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cultural landscape ap human geography example
This mundane landscape is a powerful icon of the good life for people in the US. Monotheism/ Polytheism. At a seemingly superficial level, we see things like the translation of the Bible into new languages (something that many Muslims would see as violating the integrity of their scripture) and portraying Jesus with features like blond hair in Europe or black skin in Africa to make him look like the local people. Diffusion can take many forms. There are a lot of cultural shatterbelts in Asia. Cultural Landscape can be defined as... answer choices . Slate, July 23. We thus see such landscapes used extensively as symbols, for example in ads that want to make you associate the advertised product with wholesome, normative American life. An important concept in talking about culture is the idea of a social or cultural structure. Note that the symbolic value of these landscapes may not match the experience of the people actually living there -- the wholesome suburb may be a place of alienation and discrimination for some people, such as gays and lesbians (Valentine 1993), while the inner city may house relatively functional social systems and serve as a refuge from discrimination in the wider world (Anderson 2000). Some people, particularly middle-class white Americans, like to imagine that they don't have any culture. In either case, such geographic research would help us understand how the landscape, and the culture of the people who live in it, got the way it is. Disjuncture and difference in the global cultural economy, What's in a name? Current Anthropology 50 (4): 547-561. PLAY. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. For example, when British immigrants came to what is now the United States, they brought the English language. Glowacka, Maria, Dorothy Washburn, and Justin Richland. Dialects are forms of a language that differ based on vocabulary, syntax, and speed. The "inner city," shown in Figure 3, is a powerfully symbolic landscape in mainstream US thinking. Following the fall from power of the Taliban after the US invasion in 2003, various donors from Afghanistan and around the world have expressed interest in rebuilding the Buddhas. Sometimes we slip into talking about structures as if they exist on their own, like an outside force bearing down on humanity. COVID-19 Updates There are five primary religions in the world today: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism (the Western religions) and Hinduism and Buddhism (the Eastern religions). Gravity. In addition to exerting practical constraints on cultural activity, landscapes can also embody meaning. But for those people whose cultural landscape had been centered around the industrial activity, it was a disaster. And it was a big opportunity for people in sun belt areas. But later waves of immigrants, such as Germans, Italians, and Mexicans, have been less powerful and numerous vis-a-vis the (now English-speaking) majority, and hence have tended to give up their old languages for English. We refer to such landscapes as symbolic landscapes (Meinig 1979). New York: Oxford University Press. 70% average accuracy. Reterritorialization is the process by which the trait is tied into its new home. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 11: 395-413. The deeper content of Christianity was modified too. 1990. In addition to exerting practical constraints on cultural activity, landscapes can also embody meaning. Landscapes often have a conservative function. This was a short-term cost with longer-term benefits for the companies, once they got their new factories built. God is Red: A Native View of Religion. The people of the rust belt are now faced with the choice between abandoning their landscape and everything they had invested in it, or finding a way to re-use a landscape heavily marked by the legacy of industrialism in a new way. Popular culture is rapidly diffused around the world among heterogeneous societies, often through mass communication. In addition to symbolizing the local Buddhist history (few practicing Buddhists remain in Afghanistan), they will also symbolize the triumph of international goodwill and tolerance over religious fundamentalism, and be a source of tourist dollars for the country. In a few cases, the meaning of a name is changed without the name itself changing. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. An important way that symbolic landscapes are reinforced is through place names, also called toponyms. bianca.a.woodard. For the US Forest Service and its contractors who operate a ski lodge there, the peaks represent the beauty of nature and the prospect of outdoor recreation. Note that this is a contested move, as many communist loyalists in Russia still see Lenin as worth honoring (Buckler 2005). Key Takeaways: Cultural Patterns and Processes. Structures are rules or habits that guide people to consistently act and think in a certain way rather than another (Bourdieu 1990, Giddens 1984). Spell. Disjuncture and difference in the global cultural economy. Mapping St. Petersburg. Christians use churches, Jews use synagogues, Muslims use mosques, Hindus use temples, and Buddhists use pagodas. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. Match. Michael D. Murphy. Thus, the Native Americans would like to limit most human interference while maintaining the trails they use to visit sites on the peaks where religious ceremonies are carried out. Building the landscape to make one way of life easy encourages people to continue living that way, while making it harder to live a different way. You had to make value judgments about what your goals are as a student (based on such factors as your expectations about the job market, parental pressures, or desire to avoid certain types of classwork), and evaluate the materials in the course catalog and advice from others to decide which courses best satisfied your goals. AP Human Geography Name_____ Rubenstein’s The Cultural Landscape. Navajo Nation v. US Forest Service, 535 F. 3d 1058 - Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit, 2008. The physical landscape that exists before it is acted upon by human culture. Depending on the number of immigrants relative to natives, and the political power of the two groups, aspects of the immigrants' culture may be taken on by the receiver country. In some cases, diffusion is caused by the movement of people. It highlights what are commonly taken to be the major ills of our society -- crime, drugs, broken families, poverty -- and locates them in a particular place inhabited by particular sorts of people. Oxford: Blackwell. The trait may have to be adjusted to fit with the other cultural traits in the new location. This suburb is as much a symbol of the US as a more explicitly symbolic landscape like the Capitol in Washington, DC or the carved portraits of presidents on Mount Rushmore. For economic activity to occur, relatively permanent structures must be built -- roads, houses, factories, etc. Buckler, Julie A. Spaghetti funk: appropriations of hip-hop culture and rap music in Europe. To use another religious example, many non-Native people see spiritual value in Native American religious practices. ), and integrated into a daily life guided by the same Native philosophy enacted in the rituals (Deloria 2003). As a religion claiming universal truth and adherence to a specific set of written scriptures, Christianity would seem to be a pretty clearly bounded and defined cultural practice, easy to distinguish from the rest of the culture it exists within and easy to move as a package to another cultural context.
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