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countryman b6 review
Today, our family business is an industry-leading manufacturer of legendary direct boxes and ultra-miniature microphones, with the same goal of serving audio professionals all over the world with personal attention and exceptional quality. Countryman B6. 25- B3s, one E6, 4 Sennheisers and one imitation of the E6 off of ebay for $100. Give us a call, or contact us at [email protected] Categories: Used, Used Microphones. Condition: Good. Please contact the office directly or use the "Make an Offer" button above. Curtis Judd. If you are using them in a musical with a board with pretty large parametric, or quasiparametric EQ, you can make them all sound about the same. We’ve had plenty of requests for a review of a more professional grade lavalier microphone so let’s have a listen and a look at the Countryman B6. I have one B6 and approx. I really like the small size and the accessories are very good. The Sennheiser MKE 2 sounds very nice but tends to be a little more prone to breath pops. The Countryman B6 is a good mic as well, but you'll probably be worried about it getting damaged by your guests. Countryman B6 Lavalier Microphone Review. The cable feels very frail. The Countryman changeable protective caps provide moisture resistance and color options and let you shape the frequency response to suit different applications or to match other microphones. If you are using them for a concert, Then the B3s and the Sennheisers seem to have a better frequency response, especially in the bass range. Make An Offer. Audio Gear, Sound for Video. Item Ref # 123208 Location: Toronto (416) 778-0656. Current asking price is: $225 CAD Used items from Canada are unavailable for instant purchase. This mic was used in the recent Hobbit movies on Martin Freeman as Bilbo and Ian McKellan as Gandalf. The Countryman B6 is an unusual microphone in that it is miniscule in size, yet it still manages to turn a good performance in almost every category. July 26, 2015. With exceptionally low handling noise and rugged construction, the B6 is the ideal choice for theater, broadcast, churches, and general lavalier applications. Want more info about an item? Over fifty years ago, Carl Countryman started crafting custom gear for touring rock bands and performers. The Countryman EMW (I own 2 or 3) is a nice sounding mic, but the mounting hardware leaves alot to be desired. Countryman B6. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This is why … The tie clip is more or less useless. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Countryman B6W4FF05BAT B6 Omnidirectional Wireless Lavalier Microphone for Audio Technica Transmitters (Black) at Amazon.com.
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