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chinese lamb recipe
Try adding snow peas with the capsicums for extra flavour. Mutton is cut into thin slices, 12-20 cm (5-9 inches) long and 3-6 cm (1-2.5 inches) wide and as thin as papers. Add to same, hot flat plate. Instant-Boiled Mutton Hot Pot is one of the best dishes in Chinese lamb recipes, which originated from Beijing. You can eat the dish with alcohol and side dishes like tofu or marinated cabbage. Soak the mutton loafs in clear water for at least 4 hours to ensure all the blood drain. After, sprinkle cumin powder, chili powder and salt evenly and stir well. Cooking Methods: stewThis Chinese lamb recipe is especially popular in winter. Cook for about 3 to 4 minutes on each side, for medium, or until cooked to your liking. When it is severed to customers, chef will peel the skin first and cut the lamb into thick slices with a knife. The best lambs for this dish is 1-2 years old. After that, add hand-made noodles into the soup and boil them to be well done, then add salt. Stew them for 40-50 minutes until mutton is tender. Then, add some Chinese wolfberries and prickly ashes and keep stewing for an hour. Thickly slice. Barbara has over 38 years experience in the food industry, loves sharing advice, recipes and know-how on everything food. Cooking Methods: boil    Yangrou Paomo is famous in Chinese lamb recipes,  as it is a local must-eat in Xi’an. At last, add salt and you can eat the dish with thick soup. Quick-boil the mutton dices to remove the blood, and then pick out to wash them clearly with warm water. It takes 3-4 hours to roast the whole lamb. The mutton is marinated for 20 hours and then stewed for 8-12 hours. Serve with rice. Cut mutton from hind legs of lamb into slices, and ground fried cumin to be powder. Then, pour the mutton into a casserole, and add water, aniseed, cinnamon and other spices to stew them. Pour over sauce. Here is this Chinese mutton recipe. When eating, it only needs to be boiled in the boiling hot pot for a few seconds. Then, put the boiled mutton dices, radish loafs, the root of straight ladybell and ginger slices into a casserole to boil with clear water. When the food is severed on a plate, sprinkle some minced parsley leaves on the surface. The finished Roast Whole Lamb is golden with crispy skin and tender mutton, placed in a special wooden plate. Rest, loosely covered with foil for 5 minutes. Tender lamb is tossed with ginger and sesame seeds for a Chinese-style delicious meal. Heat a large, oiled barbecue flat plate over a medium heat. And Chinese often roast it in open-air parties with friends. Cooking Methods: roastRoast Whole Lamb is an ethnic food in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. Cook for about 3 minutes, turning occasionally, or until tender. Then, hand the crumbled flatbread to the chef to boil with the soup used to boil the mutton, together with bean vermicelli, corianders, black fungus and citron daylily. To cook this dish, firstly, soak lamb chops in water for an hour and wash them to make sure no blood residue. Combine capsicums, onions and ginger in a large bowl. Bring to boil. 5 red capsicums, cut into 3cm pieces 5 green spring onions, cut into 5cm lengths 1 tblsp ginger stir-in paste. Add lamb. Cooking Methods: stewThe best mutton for this dish is from rams. Then, boil the lamb chops, and skim off the foams. Soak the mutton dices in clear water for two or three hours, and quick-boil them. Remove. Cooking Methods: boilHand-Grabbed Lamb is a traditional dish  in northwestern China, popular among Mongol, Tibetan, Hui, Kazak, Uygur and other ethnic groups. There are also shallots, mashed garlic, lotus-leaf-like pancakes and other side dishes for you to go with. Gently boil, stirring occasionally, for about 5 minutes, or until slightly thickened and glossy. Cooking Methods: fryThis Chinese mutton dish is also from Xinjiang. Chinese Name: 烤羊肉串 kǎo yáng ròu chuàn Flavor: aromatic, salty, spicy, tender and juicy Ingredients: mutton, onion, oil, cumin powder, salt, chili powder Cooking Methods: roast or barbecueMutton Kebab is one of famous Chinese mutton dishes from Xinjiang. When eating, it only needs to be boiled in the boiling hot pot for a few seconds. The history of Chinese eating mutton can be dated back to more than 4,000 years ago. When the water is boiling, turn down to low heat and stew for 2-3 hours. Remember to boil a slice each time and don’t boil multiple slices in one time, for the later ones will be over cooked. Top with lamb. After that, pick out ginger, shallot and spices, and season with cumin powder. To make sauce, combine all ingredients in small saucepan over a medium to high heat. The fire should be high all the time and the cooking must be fast, otherwise the mutton will taste hard. Then pick out the mutton, and add vermicelli, black fungus, citron daylily and kelp shreds into the mutton soup to boil for 5 minutes. Next, mix cooking wine, salt and a little water well, and marinate mutton slices in the sauce with shallots and ginger. Remove. If you want to taste this delicious lamb dish, you need to work first, that is tiring crumbled flatbread; the more dices you tire, the tastier the dish will be.
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