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circular transactional model of communication nursing
This allowed parents opportunity to interact in the session, to listen to the information and ask questions while at the same time being in close enough proximity to their children to respond to their needs. Reflecting on events that take place in practice, allows opportunity not only to think about what we do, but also to consider why we do things. The third and fourth stages involve an evaluation of the situation, what was good and/or bad about the experience and an analysis allowing us to make sense of the situation. Dental Health is a key Health Promotion target in Wales and is the most prevalent form of disease amongst children in Wales. The transactional model of communication also relates to communication with … In the future, I will repeat the process of thorough research, as it is best practice to keep knowledge up-to-date in order to provide care based on evidence (NMC 2008). scrublife17. Registered Data Controller No: Z1821391. It is a message that conveys the sender's attitude toward self and, the message and the attitudes, feelings, and intentions toward the listener. This is not an example of the work produced by our Nursing Essay Writing Service. Despite my initial reservation about my knowledge of the subject and apprehension at delivering a health promotion session, I feel that my mentor’s decision to include me in the delivery of the session benefitted me greatly in the development of my knowledge and self confidence. Effective communication and the management of interpersonal relationships are essential features in the development of skilled and competent practitioners. It enables individuals to play a pivotal role in their own health (Webster and Finch 2002 in Scriven 2005) and is a means by which positive health can be promoted and enhanced alongside the prevention of illness (Downie et al 2000). This session has helped with my learning and personal development and I now feel more confident in my ability to deliver health promotion activities in a group setting. Cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional codes. During the second week of this placement, I was asked to assist in the delivery of a forthcoming health promotion session relating to dental health. The promotion is valid for either 10% or 15% off any service. In nursing, listening is an essential skill and incorporates attending and listening (Burnard & Gill 2007). It is also important for the nurse to be aware of the congruency of their verbal and non-verbal communication. Followed by an analysis of thoughts and feelings in the second stage; what were your thoughts and feelings? However, support and encouragement from my mentor and other health visitors in the team helped me to relax. is the message a receiver receives from the sender. It is a process which is continually utilised by nurses to convey and receive information from the patient, co-workers, others they come into contact with and the patient’s family. The three models described all have similarities in that the user is guided through the reflective process by describing the event, analysing their thoughts, feelings and actions and making plans for future practice. The chapter explores communication techniques and perspectives for providing optimal comfort and quality of life during serious illness. By undertaking this reflection, I have been able to question the experience and analyse my actions and behaviour, as a means of developing my knowledge for future practice. The clients were focused on the session and seemed genuinely interested, nodding when they understood and showed attentiveness by making regular eye contact. This was important; some of the clients were meeting me for the first time, and it is during this initial contact that judgements are made about future interactions, and the service being provided. Sender-Person who initiates interpersonal communication by conveying a message. Linear model II. I noted that I was very nervous about delivering the session despite having the knowledge and understanding of the subject and felt that this may have been noticed by the participants. Transactional analysis (TA) can be a useful model, through which interactions can be understood, and it can be applied in practice settings in a wide range of contexts. The first stage of the process is a descriptive account of the situation; what happened? This reflective account will involve a description the incident, an analysis of thoughts and feelings and an evaluation of what has occurred. The sender-oriented transmission model of communication is contrasted with a transactional perspective that emphasizes shared power, mutual influence, attentiveness to both verbal and nonverbal cues, and the value of feedback and diversity. In summary, communication is a complex process and an essential skill which the nurse must be aware of in every aspect, of care and treatment they give to patients. Prior to the session, I was apprehensive about delivering a health promotion session to clients (patients). Search. To export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have your work published on the UKDiss.com website then please: Our academic writing and marking services can help you! Get step-by-step explanations, verified by experts. Many of the participants were unaware of when and how children’s teeth should be cared for and the importance of ensuring good oral hygiene from an early age. Introducing Textbook Solutions. Verbal communication relates to the spoken word and can be conducted face-to-face or over the telephone (Docherty &McCallum 2009). The transactional model is a more realistic representation of human communication. The information was provided in a way that was easily understandable, a demonstration of how teeth should be brushed was given, and time was allowed for the client’s time to ask questions. Copyright © 2003 - 2020 - NursingAnswers.net is a trading name of All Answers Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales. To fully assess the development of communication skills the nurse can make use of reflection to gain a better insight and understanding of their skills (Siviter 2008). The event occurred during a weekly session at baby club that takes place in a community centre. -Person who initiates interpersonal communication by conveying a message. These changes can be seen in the model. It is vital that the nurse communicates effectively, sharing information with the patient about their health in an understandable way to ensure the patient is fully informed about their care and treatment and that consent is gained prior to this occurring (NMC 2008). There must be congruency between verbal and non verbal messages for effective communication to be achieved. For exa… I was able to articulate what I felt had gone well, what hadn’t gone quite as well and what could be improved. After consideration of a number of reflective frameworks, the use of Gibb’s Reflective Cycle as a structure for creating a reflective account has proven to be beneficial in the exploration of personal thoughts and feelings in relation to a specified event and I recognise the importance of reflection as a learning tool that can enhance knowledge and practice. Communication using expressions, gestures, body posture, and, (p. 321) - Dependent not only on what is said but also on the relationship to the, other person involved in the interaction. Attentiveness and attention to the patient can be achieved through SOLER: S – sit squarely, O – Open posture, L – learn towards the patient, E – eye contact, R – relax (Egan 2002). Start studying Circular Transactional Model. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. They must consider factors such as past personal experiences, personal perceptions, timing and the setting in which communication occurs. 10MONDAY2020 can only be used on orders that are under 14 days delivery. Any discrepancies between the two will have a direct influence on the message they are giving to patients, and may jeopardise the nurse/patient relationship. Linear Model of Communication It is a simple one way communication model. Gibb’s model (Appendix I) has a cyclical approach, consisting of six stages per cycle that guide the user through a series of questions, providing a structure for reflection on an experience.
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