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dissemination of research results: on the path to practice change
However, we believe that a better cohesion among sentences would be advisable, and consequently paragraphs should be longer as well. Finally, handicap of intellectual infrastructure vacuum (brain-drain) pressures the academia to leap into predatory journals crediting no transparency and accountability. Dissemination is targeting research findings to specific audiences. To determine the full publication rate of abstracts presented at the 2005 American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) Spring and Annual Meetings, American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Annual Meeting, and American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Summer and Midyear Clinical Meetings. The most likely scenario for the coming years is thus continued diversification, in which different review mechanisms serve different author, reader, and publisher needs. A critical but understudied question is whether the benefits of such interventions are fairly distributed across different, Literary fiction is a widely popular arena in which discourse on sexuality and queerness is produced and disseminated. Therefore, the focus of this chapter is on outlining strategies for disseminating the results of integrative reviews through podium presentations, posters, abstracts, and journal articles. Projects represent both a large investment of effort for each resident (up to 10 weeks over the residency year) and a large body of research (given that there are currently over 150 residency positions in Canada annually). Can J Hosp The paper examines how academic social media utilisation can enhance research activities of Library and Information Science educators in Nigerian universities. 263 0 obj <>stream Often conferences are attended by leaders in the field, who may influence adoption and implementation of research into practice, ... Often conferences are attended by leaders in the field, who may influence adoption and implementation of research into practice [49]. The result is inefficiency and a reduction in both quantity and quality of life.3,4 For example, McGlynn and colleagues5 found that adults in the United States received less than 55% of recommended care. Oncology nurses are perfectly positioned to be adopters and promoters of EBP, resulting in practice change for improved quality and safety. Purpose – This paper aims to disseminate an innovative approach to sustainability education in construction-related fields in which teaching, research, and service are integrated to provide a unique learning experience for undergraduate students, faculty members, and community partners. These large Facebook groups allowed clinicians to share their experiences and answer each other's' questions [5]. Indexing metadata. Increasing publication rates and creating a central database or repository of residency projects would increase the dissemination and accessibility of residents' research. The objective of this research is to define this genre and describe its structure, language and most common features. Conference presentation to full publication rate was 18.2%; excluding 2019 conference abstracts the rate was 21.5%. Dissemination means sharing research results with potential users - peers in the research field, industry, other commercial players and policymakers). Practical implications – The paper demonstrates that engaged approaches to architecture and engineering education contribute to a heightened awareness among students of the importance of sustainability. To determine the overall publication rate of abstracts presented at AOSSM annual meetings and whether there were differences in publication rates between poster and podium presentations. However, before embarking on a new research study, a funda mental understanding of the strengths and limitations of these data for research is imperative. Descriptive statistics were performed on the responses. PubMed, CINAHL, the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, and Google were searched for evidence of publication of each project identified, as an abstract or presentation at a meeting, a letter to the editor, or a full-text manuscript. Design/methodology/approach – The paper identifies the need for sustainability education in fields related to, Influence maximization is a widely used model for information dissemination in social networks. In addition, the publication rate of accepted abstracts is a strong indicator of meeting quality, and it has a potential effect on clinical practice. Article Tools. Relatively little is known about the impact of these innovations on the problems they address. Researchers and academics seeking to influence policies are obliged to inform within the context of the policy process – not advocating a specific course of action but rather illustrating the evidence-informed options and, in return, policy makers must be transparent in the commissioning and use (or lack hereof) of evidence when developing future eHealth policies. This paper introduces the concept of the IT-based 'MediaPoster' so as to address the issues raised within published literature and subsequently enhance knowledge-transfer within the field of academic medicine. Current literature exploring the efficacy of academic posters is however limited. Available from: www.icmje.org/ dissemination of the results of that research, as withholding results may subject future volunteers to unnecessary risk while there is a clear bias towards publication of positive response. Providing evidence from clinical research (e.g., through publication in journals) is necessary but not enough for the provision of optimal care. It is good practice to disseminate the results of research to research participants and other interested groups or communities. Although randomised trials are important for evidence-based medicine, little is known about their overall characteristics. Dissemination is influenced by a complex interplay of factors operating within the public health system (especially traditional public health practice and champions) and factors in the environment in which the public health system operates (especially research, practice information and health policies). Consideration should be given to providing a summary sheet of the findings or letting participants know where they can access the results. The dissemination of research is an important first step on the path toward knowledge translation and practice change. Space limitations in journal or poster format reduce the amount that can be included on each of these methodological features. We cannot pick up a magazine or surf the Internet without facing reminders of the challenges to health care and the “sorry state” of health systems.1 All health care systems are faced with the challenges of improving quality of care and reducing the risk of adverse events.2 Globally, health systems fail to use evidence optimally. Systematic Reviews: What Do You Need to Know to Get Started? Rather, they attempt to find examples of behaviour, to clarify the thoughts and feelings of study participants, and to interpret participants’ experiences of the phenomena of interest, in order to find explanations for human behaviour in a given context. Experimental results on real data from an HIV prevention intervention for homeless youth show that standard influence maximization techniques oftentimes neglect smaller groups which contribute less to overall utility, resulting in a disparity which our proposed algorithms substantially reduce. Publication in a journal was achieved for 18 (20%) of 90 projects presented in 1981, 11 (16%) of 70 projects presented in 1991, and 14 (13%) of 112 projects presented in 2001. Stakeholders were identified to participate in a modified Delphi exercise and a virtual meeting to generate consensus for items considered essential in the reporting of clinical pharmacokinetic studies. Whereas exploitation is the use of results for commercial purposes or in public policymaking. The terms “health care utilization data”, “administrative health care billing records”, “administrative claims data”, or simply “claims data” are synonymous with “health care administrative data”. Publication status was assessed for abstracts presented during the 2005 ACCP Spring and Annual Meetings, APhA Annual Meeting, and ASHP Summer and Midyear Clinical Meetings using PubMed and Google Scholar. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. © 2015 The Author(s). National eHealth monitoring, aiming at evaluating policy implementation and benefit realisation, should wisely integrate a benefits management perspective. Methods: Retrospective analysis of abstracts published in the Internal Medicine Journal Special Issues 2014–2019 identified 614 abstracts.
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