In addition because of the texture of the cork it has a tendancy to chip. Have two big dogs and there are no about the floor not being perfectly level and get this stated the We are style enthusiasts, believers in technology and seekers of simplicity. Really I have to have that much of a damage in order to be warranted. We take pride in professionally repairing and stabilizing all subflooring to code, but with COREtec we don’t have to worry about minor subfloor imperfections transfering up and showing through the flooring at install time. Buyer beware. COREtec features a commercial grade, low gloss wear layer up to 20 mil thick. Basements are especially prone to occasional leaking and moisture intrusion, sometimes it is major and obvious, but often it goes unnoticed by the homeowner. If you are looking at luxury vinyl plank flooring, COREtec plus is one of the best and most reliable brands on the market and should certainly be on your list of options to investigate. Hello; I thought this was a type of flooring that was going to prevent all this. We think that COREtec Plus is a good quality vinyl tile brand and well worth your consideration. I always thought of vinyl flooring as having a hollow sound, but this flooring has a wonderful solid, quality feel. Then I started to notice the floor planks were bowing and buckling and starting to rise up. contact  |  The attached cork underlayment saves time in floor prep and contributes to a solid, finished floor installation that will provide years of service. This was very poor quality flooring--as if they have no quality control at all. If the furniture is bumped or moved slightly, or the legs have an unusual shape (i.e. gapping. It is advertised as waterproof. I’m very pleased with our decision to go with COREtec.”. After months of getting the run around, I had to do my own investigation. We were told by many people that vinyl was the way to go these days. We are authentic to the core.". Your options are standard Planks, XL Planks and Tile. We dried it as best we could hoping when the floor dried out it would somehow return to normal. I have to say it looks really good! Our installer recommended we look at COREtec because it's dimensionally stable no matter the temperature and its 100% waterproof. Model: Coretec Pro Plus Satisfaction Rating: Very Unsatisfied, 1 out of 5 Review: " Lumps and Bumps " We had Coretec Pro Plus installed the end of January 2019. is not a material defect issue. You’ve probably seen this at some point where you can see humps, bumps or floor seams subtly showing up through the floor. up. The dogs love it and I love it. The wear layer helps to maintain the good looks of your floor and makes it very easy to clean. proof. I called US Floors right away and suggested that I go to this one web site and order a stain remover. Wood flooring expert explained to me that quite a few of my boards should have never been installed in first place as the wood was already distressed. Think of the wear layer as your floor's armor protection; it's permanent, transparent, very durable and has an important job to do: protect your floor from all manner of scratches, scuffs, and stains. For areas with heavy traffic, such as the kitchen, COREtec Pro Plus products are worth investing in. Because some of the damaged boards were in the middle of my living room it was very obvious that they were a different color. The Coretec plus Flooring Problems Chronicles Floors is one of the most underestimated aspects of a home. Flooring during the driest time of A free floating floor was what they recommended. We chased a dream and created a whole new category along the way. We saw an opportunity to create a better floor, and dove in mind, body and soul. Yet they sell it to distributors who then sell it. site map  |  For a large area I would suggest any other product. Next Post →. From a materials science perspective COREtec has combined multiple attributes into a single material: Firm, yet flexible. COREtec nailed it.”. During the fall of 2015 I installed about 700sf of there stranded Unlike a hardwood floor no wood cleaners, conditioners or polishing is needed. If you're looking for high-quality durable floors for a commercial or residential space, we've got you covered. Our cleaning service just vacuums the floors to keep them looking great. current gaps do not reflect the 1/2" shrinkage. It took one day and my wife was freaking out at how great it looked. I installed cork flooring in my entire condo. The opinions expressed in these reviews are the opinions of consumers that submitted reviews to In addition it offers a degree of UV protection, but take note: prolonged, strong exposure to sunlight will damage any material. 'Oh no' is all I could say. But as I watched several YouTube videos, my thinking changed and I thought, 'hey I can really do this myself!'. USFloors' COREtec is amazing. That was just the beginning. Of course it didn't.Turns out the water line to the refrigerator (icemaker/water dispenser) was the culprit. This vinyl plank flooring is popular with many homeowners, and customer reviews concerning it are favorable. Boards became stressed and cracked within first year. move and caused the boards to warp. I guess scratches and being waterproof don't stay stain proof. They sent out an inspector to look at the flooring. sent out an inspector (certified is questionable) and he was worried The staff was blown away by the transformation. ", ← Previous Post after the install (Mid Winter) the boards have warped to a point you can When they were installed they were a different color from the original ones, more brown than grey. scratches/dents. They denied claim. Wrong choice. Coretec is garbage and the backing supports mold. We did pull the qtr round in several areas took pictures to show Why? That is what we replaced. Shaw/USFloors sold cork floors that had multiple issues with them. For a new-to-market product; if it wasn't great it wouldn't have become so popular, so fast! I was impressed with how quickly the job went. Resists scratches, scuffs and stains. "Because of great customer service, low prices, and expedited delivery, Floor City has become one of the largest and most trusted brands in commercial and residential flooring sales in the United States. The purpose of the construction is to give the planks the most realistic wood and stone look possible. They There are many reasons why you might decide that wood floors are not appropriate for your home. So unlike a tile floor for example, you have less of that cold floor feel when walking barefoot or in socks. Make sure you look at the info closely. Looking at reviews for the Coretec on Consumer’s Report it said that it was very durable, but the customer reviews on CR and, all warn on how easily it is scratched. We required something that stands up to floor traffic, is simple to clean, and looks fantastic. When in his notes it We are obsessed with creating an experience as beautiful as our floors. COREtec checked all of those boxes for me. lawyer may be the only option. They would do nothing for me other than if it was a stain of 10% or more to my whole floor. When you touch it, it was slightly indented into the floor. Reviewed in the United States on July 2, 2016. perimeter and the qtr round is nailed through the floor it could not Kudos to COREtec!”. 1/2" of shrinkage per board and not a Sam Gorden, a homeowner in Houston, TX shared his experience installing COREtec in the review “At first I was a little nervous about installing the flooring myself. If it expands after it was glued, it most likely would just crack. So they have stated it a plant stand with curved legs), and the floor protectors fall off, you can be assured there will be an indent where the furniture leg touches the floor. We went and got enough to put in much or our house and had it put down 1 week before Christmas (2017). Just like the videos showed it was easy to install and after a few rows my confidence really shot up.
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