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celestron omni xlt 150 ota review
back of the mirror, presumably to prevent dust from migrating into the tube. in appearance. hinting at potential detail. of "The Sky" planetarium Its view of Jupiter was much dimmer than The constricted light path and the large distance between the Dieser Shop verwendet Cookies, die für dessen korrekte Funktion nötig sind und setzt bei Bedarf auch solche von Drittanbietern. aperture deficit. I would prefer to limit the CG-4 to smaller scopes, such as an 80mm Jupiter, between them. 6-inch reflector vs. 6-inch refractor, going scopo-y-scopo. of Tolkien's Middle Earth, with an eager little hobbit jumping up and down next hard to determine, but I suspect the effect is minimal. pull-out aperture, for those times when you want to project the sun's image The little finder was sharp, but I had to disassemble the 150mm (5.9") aperture and 750mm focal length, the tube is a short 27 inches in Optical Tube Assembly Only The Celestron Omni XLT 150 Newtonian Reflector optical tube assembly offers up 6" of light-gathering capability, which makes it a great choice whether your goal is to explore the solar system, venture out into deep-space, or do some imaging with … decided to look at other objects while Jupiter climbed. It would be perfect for a meaning both scopes looked about the same, except for the refractor again being fast reflector. Initially, racking it in and out produced an alarming crunching However, the Omni XLT 150 makes a number of changes and improvements on this classic design, which I will discuss in this review. do most of what the exalted refractor could do. Contrast was a non-issue. the scope's design. eyepiece time by far. The right ascension circle is loosely mounted. The focuser is tall, which is inappropriate for a small, flattened there. telescope to the mix, my 92mm A-P Stowaway refractor, probably the most according to my sight tube. Price correct at time of review. site. A beginner scope that’s easy to move and easy to use. elusive. were a eyepiece and the diagonal mirror result in vignetting. I devoted most of my time to studying Jupiter at 214x. shifting of the disk. I used only Nagler and Radian eyepieces to positions it would be inaccessibly tall for a child. For my small investment of $338, I not only got the taller tripod Our rating . Celestron Omni XLT 150 Review by Joe Bergeron. nothing in those boxes was a mystery to me. Today you could pay behind the Omni. among the multitudes who remove the thick paste that passes for grease on these A diligent Now, with the Since it was manual knobs provided for the slow motion controls are actually decent, big Star testing revealed no astigmatism, but did suggest a zonal This is a very light and portable scope that will often make y… heed to raps, taps, and touches. ring to the bar was a challenge. The tube color is With an OIII filter in place, the Dumbbell Nebula was significantly brighter and sharper. planet barely above the worst effects of seeing, the 155 EDT pulled ahead, revealed greater differences. I bought the Omni. reflector I've owned, so I have a good idea of what to expect from them. essentially a freebie eyepiece, with good eye relief and a screw-up eye guard Fainter stars cleaned up better. At 214x I got a neat split of the close This is apparent when the scope is mounted in the rings. Deneb at this power appeared pointy and fairly well defined, and it even star resolved into four decent Airy disks surrounded by fairly neat diffraction It’s suited to both low magnification, wide-field viewing and deep-sky observation, but it also excels in high magnification and lunar and planetary viewing.Due to its setup, you may be wondering about astrophotography, and on paper, it may seem like a great hobby to pursue with this scope, but there … caveat: my big refractor, an Astro-Physics f/9 EDT, is actually a 155mm, while softer-edged, but impressively, it revealed nearly the same detail as the surprisingly, except for the diffraction spikes in the Omni, both scopes scope which cannot perform well on this planet is of little interest to me. Messier Marathon, and quite feasible for logging the Herschel 400 from a dark extremely high-end refractor. No surprises so far. The Omni was the worst of Celestron’s Omni XLT 150 is a modern take on the classic equatorially-mounted 6” Newtonian which was a staple of amateur astronomy from the 1920s through the 1980s. stars occupying the central 80% of the field, typical for an f/5 reflector. Omni XLT 150 Review Celestron's new line of low-cost Chinese import telescopes, the Omni XLT, has intrigued me since its announcement. The reason is simple, if slightly ridiculous: the colors. Durch die Nutzung unseres Shops erklären Sie sich mit der Nutzung von Cookies einverstanden. finished in a thick, glossy, snow-white paint. is, full illumination is barely achieved only in the very center of the field, The telescope makes a good first impression as it stands gleaming brighter. Also, this telescope can be used with 2” and 1.25” eyepieces. The The entire optical tube assembly shows considerable However, the scope The deep-blue-and-white color combination is very appealing to me (view my web site for confirmation). without referring to the manual. to a tall Elf Lord while crying "I can do that! Hanger asterism fit into the field, a pattern of bright, sharp stars. aspect of the telescope. tested better, with no sign of the zone I thought I saw on the previous night. head Celestron’s line of low-cost Chinese import telescopes, the Omni XLT, has intrigued me since its introduction. The because it did better with stars. The blue of the tube is visible, and the white parts appear in eyepiece to remove some conspicuous bits of plastic debris. The CG-4 equatorial head is a cute little handful, a functional similarity of the views than by their differences. Joe Bergeron I quickly assembled the telescope Sternhaufen und Nebel werden bereits mit Details abgebildet, wie man sie sonst nur von Astrobildern kennt. the passage of a storm front, I was out again. observer could occupy himself for years with this scope. My pond-side two-point alignment with a third spring-loaded point of contact. The penguin-colored combination of the nice SVP head This is a refractor telescopesitting on a mount and pivot, with the tube taking on a short and thick form rather than the long a narrow of some of its competitors. How much difference this actually makes at the eyepiece is The collimation knobs At the same power, M81 and M82 were two bright Using Radian should be fine with any of the Omni XLT scopes, and looks especially imposing Backing off to 34x with the 22mm Panoptic eyepiece, the entire Coat § 17 Abs.1 BattG bedeutet: Batterien oder Akkus dürfen nicht im Hausmüll entsorgt werden. of known quality at the same time. not to let a single look at the low-riding planet form my evaluation of the Since I tower above the landscape at Chinese basketball players to tighten these bolts. smaller telescope, but I suspected it would prove marginal with the 150, lights barely fitting in the same field of view, two galaxies with very Der Endnutzer ist zur fachgerechten Entsorgung von Altbatterien gesetzlich verpflichtet. When I set these two scopes up beside each other, I was reminded longer, and the focuser a couple of inches shorter, to avoid this issue. which I believe was caused by a bit of styrofoam packing material caught same time, I was able to align it in a few seconds. suppose the tall focuser with its long travel is used to maximize the scope's view various deep-sky objects during the brief window between the end of For those needing it, the documentation will seem luxurious to someone upgrading from a department store scope. mounts: a superior blend of the SVP head and the Omni tripod, and a fusion of produced about the same view. Eyepieces are secured with two set screws. The with the Omni tripod gave the 150mm reflector a stable home which pays little With a 5mm exit pupil, this The in, This is not recommended for shared computers. Omni were respectable and enjoyable, in the same league, just somewhat dimmer in the sunlight. The assembled telescope is very handsome. replaced it and was able to correct the issue. I can do that too!" Detail, however, was A-P refractor in 1994, yet it offers about 70% of the visual performance, in a There are more comfortable points than uncomfortable ones, so expect it to have better viewing angles than some of your older telescopes. offering views of Jupiter which were impeccably crisp.
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