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curaprox hydrosonic pro
Y OUR PATIENTS CAN RELY ON. Starker Akku: über 60 Minuten Zähneputzen ohne Aufladen. Hydrosonic Pro Zahnpflege, professionell. CS 5460; CS 1006; Power Toothbrushes . Thanks to sonic technology and CUREN® filaments, children can now achieve far greater brushing success. Hydrosonic Pro; Hydrosonic Easy; Black is White Hydrosonic; Toothpaste. … Sieben Stufen für die individuell perfekte Zahnreinigung – welche passt zu dir? The Hydrosonic PRO is powered by a high-speed precision motor that translates motion onto the brush head. Professional teeth cleaning with sonic technology and innovative Swiss brush heads – for exceptional oral care Manual Toothbrushes. Sensitive. efficient for sensitive gums. Power. The Hydrosonic pro sonic toothbrush: Treat yourself to professional teeth cleaning. HYDROSONIC Pro . Hydrosonic Pro Professional dental care. Seven different cleaning levels: Find your favourite… enjoy your perfect teeth cleaning. TECHNOLOGY TO KEEP THEIR GUMS . EVEN WHEN WEARING BRACES. Curen is designed to be soft and non-abrasive – you can feel it when you touch the brush head. THE INNOVATIVE BRUSH HEAD . Swiss premium oral care / Free shipping for order values of 2000 INR upwards. Each movement of the motor is the equivalent of a brush stroke, and the Hydrosonic goes as fast as 42,000 strokes per minute. Black is … Every day. What’s more, the CUREN® bristles are designed to provide the best possible performance, with the ultrasound technology in the Hydrosonic Pro cleaning on two levels: mechanically and hydrodynamically. The CURAPROX Hydrosonic PRO, however, comes with a completely different set of heads: these are specialised soft brush heads that feature Curen filaments. With Hydrosonic Pro you get that professionally cleaned feeling every time you brush – even with braces, implants, sensitive gums… and those hard-to-reach spots. Reach out to us if you would like a Curaprox representative to contact you info@curaproxusa.com | 800.919.0120 . Also perfect if you have braces, implants or gum problems. The solution: the CURACURVE® bend enables the Hydrosonic Pro brush heads to reach these critical areas of the mouth with ease. Hydrosonic Pro (Ortho) ... CURAPROX Hydrosonic is also recommended for young teeth ensuring effective cleaning right from the start. Professionelle Zahnreinigung jeden Tag: Hydrosonic Pro sorgt für perfekte Sauberkeit – gerade bei komplizierter Zahnstellung, Zahnspangen, Implantaten und empfindlichem Zahnfleisch: ein gutes Gefühl. Powerful yet gentle. It’s pillowy-soft. India. Curaprox's Hydrosonic Easy electric toothbrush offers an astounding 42,000 movements, or brush strokes, per minute. AND TEETH HEALTHY AND BEAUTIFUL . The sensation of an ultra-soft toothbrush is quite different compared to the regular medium brushes. Sign in. It couldn’t be easier to handle, either. Extra gentle and highly . In the early years children’s motor skills are not yet fully developed and brushing with a manual toothbrush often leaves many areas untouched. Powerful battery: More than 60 minutes brushing from one USB charge.
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