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cascalote tree leaves
It will suffer some frost bite if temperatures go below 20 degrees. Grow as a large shrub or small tree 15 to 25 feet high and as wide. L. watsonii tends to leaf out after the rains start, or in early April and May (1). Bright, clear yellow flowers appear in spikes at the tips of branches in winter and early spring. [Arid_gardener] Re: cascalote trees, white sugar like deposits at the emerging leaves Thu Apr 13 08:30:54 MST 2006 It sounds like you have psyllids (little sucking insects resembling miniature cicadas, sometimes called plant lice and related to aphids) who deposit honeydew as they chew away on your cascalote leaves. Leaves are coarser than those of C.pulcherrima. It is rare to find shrubs or trees that blossom in cool weather, and cascalote does not disappoint. The damage is cosmetic causing leaf curl and can stunt early seasonal growth. Moderately fast growth to 1012 feet tall and wide; can be maintained at 68 feet with pruning. The Cascalote will make a nice patio tree. Its stout and numerous thorns add interest but preclude its use in high traffic areas. Long-lived and slow growing, this small deciduous tree can take the heat. Native to tropical Mexico, this large woody shrub may be trained into a small patio tree. In the process it leaves behind small droplets of sticky 'honeydew' that harden on the leaves or fall to the ground. It grows to 15 feet tall and can be pruned into a multi-trunked tree. Cascalote tree with psyllids? Evergreen shrub or tree. Caesalpinia cacaloco 'Smoothie' (Smoothie Cascalote) ... And remember, large leaves and abundant leaf or flower litter can wreak havoc with pool filtration systems too. Caesalpinia cacalaco “Cascalote” Cascalote puts on a tremendous bloom of yellow flowers in fall and winter. While the yellow flowers of cascalote take center stage once fall arrives, the foliage of this small tree is also quite attractive. They drop large amounts of leaf … It is slow growing and only reaches at most 20 feet tall. Blooms throughout year except in coldest months, bearing 6 inches clusters of lemon-yellow flowers. Zones CS, TS; USDA 9-11. In fact, it is one of the few winter blooming trees in the desert southwest. Trees for Special Sites ... (Chaste Tree) Caesalpinia cacalaco (Cascalote) and Bauhinia mexicana (Orchid Tree). Caesalpinia cacalaco, cascalote. This large shrub or small tree looks great near walls or patios in a hot, sunny spot. Spray off sugars with water; the bugs will leave when it gets hot. Narrow leaves produce a spicy fragrance when crunched underfoot after they drop from branches in fall. Cascalote produces large spikes of clear yellow flowers at the branch tips during the winter months, followed by … This tree does best in full sun with well drained soil. In its natural form, cascalote grows into a large shrub. The insect that affects the Cascalote trees is a psyllid, a tiny leafhopper-like critter that sips fluid from leaf cells. In warm climates this plant is evergreen, with glossy green compound leaves. Blossoms attract hummingbirds.… It is advisable to water once or twice a month during hot summers. The fern tree grows in most well drained soils, but is most well adapted to alkaline soils. Thrips can damage new emerging leaves in the spring by piercing the leaf or stem and sucking sap from the tree. It can be pruned to shape and thin. Many cultivars are available. Fast growing spreading evergreen tree - height 12 to 16 feet - full sun, reflected heat ok - hardy to about 20 degrees f - yellow flowers in spring. However, in the landscape it is often pruned into trees with either multiple trunks or … Looks very much like the Mexican Bird of Paradise but larger. Native to Mexico and the southern tip of Texas. Circular leaflets are borne on thorny branches. Thrips rarely kill desert trees unless a heavy population begins to defoliate the tree causing stem dieback.
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