era homesick fever dreams could birth a cake, it would be this, because nothing says (and smells like) Singapore as effectively as DURIAN, the king of fruits. If there is another attempt at layered cake, I would make each layer thinner, means longer baking time. Durian cake is best when served very cold. Pulut Durian.
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