Tagged: presentation skills, PowerPoint guide, death by powerpoint, powerpoint techniques, bullet points, alternatives to bullet points, creating slides. The first just says has the alternating colours text list much larger and in the centre of the screen, then the second is as you see above but with the Bodleian's reply hidden, and then lastly the slide you see here. It’s somewhat sad as bullets are a great way to organize content and create a structure. Feel free to reproduce thecontents of this blog, with attribution. Here are 13 alternative ways to design and display content in presentations versus using bullet points. A bit of design. The idea was to make long paragraphs easier to read. Also experiment with other graphic formats or with PowerPoint’s predefined diagrams. And remember…bullets are for guns, not presentations! Rather than making four or five points on one slide (and risk your audience reading ahead and getting out of sync with you the presenter), make one point per slide over four or five slides. Bullet Point Alternative #7: Condense your Bullets Into a Table or Graph. ), An example of using fewer words without reducing the impact. On this blog I write about communication, marketing libraries, useful technologies and presentation skills. You can easily import tables or graphs from Excel into PowerPoint, so there is no excuse! A basic example is shown here. Presentations are often huge opportunities. Me neither. In the particular example shown here, I've actually built up to what you see over three slides. They grab quickly attention to the certain point:You can apply your brand colors to the lists, as the arrows are PowerPoint editable shapes. It literally just states the points without any visual pazzazz to engage audience members. He actually said: "We choose to go to the moon" We'll... by Andy Shambrook | Sep 23, 2019 | Listicles. They can be very useful in written documents. It's probably going to be a lot easier to view this on the website itself rather than in an email / feedreader - here's the link. Although, the standard solid dot for a bullet point is simple, and separates out the different points you are trying to make. Grab a slide of bullets from your last presentation and give these ideas a go. They grab quickly attention to the certain point: You can apply your brand colors to the lists, as the arrows are PowerPoint editable shapes. So let’s take this fairly standard finance summary slide of bullets: Here’s how Steve Job’s might have built the same slide: Using a list like above is better than bullets, but it’s still pretty dull. Well PowerPoint comes with cool smartart graphics that you can insert and tweak in the place of bullets, but still if you are bored with the default smartart options and want to make your slide more interactive and attention grabbing then here are 20 new creative ideas for bullet list alternatives for PowerPoint. It does what a single slide with bullet points would do, but uses colour and visual elements over three slides to introduce the information in a more engaging way. If you analyze your content carefully, you might find that several bullet lists can be associated into one category. Several ways to avoid bullet points. If you have a particularly data-driven presentation to give, the best alternative to using bullet points is to create a neat table. For an Australian conference which starts at…, I didn't forensically go through Analytics so maybe I've forgotten some but below are 9 of the most engaged with tw…, Sharing UX Findings: York's strategic approach, Starting small and scaling up, and what have we learned about Design? (International Journal of Business Communication, 2015). Imagine if finance had written JFK's speech... "We choose to travel 238,855 miles at 25,000 miles per hour to the second densest known satellite with   which we are in synchronous rotation" Inspired? Steve Jobs would often use a list in his slides, almost always following these rules: This is great for your audience because they can very quickly read the whole slide and get back to listening to you (remember your audience can either read your slide or listen to you, not both at the same time).
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