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caputo pizzeria flour 5kg
Ideal for Neapolitan classic pizza. £ 9.75. 1Kg | 5Kg. Flour with reduced starch and gluten, ideal for shiny, consistent dough. Among the most used flours in the world but above all in Neapolitan pizzerias, finally also in the formats of Kg. Flour with elastic and resistant gluten, ideal for light to perfect dough mixtures. Ideal for the classic Neapolitan pizza. Add to cart. CAPUTO PIZZERIA FLOUR x 5kg. In keeping with the commitment and care that Caputo devotes to the protection of your personal data, we would like to inform you of our methods, objectives and fields of communication and circulation regarding your personal data and your rights, in accordance with … MORE. Light, with a perfect rising to satisfy the best maestri pizzaioli’s needs. 1 … Caputo Pizzeria, also sometimes referred to as Caputo Blue, is Antimo Caputos professional series pizza flour meant for baking in wood-fired ovens. Strong flour. CAPUTO PIZZERIA FLOUR x 5kg quantity. 5. Caputo soft wheat flour Type 00 blue pizzeria. Elastic gluten and soft starch help doughs to get a great hydration. DETAILS. In stock. Flour Caputo Pizzeria Kg. In stock. Caputo Pizzeria the Best Flour for Wood Fired Pizza Oven. The target for this flour is pizzerias and professional chefs, and a favorite in Naples.
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