It was composed of individuals recruited or mentally enslaved into service from both groups, but was organized along the lines of the Imperial Military. When they are called upon, the Dread Host are unleashed to deliver the divine retribution of the Master of Mankind to those who have been judged as a dire threat to the Throneworld. ( Logga ut /  That white scar unit aiming to bring massed number of chainsword down on you now have to face the fact that their str3 requires 6:s to wound, effectively making them to half the number of wounds. It numbers hundreds of Custodians, organised into multiple Shield Hosts and transported aboard a trio of pre-Heresy warships known as the Moiraides. Aquilan Shield has him covered like a condom. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "Have you informed the grey knights yet about this", questioned the leader of the dread host, Kallisarian was his name, although relatively new and inexperienced compared to the rest of the Custodes in the room, he had proved himself in battle, earning himself the rank of captain of the dread host. In most cases this stratagem is completely wasted, and I would expect it to be nerfed in a future FAQ. 40k List ++ Patrol Detachment 0CP (Imperium - Adeptus Custodes) [103 PL, 1,998pts, 11CP] ++ Shield Host: Dread Host + HQ + Shield-Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike [9 PL, 175pts, -1CP]: All-seeing Annihilator, Auric Aquilas, Captain-Commander, Hurricane Bolter, Inspirational Exemplar, Warlord + Troops + Custodian Guard Squad [13 PL, 224pts]. A 0 cost stratagem effectively making your enemy pay 1 CP for each character you kill. It is however quite limited in when it’s being useful and you need to commit a character to this role for it to really work. At first glance, -1 str to enemy shooting doesn’t seem like a lot. So Terminators and units that have used From Golden Light They Come to teleport in from Reserves. They have been called the Emperor's right hand, for they act with His authority and fight in His name. What i do is take a terminator vexhilla with it and the +1 attack banner for maximum buffage. We have a high volume of attacks, and combined with +1 attack Vexilla Banner, this should increase our melee output significantly. This is very niche, and I do not expect to see it on the battlefield at all, but the ability is unique and interesting. Effectively having AP4 and -1 to inv. It numbers hundreds of Custodians, organised into multiple Shield Hosts and transported aboard a trio of pre-Heresy warships known as the Moiraides. Adeptus Custodes guide – Part 5 – Heavy support and Flyers, Adeptus Custodes Guide – Part 7 – Stratagems, Follow Svenska WargamingBloggen on, Adeptus Custodes Guide - Part 6 - Shield Hosts, Adeptus Custodes Guide - Part 2 - HQ and troop choices, Adeptus Custodes Guide - Part 1 - Introduction, Adeptus Custodes Guide - Part 7 - Stratagems, Adeptus Custodes guide - Part 4 - Fast attack, Adeptus Custodes guide - Part 5 - Heavy support and Flyers. This means out of 3 units, usually 1-2 will make it. It’s a castellan axe with 1 extra AP and a flat damage of 3. All in all, this Shield host can be used for a very limited number of combinations that I would not call very competitive. Summarized the chance of successfully making a 9″ charge with 3D6H2 is 52.3%. The Dread Host, known also as the "Instruments of the Emperor's Wrath," are a Shield Host of the Adeptus Custodes, the stalwart guardians of the Emperor of Mankind. Vill du skriva för oss och bidra med material eller bara har önskemål så tveka inte att höra av dig till oss :). They cast down their false idols and set them aflame. This is a good weapon and what I would expect to get from paying a relic slot. Some of these are imported from Space Marines (no bad thing) and Sisters, with Custodes picking up equivalents of: Ancient Artifice, which is an equivalent of Duty Eternal, halving incoming damage to a dreadnought for 1CP. My personal Dread host list is a bit different. They already wound you on a 4+ or 5+ depending if you are infantry or bikers and will push you down to a 3+ or 4+ save. Heavy boltersScorpius cannonsBolter fireAutocannonsAssault cannonsPretty much any marine weapon in the correct doctrine. Golden Light of Moiraides allows 1 to 3 Custodes units to 3d6 choose the highest 2 dice when charging if they teleport in. One of the very few things in the game that can affect an invulnerable save. For 1CP you can remove cover and any negative modifiers to hit, wound or AP. The only way to counter this is to either be a terminator unit (ignoring AP1/2 with auramite and adamantium) or make sure they have a hard time putting the wounds on in the first place. A warlord trait giving all your units +1 movement in a 6″ aura at the start of the movement phase, and allowing them to advance and fire rapid fire weapons whilst within 6″. This armored bastion is lit with electro-braziers and lumens of immense size, all angled to under-light the five hundred enormous eagle statues that line the sanctum's upper battlements, each as large as a Super Heavy Tank. C&C welcome. Not worth it. It is a name spoken in reverent whispers, for these warriors have stood in the presence of the immortal Emperor of Mankind, and are charged with His protection. Effectively, this gives your character a Thunder Hammer without the hit penalty. Same thing in the assault phase. Ändra ), Du kommenterar med ditt Facebook-konto. [4a] The original recruits of the Custodes were from the offspring of Terran nobility. A Host of Heroes: the composition of the Adeptus Custodes, and the manner in which they organise themselves for war – far more loosely than other Imperial organisations, but easily as effective; Uniforms and Heraldry: examples for 5 shield companies – the Shadowkeepers, the Aquilan Shield, the Dread Host, the Solar Watch and the Emissaries Imperatus; Fyll i dina uppgifter nedan eller klicka på en ikon för att logga in: Du kommenterar med ditt Not exactly as good as -1 to wound but pretty damn close. Units within 6″ of the Warlord get exploding 6s in combat. If this cost 5 points instead of a relic-slot I would consider it good, right now it’s garbage. Now this stratagem is interesting but very very limited. And you also have your BrB-stratagem to reroll a single of those other charge rolls. Instead, the assembled Shield-Captains of the Dread Hos… See more ideas about Legio custodes, Warhammer 40000, Warhammer 40k.
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