Cadence Conformal suite of tools contains a tool called Logic Equivalence Checker or LEC. In this post I am going to share Synopsys Interview Questions for Analog Design Engineer Job profile. 59:34. size of the mechanical holes that you have used in your design and clearances that you have given to these. As I was outside Bangalore, HR scheduled a Telephonic Interview next day. Fiducial placement and clearances. LEC– 5 Interview In a few minutes I’m going to ask you more about the questionnaire you filled out on stressful events in your life. I applied to their website and got a call from HR for a face to face interview at their Bangalore office. The basic flow is to input both an RTL netlist and a synthesized netlist and then have Conformal check whether both netlists are … 12 Typical Bank Interview Questions & Answers [Updated] Career Help. The Super Mario Effect - Tricking Your Brain into Learning More | Mark Rober | TEDxPenn - Duration: 15:09. what are fiducials and use of these fiducials and types and differences between them. Use the Conformal LEC software to verify the functional equivalence of a post-synthesis Verilog Quartus Mapping (.vqm) netlist file from Synopsys Synplify Pro software, a post-fit Verilog Output File (.vo) from the Quartus II software, or both. Questions that can be raised from this. Conformal Smart LEC Author: Cadence Subject: Cadence® Conformal® Smart LEC is the next-generation equivalence checking solution. a. LEC), in order to set the foundation for analyzing the ECO changes. For the Love of Physics - Walter Lewin - May 16, 2011 - Duration: 1:01:26. Conformal LEC has been the standard for logic equivalency checking for a long time. Fit question: For the fit questions, it is quite similar with any other interview. Also Check for Jobs with similar Skills and Titles Top Conformal Lec Jobs* Free Alerts TEDx Talks Recommended for you Mod-04 Lec-03 Syntax and Semantics of CTL - Duration: 59:34. nptelhrd 9,830 views. Conformal Logic Equivalence Checking (LEC) This tutorial provides a quick getting-strated guide to Cadence Conformal logic equivalence checking. Therefore, the interview questions can also be separate into two sections: fit question and technical question. Section 4 of this tutorial describes how to formally verify that the synthesized design is functionally equivalent to the RTL description using LEC. This chapter discusses equivalence checking with the Conformal LEC software. (2) RTL Compiler, including the option to leverage physically-aware synthesis, in order to get the best optimizations for the ECO logic. Conformal Mapping is used to solve 2D electrostatic phenomena, but what are the steps to follow, and how one get to know about which mapping function should use to map? Conformal Lec Jobs - Apply to 10 new Conformal Lec Jobs across India. Offering key technologies of massive parallelism and adaptive proof, Conformal Smart LEC improves runtime by an average of 4X compared to existing solutions with the same compute resources. It was an one to one interview over the telephone. But before I do that I want to ask you a few questions about what it was like for you growing up. ... Interview Questions. This section can be skipped if one chooses to use Formality for equivalence checking. (1) Conformal Logic Equivalency Checking (a.k.
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