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celestron nexstar 8se jupiter
This rugged, 3-in-1 device features a true tactical 3-mode flashlight, a hand warmer, and a portable power bank for recharging your personal electronics on the go. From the SkyProdigy, a telescope so smart it can align itself, to our high-performance EdgeHD optical system, we’ve revolutionized the hobby of astronomy for beginners and advanced amateurs alike. Celestron kept it simple with the accessories, and I think that’s a smart decision. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the night sky, you can easily align your telescope on any three bright objects. Take control of your telescope! at 4.5 inches away from the 8" Schmidt corrector. There are hundreds of dollars to spend to achieve the potential of NexStar 8SE. Celestron’s patented StarSense Technology makes it easier than ever to locate objects in the night sky, even if you’ve never used a telescope before. This includes four different size Catadioptric telescopes. Fastar Technology allows imagers the option of drastically increasing the speed and sensitivity of their Celestron optical tube, allowing bright, detailed images with short exposures. Stack of 500+ frames taken with iPhone 6 and edited in Nebulosity. Planetarium software package which provides easy-to-understand explanations and impressive visuals of all kinds. And, like the mount, with 8″ optical tubes, it is slightly unstable. Turn it on and push ‘Align.’ In about three minutes, you’re ready to observe! Revolutionary Single Fork Arm MountWe know the best telescope is the one you will use most often. The Lunar Surface is mesmerizing to observe with NexStar 8SE. But it only works with Celestron’s WiFi Adapter, which is not known for its reliable connections. Advanced Features Let the NexStar SE Grow with YouThe NexStar SE is compatible with all the high-tech accessories advanced users love. Celestron’s FREE planetarium app is an astronomy suite that redefines how you experience the night sky. If God himself came down and built a telescope himself, the transmission would be %2 better. Get ready for a night of astroimaging with your mount faster than previously thought possible with All-Star Polar Alignment. ), are hard to observe with any telescope. Celestron NexStar 8SE has a phenomenal optical tube that makes you overlook its issues. is built-in. It is safe to say that it is the weakest part of the whole package. NexStar 8SE has been around for 40 years now, and is holy among astronomers, for a valid reason; the optics are perfect. ED stands for "extra-low dispersion," which refers to the composition and optical properties of the glass used for the lenses. Use the included NexStar+ hand control to locate over 40,000 celestial objects, or take a Sky Tour and let your telescope show you the best objects currently visible. It will widen the field view for large objects such as the Andromeda Galaxy. But the images the optical tube provides are so incredible it makes you overlook the issues with the mount. This innovative software solves the time-consuming problem of trying to pinpoint the North Celestial Pole. NexStar 8SE is one of the rare, expensive models that can meet the expectations. The Celestron NexStar 8SE telescope is the fourth and last in the Celestron NexStar range. Otherwise, it will be a pain to get the telescope fixed if it breaks down. It is not as precise as metal Crayford models that you would get with reflectors at this price range, but it doesn’t bring up significant problems. Sturdy construction from high-quality components give NexStar SE the pointing and tracking accuracy needed to observe and follow your favorite targets with pushbutton ease. Celestron NexStar 6SE Review: Everything You Wish For – With a Caveat, Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 Review: Masterpiece. But, at 8″ the mount starts to struggle. Learn more about extra solar planets imagery, 3D Star rendering, observation planning, telescope control, multiple-panel printing, and much more. Venus doesn’t show any surface due to its thick atmosphere, but the unique yellowish colour of the planet is clear. Just point the telescope at any three bright objects—stars, bright planets, or even the Moon—and your telescope can orient itself with the night sky. They are impressively powerful in a delightfully small space. NexStar 8SE is an 8″ Schmidt-Cassegrain. You enter the object, and the optical tube follows it. For even easier alignment, attach our StarSense AutoAlign and your NexStar SE aligns itself! Use it for both deep-space and planetary astrophotography at the touch of a button. With this much light-gathering ability, you’ll clearly observe Cassini’s Division in Saturn’s rings, the cloud bands on Jupiter, and the Great Red Spot. It is a 2″, steel model, which is perfect for 6″ and lower optical tubes. Celestron’s aplanatic EdgeHD optics revolutionized astroimaging. But a 2″-star diagonal is almost necessary. Four decades later, we’ve improved upon this design by adding cutting-edge features, while staying true to our founder’s intent. The focuser is built-in. The mount is barely enough for the 8″ optical tube. But it is not cheap. Jupiter shows it many stripes with their unique beige-brown-reddish colours. The field view is too narrow. Celestron doesn’t send one, but their f/6.3 model would be a decent choice. Using the hand-controller feels like time traveling to 90’s. The Evolution line of Celestron comes with a built-in battery for a higher price tag. In the end, you will have to acquire an external power source, which damages the whole “GoTo” aspect of the telescope. This telescope control software replaces the hand control and allows the user to remotely control their Celestron computerized telescope from their personal PC or laptop. And if you are going for astrophotography, hundreds of dollars more. With the NexStar Mount long-exposures are impossible. The NexStar 8SE Computerized Telescope features Celestron’s iconic “orange tube” design and updated technology with the latest features for amazing stargazing for beginners and experienced observers. It is not as precise as metal Crayford models that you would get with reflectors at this price range, but it doesn’t bring up significant problems. The StarBright XLT coatings provide near %98 light transmission. Perfect for the serious student, professional scientist and discriminating hobbyist. NexStar 8SE Computerized Telescope nleash the full pointing accuracy of your Celestron computerized telescope with a specialized telescope control software suite. It is optically at a decent level and great for high-powered eyepieces. With the accessories that come with the telescope, serious astrophotography is not possible, and that is assuming that you have a DSLR camera. Or, you can get a HyperStar 8. The other major problem is the lack of a built-in battery. The NexStar Mount has its problems. But, it costs 400$, which is as much as a real DSLR Camera. The performance is comparable to an 8″ reflector, and that says a lot. Celestron’s signature telescope combines advanced features and excellent optics in one easy-to-use system, the NexStar 8SE. On the trail, at the job site, in the classroom, or simply sitting at home relaxing – the Celestron Elements ThermoTank 3 will keep your hands toasty. It is an altazimuth, which means it moves in an up-down motion. A 25mm Plössl eyepiece is included for low-power use and a cheap red dot finder as well. Celestron’s signature orange-tube telescope combines advanced features and excellent optics in one easy-to-use system, the NexStar 8SE. That’s why Celestron’s engineers created NexStar SE’s unique, patented single fork arm mount. The planetary performance of NexStar 8SE is fantastic. The reddish nature of the surface is clear, as well. This due to the fact that the optics are built for gathering detail and getting closer. Our proprietary StarBright XLT optical coatings dramatically increase transmission, up to 97.4% on our Schmidt corrector lenses. Now, the iconic “orange tube” design is updated with all the latest features to provide the best stargazing experience for beginners and experienced observers alike. At this price range, the astronomer should be able to decide what kind of a path she/he is going to take with the telescope. Titan, the largest one, is the easiest one to catch a glimpse of.
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