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briogeo reviews reddit
I love love love davines, I try to get it whenever there’s a good deal which is unfortunately rare! I’ve tried the Briogeo Leave-In (pink one). The deep repair mask is also incredible. I cannot find ANY! It does make my hair feel pretty clean after using it and it smells excellent, but it definitely isn’t worth $42. It helped with the itchyness on my dry scalp. However the weirdest and most off putting thing it did for me was make my hair INCREDIBLY brassy (I am bottled blonde). My favorite haircare brands to get there are Alterna’s Caviar and Amika. The smell, the price ($48 all together), and the outcome. After that I switched to Davines which I actually liked a lot, but I have since realized the sulfate free life is overrated and not for me so I am using Shu Uemura now and believe I found my HG product. I hope they release styling products in the future as I would love to see them take on a great gel and foam mousse. hi thanks for sharing! Haven’t tried their products but they are very environmentally friendly if that’s a consideration. I went to a salon before the closures happened and they used amika, my hair did not feel or look as good even with lower quality shampoos. Briogeo products left my hair with this awful greasy residue. I’ve also tried the matcha green apple shampoo and conditioner set, this is alright. Amika is way better and more worth the price. what specifically did you dislike about the shampoo? After chatting with Briogeo via IG and a girl working at Sephora (pre Covid), I went with the banana over the apple as it’s better suited for dryer hair. I like the Don't Despair, Repair treatment, but honestly, Jessicurl's Deep Treatment is just as good. I’m really curious to try the be kind like, either the matcha or the banana. It smells like thin mints, which I love, but it's too expensive. I have a sensitive scalp. I really like BriogeoHair.com , as they have a lot information about their products and what each ingredient inside of them does! i use leave in conditioners and hair oils so i worry about a shampoo not cleansing enough of that stuff out of my hair. Worth the price for the size? did you feel like the banana conditioner had a lot of slip? They also slipped some free samples in there and a cardholder for my phone. I’ve found that if I use the serum all over my scalp or if I use it everyday, it makes my scalp red and sensitive. Why would a colorless shampoo and conditioner do that? Not worth the price in my opinion. Press J to jump to the feed. I loved the actual spray bottle, but wasn’t overly impressed with the actual product. It’s an award-winning, cult-favourite deep conditioning mask in the curly hair community. what shampoos / conditioners are you guys currently using? full review “ The product is a two-part deep conditioning system that promises not only to restore moisture but fix your split ends too. The smooth conditioner is also good, and I love their mask used along with Olaplex No 3 for damage. Sometimes I used it and then followed with another (less expensive shampoo) to get a more clean feeling but still get the scalp benefits from briogeo. I have tried the Briogeo charcoal shampoo and conditioner. But I’m not a fan of the peppermint oil in the serum—it leaves a pleasant tingling sensation, but based on research I’ve read on peppermint oil in cosmetics, I’m not convinced it has any actual benefits for the scalp/skin and can actually cause irritation sometimes. It makes my hair very healthy and smooth. I also have very thick hair. Briogeo is a hit or miss for me ‍♀️ I have long hair (like bottom of my shoulder blades length) that is pin-straight, thin, and fine. I know that sounds ridiculous. I am currently using Verb after previously using Briogeo products. I LOVE the mask. I’ve tried many lines including Living Proof, Amika, ouai, bumble and bumble, Eva NYC, Davines, olaplex, but the one I enjoy the most is the Briogeo rosarco line for being ingredient conscious and wonderful smelling. level 1 I’d go back to the Briogeo in a heartbeat. One of the best daily products. My hair hated amika, it made my hair so dry and waxy, I returned it asap. I use VERB Ghost shampoo and conditioner right now but I’ve been for about a year now and looking to change. I went back to the Lush Big scrub, it works better on my hair anyway. I still use the deep conditioner because of the scent but I am still looking for a line I can't live without. So now I only use it on spots where I feel itchy, and only when needed, and am not planning on repurchasing. Conditioner / Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Banana + Coconut Superfood Nourishing Conditioner. I’ve never heard of that brand :). It smells very strongly of apple (duh) and it makes my hair shiny but it’s not amazing. Discuss anything Sephora-related: Makeup and skincare advice, product reviews, and your personal faves! No longer do you have to make dirty sacrifices to achieve the healthy, beautiful hair of your dreams. I truly don’t know but as soon as I switched off it my tone was so so much better. Briogio reviews? Briogeo products left my hair with this awful greasy residue. clean care. I always thought I was just missing something or kept getting bad samples, glad to see a good number of people feel the same way. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. My hair always felt so soft and smooth afterward. I've NEVER understood the hype?!?! After paying $45 for the Caviar masque, I don’t feel like the Briogeo price is that bad since it performs better and costs less. After trying a plethora of different hair products and brands I would definitely say Briogeo is my favorite. I have pretty thick and long hair so I need to use quite a bit of it when I wash my hair, so I don’t think the tub is going to last long, another reason I don’t think it’s worth the money. I’m going to have to check shu uerma our! 04/09/2019 Why I’m no longer using Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! I bought the scalp revival charcoal and coconut oil micro-exfoliating shampoo because I heard so many excellent things about it. Shame because it smells SO good and I love their elixir. Another meh product for me is their charcoal scalp scrub. Overall the Briogeo line truly impressed me. I find the bottom half of my hair is less frizzy and a bit softer. I noticed that it helped with the oily hair because it usually gets oily the next day. I just wish they didn’t have silicones in them since I do the CGM. More posts from the HaircareScience community. I’ve used the don’t despair, repair mask- I LOVE it. Briogeo isn’t cheap and I’m aware that they are using quality ingredients which can be expensive but…good LORD! Alright I’m convinced, to not buy them at this time.
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