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burmese teak lumber
Highly durable Teak can be easy to work with but can have a blunting effect on cutting edges. Small movement. When your project calls for our highest grade offering, Maritime Wood Products provides single-log, matched Burma Teak lumber milled to your specifications, or left rough, so that your shop can take advantage of the superior visual effect. This teak has straight grain though can occasionally be wavy or interlocked. Whether you use your hands or machine tools there will be a severe blunting effect on the … – Traducción Española – Most of the available lumber is grown on plantations. These characteristics make FEQ Burmese Teak the ideal hardwood for all outdoor applications especially in the marine industry. Standing trees are girdled and left to dry for three years before felling. Simply fill out the form below and a representative will contact you shortly. In widths from 4 inches to 12 inches and wider. Burmese Teak heartwood is a uniform golden brown without markings. Extensively used in ship and boat building for decking, rails, hatches, etc. The surfacing, edging, and finishing is completed by the customer or woodworker. This is the preferred teak of boat-builders and architects who need a product resistant to the damage of sun, weather and insects. The decks of he Titanic were covered with Teak Wood because of its non-skid properties. Moderate steam bending characteristics. Susceptible to insect attack. What is. However, we may have to special order some of our Burmese Teak Lumber from our vendor or sawmill. The cost of this material is less than S2S or S4S Burmese Teak Wood Lumber. Fine machine dust is a skin irritant. With its superb stability, good strength properties, easy workabilityand most of all, its outstanding resistance to decay and rotits no wonder that Teak ranks among the most desired lumbers in the world. In addition, fulfillment times may vary but generally take 3 to 5 business days to arrive at our facility. Teak Wood requires very little maintenance regardless of its atmosphere. Light sanding on surfaced sides/faces will be required by the customer or woodworker once the project is near complete. Additional charges may apply to customized orders. For centuries boat builders have been using Teak Wood, but in recent years it has become the go-to hardwood for designers of upscale commercial and residential applications. Since we only use the heartwood of the tree, it has all the same qualities of old growth Burmese Teak but it is a little lighter in color and requires a little more maintenance. Our Rough Sawn Burmese Teak Hardwood Lumber is readily available for shipment within 24 to 48 hours of placing your order depending on our workload. Cost: $.50 per BF. We can surface your Burmese Teak Wood order in two different ways. Aside from its inherent beauty, Burmese Teaks reliability and versatility  makes it one of the most desirable exotic hardwoods on the planet. The surfacing, edging, and finishing is completed by the customer or woodworker. Pahi, Mai Sak, Sagwan, Tekku, Sagon, Tegina, Jati Sak, Djati, Gia Thi. Burmese Teak Wood  Lumber pricing is subject to a 100/BF minimum order. Please Contact Us if you need specific widths. Our Rough Sawn Burmese Teak Hardwood Lumber is readily available for shipment within 24 to 48 hours of placing your order depending on our workload. Burmese Teak Lumber (Exotic Wood) Known as Teak or Burmese Teak (Exotic Wood) - The heartwood is golden to medium brown and darkens with age. It does not need oiling and even if left in its natural state, it can last for centuries in near-perfect condition. Furniture and cabinetmaking, flooring, garden furniture, chemical vats, fume ducts, laboratory benches, plywood, and decorative veneers. We source our raw material (Authentic Burmese Teak) from the authorized forests of Myanmar, in a sustainable manner. This is the hardest teak product to source since only the best of the best boards from old-growth trees can be used for marine decking and trim. Used extensively in India and within its natural range for centuries, Teak has grown into a worldwide favorite. Medium bending and high crush strength. Very durable. Grain is usually straight to slightly wavy. We try to keep our Burmese Teak Hardwood inventory list as up to date as possible, however if you do not see the size(s) you require please contact us! Available in 8 foot up to 12 foot. Comments: Sometimes called Burmese Teak, this name is used to differentiate natural-grown trees (typically from Myanmar, aka Burma) from Teak grown on plantations. lumber? Origin: Grown on plantations, … Much like the many names an… S4S (Surfaced Four Sides) – The Burmese Teak Wood Board(s) will be surfaced on all four sides to a smooth finish. The debarked logs that arrive, are then marked by our experts for … Teak does not warp, crack, or discolor when in direct contact with metals. Feel free to copy and paste a list of the material you are inquiring about in the message area of the form. Variations in drying rates can occur in individual pieces. Teak leaves were once used in the treatment of bacterial infections, fungal infections, ulcers, bronchitis, nausea, and even diabetes. Burmese teak is of superior quality to varieties from elsewhere in the world and is not a fast-growth plantation teak. Grain is usually straight to slightly wavy. Widths to 24”+ are possible and lengths of … Florida Teak specializes in the highest-quality Burmese teak lumber. Fissile and brittle with great dimensional stability. Both edges remain rough and will need to be straightened by the customer or woodworker. Furthermore, all of our hardwoods for sale are subject to availability, and in most cases we can special order specific sizes from our vendor or sawmill. Workability: This lumber is easy to work with. Cost: $.35 per BF. We have the highest standards in the wood industry. Old Growth First European Quality Burmese Teak Wood is revered as the “King of Hardwoods.” FEQ Burmese Teak Wood’s close-grain and natural silica content makes it highly resistant to any rotting or decay.
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