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can you have a pet otter in louisiana
I'm just curious? Maine: Yes. I know it's not a good idea to have any of the above animals as pets like cats and dogs. They’re like regular otters, but wee. A student may even be a teacher's pet. Like it was a pet. I believed this otter was fricking with me. Asian Small Clawed Otters available for sale. People may have a pet peeve, a pet project, or a pet rock. Otters are very clever, and they can outsmart you easily. If you still want to have this adorable Otter as a pet … You will want to have a safe place for your pet ducks to play when they are not in the coop. Trying to figure how many bullets I have left at this time. Having a fenced-in yard is the best solution. $1,000. ... You may search through all Louisiana state laws here at the Louisiana Legislature's website. It's getting pretty comical at this time. They have had their shots and USDA Licensed.. But I've seen a lot of videos with people owning an otter or raccoon. Louisiana: Yes. 5. Adorable male and female Otters friendlyexoticpets. Asian small-clawed otter is legal in some states. Otter comes out again, miss # 3. $700. Territorial. I have friends in Shreveport, La. Otter back in the canal. and yes, ferrets have always been legal there as far as I know. This “free time” should be supervised because of the risk of predators. Otter, Louisiana » Metairie. As of 1998 you can have ferrets in kentucky without having a permit or paying a fee, so its totally legal. Ferrets have never been prohibited by … In fact, the small-clawed otter is the smallest otter species in the entire world, making it impossible to look at a picture of them and not have your head explode from the pure cuteness of it all. People usually consider cats and dogs to be pets. Can you own a pet raccoon, red panda, or River Otter in Louisiana? So, when you have a pet otter, you should be extra careful when you are having visitors as there are high chances of your friends and family getting bitten by your otter. I have only one bullet left in the rifle but have a shotgun with buckshot with me. Most people would not consider spiders or snakes to be pets, but some people do. Otters are also very territorial and do not like any intruders in their space and near their family. Otters for Sale michealhilary. If in regulation about keeping "non-domesticated carnivores" there is nothing about otters (Mustelidae or Lutrinae) there is a great possibility you can have an otter as a pet! At Barn Hill Preserve in Ethel, Louisiana, you and three others can take an hour-long swim with these little bundles of adorableness. Otter, Louisiana » Metairie.
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