Anchovy paste is easy to find in the supermarket aisle along with the vinegar and oil, or sometimes in the specialty deli area. Ingredients . Gluten Free. ½ cup mayonnaise* 1 lemon juice; ¼ cup parmesan finely grated; ¼ teaspoon garlic crushed; 1-2 tablespoons milk; Instructions . Just look for a small tube in a box. 0 from 0 votes. Mmmm creamy Caesar dressing – it’s hard to beat! Course Salad. I’ve noticed that some caesar dressing recipes call for using mayonnaise as a shortcut, but I have to say that it’s really worth making from scratch. Mix all ingredients until combined. Prep Time 5 mins. Print Recipe Pin Recipe. The key ingredient for this dressing is mayonnaise! Caesar Salad Dressing Ingredients. Garlic! No need to break out the food processor, you can simply whisk, chill and serve! Caesar Dressing November 26, 2020November 29, 2020 by projects velocity in Uncategorized. Caesar Dressing.
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