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can i use neutralizing shampoo as regular shampoo
Asked by: Shee. !but do not use it all the time. I've been using Motions Oil Moisturizing Neutralizing Shampoo. Also, it can get damaged in the long run if you haven't followed the procedure to rinse your hair with a neutralizing shampoo to remove the oil and chemicals. Date published: 2020-10-13 ... 2020-05-30. you can use it! A neutralizing shampoo should be used once a week to wash away impurities. Please, can i use the neutralizing shampoo as my everyday shampoo? It is best to use neutralizing shampoo to prevent hair from being dry and penetration. I shampoo once a week. It puts the hair in its most natural state. only use it when you've just had a perm.I've used it this one time because i didnt feel like going to the pharmarcy and nothig happened to my hair. Clarifying shampoo can be a good addition to your hair care routine, but it’s not designed for everyday use. do not have the habit of using it everytime you wash your hair. If not you can always use a regular shampoo and add a little bit of apple cider vinegar  Answered by: Luz11101. A neutralizing shampoo takes all of the oils out of the hair. Just use regular shampoo! To gain the most benefits, you’ll want to use it in between your regular shampoo days. I did try Creme of Nature shampoo to try out as a regular shampoo and did not like it because it was hard to wash out of my hair so I gave it away to my sister (who really loves it) and I started back using Motions Neutralizing shampoo. Thus, your hair might suffer from being dull and thick.
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