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caribbean fruit cake recipe with rum
Living in Barbados, Cynthia shares her love of the diverse food of the islands. That’s great! “Cover the cake with plastic wrap right after brushing with rum.”, It must have a pudding like texture, not stiff, rubbery, or dry, It must have just enough rum, not overpowering where you can’t enjoy the cake, The cake must be baked at least 3 days ahead so it has time to dry for best flavor/texture, It must have a good height, we want a piece of cake, not a sliver, Royal icing for weddings and birthday parties; no icing for our black cake baked at Christmas. I do not like the taste or texture of this in fruit cake, but when it is macerated with the other fruits, it really adds a nice flavor to the cake. Hi Alicia can I use dark rum from Cuba ? Fruit mixture should not be too watery. Then I flipped them while covered in the fridge ( I need gravity to get in on the action). I can’t tell you how many times people refer to how the consistency of a black cake makes it a good one or bad. Sweet memories of Christmas! Hope this all helps! I am delighted to find your website. Thank you! I especially loved the piece of black cake that was right under the almond paste. Marlene – the Bajan woman who made the black cake for my wedding 5 years ago, also my aunty Mala’s long-time friend. It is easy to burn the sugar to the point where it is bitter. Pay close attention to how the fruit mixture is like a paste; not watery or lumpy. Hope that helps! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe Alica. I pour a little more every few days to keep it moist, if it lasts that long, that is :). When I told her that I want to share the black cake recipe this year on my blog, she said, “gyal, yuh give way all meh recipe dem.” I laughed so hard, but she was happy to contribute. Hope you enjoy the cake. Adding more wine or rum periodically. Hi Alica, it’s very nice of you to share all these flavorful recipes with us . I will continue to use this recipe. As for the video, I do some on my instagram stories, but youtube is a goal of mine. What did I do wrong? Hope this helps! I like to line pans with parchment paper. Hi Alica, I’m trying this for the first time and some commenters suggest using 12 eggs. Looking forward to baking this. I made it and it’s so delicious omg. Again, it turned out great. Just wondering, if I bake in smaller Danish tins (e.g. Fruits can rest for a couple of days or can be used immediately after cooling. Thank you very much. I placed a round of parchment paper in the bottom of the cake pans, then buttered that and butter up the sides, and both cakes easily fell out later. Let the cake continue to cool completely on the wire rack. I do 12 eggs. I’m hoping to make this next week and wondered what wine do you use to summer the fruits in? Taste when cool to make sure it is not bitter. I have fruit that has been setting for over a year and am anxious to try your recipe. THX, Great recipe! I also used sherry port and rum, but it was good fun to make and the pictures of stages really helped. Add vanilla extract or essence to the eggs and continue to whisk until well incorporated, for about one minute. I will taste them I’m about three days and then try again. I use El Dorado rum! It’s one of those cakes where no one wants to tell you their recipe, and if they do, they don’t tell you all the other crucial steps like how important a low baking temperature is, or how to make the burnt sugar to color the cake. Many thanks. The results exceeded my expectations and I got nothing but compliments. I am so glad I did. Once fruit is combined, add flour. I can’t say this recipe is solely my mom’s or grandmother’s or anyone in particular. Check it out here: Halal Trini Black Cake. Another blogger friend of mine wrote a great post on non-alcoholic black cake. Christmas cake, black cake, wedding cake, or great cake are all names used to describe this famous Caribbean dessert that is made with aged rum-soaked fruits. If you know someone who is a master at making this cake, you better hope they are kind enough to share their tips. Do not be alarmed as this is how it is supposed to be. It is actually a combination of 5 or 6 people and my mom’s old 1973 Guyanese cookbook, What’s Cooking in Guyana. I used this recipe for my first ever black cake and OMG! my own edification. Thanks for sharing the recipe Alicia. Mix well. After removing cake from oven, it may seem it is under cooked. Thank you in advance. The Port we used was Warre’s Warrior Finest Reserve (loved it, great to drink too! Hope this helps! I have not tried this method, though. As for the amount of fruits to amount of cake- when we (mom and I) soak fruits we don’t end up with an exact amount because of consistently adding wine to the fruits throughout the year. Cakes are in the oven and I can’t wait. This book has seen better days, but a little cake splatter here and there gives it character. I do the same thing. Thanks. 8in or 9in pans. As the cake cools the texture and color will change. Months/years later, Best fruit cake ever! We have Meyer’s but weren’t sure if you actually just meant a light brown rum. I usually use a spray bottle to add rum to the cake after baking, for me it allows even and easy distribution. Your instructions are clear and concise. Mixed essence is mixture of different extracts, like pear, banana, orange, almond etc. Thank you for sharing your recipe. I love your detail, especially regarding the texture when the cakes come out of the oven and the fruit mixture consistency! Spritz a 10- to 12-cup Bundt pan with cooking spray. Thank you for sharing. Mmm, again. Because this cake is soaked with rum, it can keep for months, even more than a year! Thank you for sharing all your Guyanese recipes, so far i have tried Chicken patties, Cheese straws, Pine tarts, Chowmien and Bread. Avid black cake makers will swear by soaking the fruits for at least a year, while 3-4 months is good enough for others. I loved the step by step instruction, and pictures were a plus! Line 3-8in or 2-9in baking pans with parchment paper. I myself learned from my mum. Hi Joan, I think 3 hours is long, I would do 275 for 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hrs. I would really appreciate it if you could reply soon because I am making it tomorrow. Barbara L. i do the exact recipe as Ms Lashley always get great result and complements, I use Guyana Banco Wine and Rum to soak my fruits and cake.. When made, how long does the cake keep for? I made my first black cake ever using this recipe this past Christmas. Then I’m always ready to go, as I have friends all over the world who can always get a taste for black cake, any month or time of the year. You see that colorful stuff in the mixture? My oven is an electric oven and I think it’s much hotter than what the dial says so I baked mine at 300 (but felt like 360) for an hour. I have lots of rum from Cuba as we are there often. But I am not sure how May fruits should I soak since I want to bake 3 to 4 cakes? Hi Jackie, you can do it that way as well. I still have it and it is falling apart, all the pages are loose, food spots and all…… I keep it together with a heavy duty rubber band… ‘ A Treasure’ Three questions I am so, Fry balanjay with potatoes and fine shrimp Cooked, Home What foods make you feel like home?
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