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black ux researchers
After all, it’s embedded within the same racialized systems of exclusion that led to research focusing on the Black experience in the first place. Authors: Stacey Houston, UX Researcher at Facebook; Jamie McPike, UX Researcher at Facebook; Shruti Bhutada, UX Researcher at Facebook; Brandon Carlisle, UX Researcher at Facebook, often overlooking key contributions from scholars outside of those ideologies, 5 more Things that UX Design Should Learn from the Gaming Industry, The Idea of a Natural User Interface is Not Naturally Easy to Grasp, What we learned about doing accessibility research on the NHS website, UX Case Study: Seniors Conquer the Internet, 9 UX Myths That You Thought Were True But Are Not. According to a recent job posting by IBM, as a design researcher, you will “help provide actionable and meaningful data-driven insights that represent the voice of multiple users. We have come together as Black researchers and allies from Facebook app and Instagram to highlight the role of UX research in perpetuating racism. User experience research has played a critical role in identifying and understanding the deeply felt needs, emotions, and experiences of people as they interact with technology, systems, and products. In designing products that meet the needs of most users, we may find ourselves not meeting the specific needs of our marginalized communities. When we don’t proactively consider the experiences of people who have been underserved historically, how will our products feel relevant to those communities? Ensuring that samples include Black users — and, more broadly, BIPOC — introduces a host of policy questions: How should companies ask about racial identity? The fact that CRT is only recently surfacing as an important theoretical lens through which to think about UX research is another example. From UX to Marketing and Programming. User Experience is a multi-faceted discipline that is focused on how users interact with and use products and services of any kind. As part of its broader Diversity and Equity efforts, Instagram recently announced the creation of a full-time Equity team. These implementations required an emphasis on the experiences of Black people. Progress. We are UX focused but all professionals are welcomed. What are the biggest challenges faced by UX research when it comes to racial justice, and how can we overcome them? Challenge. Recently, Facebook app and Instagram introduced products and features designed to lift Black voices and help raise awareness about Juneteenth. Progress. To begin to answer these questions, we highlight four areas of focus: fairly distributing power, addressing research policy and practices, building a sustained research agenda, and centering Black experiences. Research and policy have a long road ahead to ensure that we are not just elevating the same voices and under-representing Black user experiences. I am the only UX Researcher, but my boss, the Director of Research, focuses on Research Ops. Rigorous approaches to understanding the heterogeneity of Black experiences must be established. The solution isn’t mere inclusion — inviting more Black researchers to the table. We are comprised of UXers, Tech & Marketing professionals; from those just starting out to seasoned award winning professionals. Black people have added great value to the user experience on social media platforms, from cultural content to social activism. The solution is rebuilding the table, and being open to not even making decisions at a table. Lateral Partnerships and Alliances. But without the institutional will, resources, training, and incentives required to sustain this critical research, these efforts won’t last. It is today that our best work can be done and not some future day or future year. Dallas Black UX is a unique affinity group and organization. These structures are historically rooted in Eurocentric, westernized, and white privilege ideology that has shaped foundational understandings of why, how, and when people and groups act, often overlooking key contributions from scholars outside of those ideologies. This not only stifles innovation, but also inhibits organizations from using their abundant resources to serve Black communities. User research needs a better model for centering Black experiences while honoring our commitment to our community’s privacy and safety. This fully stacked product team will include UX researchers with extensive experience using research for racial justice. Our hope is that the field of UX research will ask and answer this question not just for Black users but for all historically underserved populations. Our journey is just starting and we would appreciate your support. UX sits squarely in the center of where business/product, development and marketing intersect within organizations. Our contributions will ensure our place within Dallas and national tech culture. It is today that we fit ourselves for the greater usefulness of tomorrow. What policies, practices, and knowledge structures must we question to understand and improve Black users’ experiences? To ensure that our products are culturally sensitive, culturally relevant, and disruptive to structural racism, we need to design them with specific underserved groups in mind. User research can help to lead efforts in the development of products that focus on the unmet needs of Black people — not just Black users. Here’s a research question to close: How might the experience of Black users improve if we actively addressed the way racism permeates our research structures and practices? We offer Mentorship and Coaching for various members through group discussions and 1-1 basis. This story contributed to UX Para Minas Pretas (UX For Black Women), a Brazilian organization focused on promoting equity of Black women in the tech industry through … In the past, policy risks were one of the first considerations for new ideas. DBUX is an organization dedicated to the development of urban professionals in UX and Tech industries. Facebook’s Inclusive Product Council, another example of a sustained program, aims to inform product development through the inclusion of diverse perspectives brought into the product cycle at critical junctures. As a discipline, user research needs to do much better to ensure it is not perpetuating exclusion of Black people and their experiences. Hope for the future. Facebook Research is working to enhance collaboration with policy stakeholders to make sure we can conduct inclusive research that highlights and addresses the unique experience of Black people, and that those insights can ultimately shape policy. When we apply CRT to UX research, it becomes clear that power structures based in systemic racism have historically kept Black people out of UX leadership, preventing them from helping to shape the questions that get asked. Please join us in building an organization that supports our interests and helps to be the a dynamic and vibrant group that supports creativity and intellectual excellence. This can look like surveys, interviews, and other techniques. Why DB/UX? To begin to understand and address the deep history of racial injustice requires that we do not myopically focus on the current moment, but instead develop a sustained research agenda committed to in-depth researcher training, research oversight, and sharing of methodological best practices. Subsequently, we may also provide products that help allies channel their desire for justice into meaningful actions. Challenge. How do we ensure that these changes amount to more than relying on a few Black employees to speak for the entire Black community? Sadly, the problem still persists today. Although many view research as an objective science, lived experiences are an active and important research component. This piece of information forced me to rethink my entire moral … User research consists of a variety of techniques used to determine the needs, wants, and behaviors of users. The research questions we deem worthy of asking, for example, stem from our values. However, all research is embedded within structures that shape the kinds of knowledge that is produced and perceived as valuable. Progress. We are comprised of UXers, Tech & Marketing professionals; from those just starting out to seasoned award winning professionals. It has sub-disciplines that address the entire process from research to ui development. UX sits squarely in the center of where business/product, development and marketing intersect within organizations. This includes relying on research to understand the need products are filling.
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