Like a cup and saucer, you can also use an old teapot for your winged friends. You can scatter them across the ground or on the balcony ledge, but that just makes a huge mess for you to clean up later. This upcycled bird feeder seems really neat. Check it out in the link given below. You can use a festive theme for the shapes, and it will look really pretty. If you live in regions with heavy snow and frost conditions, you could surely try this idea to feed your feathery friends, and add color to your snow-clad white backyard. Birds will surely love it. Great kids project and easy to build. It seems like a place a bird would want to go on a vacation to. This tube has many uses in recyclable DIY products, like this nifty bird feeder. It’s so easy to make; you can even let your kids try their hand at simple clay art. Making a small gunny sack, or in this case, a sock, as a bird feeder. Speaking of thematic and festive designs for suet bird feeders, you should definitely try this bird seed wreath for your door. If you have glass jars which have been out of use, or jars which have lost their lids, you can repurpose them into a pretty bird feeder. You can get a similar tire from toy stores quite easily, and hang them with a jute rope. This is a really economic idea, and you don’t even have to create as many bird feeders. You can use your cookie cutters to cut fun shapes into the suet layer. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Watch the birds have fun flying around this simple mesh bag suet feeder. You are essentially recycling while giving upgrading the object’s purpose. They’re readily available in the nearest art store. All you really need is a mug that you aren’t using anymore or one you think is disposable enough to be repurposed as a bird feeder. It will look especially festive with Halloween knocking on your door. It will also look amazing in your garden on a beautiful summer day. If you plan on having a more traditional bird feeder in your garden, this Tower Feeder can be your best choice. More details at It’s a tiny porch swing, filled up with bird seed. This fancy bird feeder looks so aesthetically European, something that you can find hanging around in street cafés. Carve the central portion of a dried or a fresh pumpkin and fill it with bird seeds. Filling up the carved space with bird seeds will certainly attract more birds, and they’ll be surprised to find a juicy fruity treat with it too! Painting the box with bright colors will attract birds as well as your guests’ attention. Building on our article about DIY backyard habitats, we put together some easy bird feeder projects kids can tackle as well.Along with some tips from the National Wildlife Federation, kids should have everything they need to successfully attract birds… This one is similar to the wooden spoon idea, but it’s actually an old soup ladle fixed to the wall. I’m sure the adorable little-winged creatures will like this arrangement very much! You can use plastic bowls of different colors, attach them with straws, and hang them in the garden. LARGER CAPACITY. We’ve been seeing a trend of using old utensils for the purpose of feeding birds. They made it look like a small cottage! This bird feeder is quite adorable. And don’t worry, the ice doesn’t hurt the birds’ feet, so it’s a safe option. Some are very simple, others a little more advanced, but all are satisfactory for your bird friends and lovely additions to your garden! You can pick the pine cones fallen around the trees or pluck some off the tree yourself. The birds will love that extra juicy taste coming from the pumpkin, and the idea will be a super duper hit among your guests too.
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