Oncology nursing is the most rewarding specialty field of nursing. I get to the hospital early before the other nurses arrive because I am the charge nurse. When I was a new graduate nurse, I worked at KU Med Hospital with adult cancer and bone marrow transplant patients. 1:35 a.m. Some nights there are more than others and this process can take a while. I enjoy being a mentor to the new nurses on the unit and watching them learn and grow into amazing nurses. An oncology nurse’s day begins around 8 a.m. with the other treatment nurses in huddles where administrative goals are discussed and patient care is evaluated. At the youthful age of 27, she has her oncology nursing certification (OCN) and manages a staff of TK nurses … Nurse navigators wear many hats as they direct cancer patients and their families through unfamiliar healthcare territory. Sometimes my nurses have updates on something that happened to the patient after 5:00 a.m., and they give the next shift nurse those updates. Although most children can be cured of their disease, there are many hardships they face along the way. We make it a very special day for these kids by decorating a personal cake and getting the whole unit together to sing for them as they leave the unit. Olivia Breef, RN, BSN, OCN, is a charge nurse in the oncology department at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center. Upload Your Resume. Need more help? 4:00 a.m. I am on the phone with him, and we go through all of his patients on the floor and discuss their labs. We have to chart every two hours everything about the patient including if they were awake, if we helped them to the bathroom, if they were in pain and how their IV looked. I check my computer to see which patients have midnight medications. The hospital unit I work on is the CCBD (Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders) or, as most know it, the pediatric cancer unit. 6:45 a.m. I also prioritize my patients’ needs. If the patient is awake, I remind them they can order breakfast in 30 minutes. I finish entering the oncologist’s orders into the computer. A day in the life of a nurse who works 10-hour shifts in an NYC cancer unit keeping patients comfortable in the midst of a national drug shortage Allana Akhtar 2019-08-21T19:47:00Z If I have a patient that is in pain, then I take care of that patient immediately. 11:15 p.m. We have happy days and we have sad days and all the nurses in the CCBD care so much about our patients. All rights reserved. Becoming a nurse has so many advantages and the career options are endless. At the youthful age of 27, she has her oncology nursing certification (OCN) and manages a staff … I clock out and head home. If I had not received 100 percent confirmation about staffing when I spoke with the nursing supervisor, I give her a call to confirm everything for the next shift. I do rounds on my patients again and give out any medications that are ordered for them. I check on my patients again and make sure they are still sleeping and comfortable. I draw blood from all central line patients. 4:30 a.m. 10:45 p.m. My nurses begin to arrive and they begin the report process where they listen to tape recorded patient notes from the nurses working the previous shift. Meet Lauren Renfro, RN, a Core Charge nurse in the CCBD unit (pictured center) at Children’s Hospital Colorado (Aurora). I always knew I wanted to work with children and therefore, when we made the move to Colorado, I made the move to pediatric nursing. These kids are the biggest superheroes I know and they help make my job so rewarding. My advice is to always follow your goals and pursue a career that makes you happy. The number of patients dictates how many nurses, nursing aids and secretaries we need. We provide support to families upon new diagnosis of cancer, provide education about treatments, support children and families through bone marrow transplant and provide a positive outlook for their future. He inspired me to want to care for others and therefore, I decided to pursue a career in nursing. I have been a nurse for almost six years and remember what it was like to be a new graduate nurse. 6:00 a.m. A day in the life of an Oncology Nurse Posted : 02 February 2018 For World Cancer Day, Risalina Nitro-Arenas from The Cromwell Hospital gives us an insight to her daily life as an Oncology Nurse Each child who finishes treatment or leaves after a bone marrow transplant gets to ring a loud, giant bell before they are discharged. The most difficult role is maintaining resiliency as a nurse. Contact Customer Service at customerservice@vault.com, In-depth industry and profession profiles. I do physical assessments of my patients and administer any medications they need. A Day In the Life of a Pediatric Oncologist ... a quest to win the day. A Day in the Life: Oncology Charge Nurse Olivia Breef, RN, BSN, OCN, is a charge nurse in the oncology department at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center. 3:00 a.m. As an oncology nurse, you will work with a multi-disciplinary team in a variety of settings – including clinics, hospital wards, transplant units, and community healthcare centres. Vault's premium subscription service, Vault Gold, is the key to our most valuable career information. 1:30 a.m. Every morning from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. a phlebotomist comes and draws blood for morning lab tests that the physicians have ordered so they can be ready when they round in the morning. We think they’re real-life superheroes. the day-to-day of a pediatric oncology nurse Date Published: December 29, 2016 M eet Lauren Renfro, RN, a Core Charge nurse in the CCBD unit (pictured center) at … I actually have two exciting roles in the CCBD. I make sure they are comfortable and stable. There is nothing worse than seeing the look on a parents face after being told their child has cancer. Cutting-Edge Nursing: Annette Sereika on the Challenges and Rewards of an Oncology Nurse. Do not settle until you find a position in nursing that truly makes you happy! As a Core Charge nurse, I round with the doctors on all the patients, prepare assignments for the next shift, and help make sure the unit runs smoothly during the day. The next shift of nurses start listening to the reports that my nurses tape recorded at 5:00 a.m. As the nurses finish listening to the reports, my nurses are still around for any questions the next shift of nurses might have. As a CCBD nurse, our main role is to provide the best care possible to our brave little cancer fighters, hematology disorders, and bone marrow transplant kids. A Day in the Life of an Oncology Nurse Oncology nurses are involved in many aspects of cancer diagnoses and treatment, including prevention and early detection, and symptom management. Read on to learn about the everyday life of this new oncology nurse and why she loves her chosen specialty. As a charge nurse I have to tell the nurse in charge of that particular patient about the critical level, and I have to make a decision to call the doctor about the level and get orders from him or her. CVS Health Corporation Internship Opportunities. ... A Day in the Life of a Working Nurse During COVID-19. They should be conscientious, detail-oriented, and work well under pressure. I get to hang out with some of the coolest, bravest kids and their families’ every day. Although it is physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging, it enables you to truly practice, teach, and mentor holistic care. Growing up with nurses in her family, Kimberley Munn, RN, BSN, OCN, was exposed to medical science and the art of helping others early on in life. A successful Oncology Nurse is compassionate and emotionally strong, and a good communicator. Wednesday, May 10, 2017 6:27 AM. 7:20 a.m. ATI Nursing Education interviewed Lauren about the ins and outs of the CCBD unit. Thousands of ratings and reviews from the people that matter most — the employees, students and interns themselves. I love my job and my coworkers and look forward to the challenges each day brings. One of them is being a part of the leadership team. The head nursing supervisor decides if we will get a nurse from a different part of the hospital. However, the nurses and staff in the CCBD have some of the biggest, warmest hearts in the world and we help families through the battle. But, how do they do it all? Right after nursing school, I got a job in adult oncology and after 2.5 years of caring for adults, I pursued my dream job in pediatric oncology. Oncology Nurse Skills. Luckily, I live close to the hospital. An oncology nurse is a registered nurse who cares for and supports patients who have cancer.
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