At Black Spectacles, we’re a purpose driven company, aimed squarely at educating and inspiring architects across the world so they can thrive in their careers. Prototyping. Graphic Designer • UX Designer. Rather, they focus on the journey that the user takes and how the product is structured to facilitate this journey. Jamal is also the founder of Truth About Design which provides people with guidance and coaching in the design industry. Something better was needed. She also founded the Kimoyo Fellowship, which is a design program teaching the skills required to become an entry-level UI/UX designer at Nigeria’s leading tech companies. Follow. Check out their inspiring work here:, Karen is a Product Designer at PicPay. What I love about the tech design community, is that we are so invested in our collective growth. Only 3% of UX designers are Black. Here, colors are added, images are selected, typography is thought out. Keynote Lecturer • UX Designer. Designer • UX Designer. We fight every single day to design a world where we are seen, heard, and loved. That means a whole lot of perspectives are missing from the creation of the products we consume. A UX developer is responsible for visually appealing versions of a wireframe. The institute has a year-long program that introduces students to human-centered design and design thinking. Avoid pure black. There isn't anything that Black woman cannot do, including design some amazing brands. Adams explained that a significant difference between digital platforms and newsprint is that of color scales. At a recent PhillyCHI event, the designers shared their processes for projects like an app that could help people consider art in new ways. Here’s how 3 Black UX pros solved design challenges, Join 30,000+ readers who receive daily email updates from, There’s $100K up for grabs for ideas to improve millennials’ health, City gov is pumping half a million dollars into diversifying Philly’s tech talent, Down one spot in 2020, Philadelphia is now the 3rd most diverse US city for STEM, amplify Black voices in the Philly UX community and beyond. A space allowing Black women designers to learn and collaborate with one another. Learn more about the initiative here:, Daniel Locko, along with Yann Le Beux and Camille Kramer- Courbariaux founded YUX. A dark theme doesn’t have to be pure white text on a pure black background. Black designers and developers surrounded me for the first time in my life! Graphic Designer • UX Designer. Digital allows more space for designers to apply shadows to their work, whereas the grayscale palette of newsprint limits shadowing options. You can learn more about me at,,,, Checklist: All The Questions You Should Ask Before Building a Website, I’ve Redesigned the New Medium Profile Pages. She and her colleagues used the online platform CEROS to create a microsite that helped her lay out how her project would look: “We were able to prototype and then our products team coded a microsite to make it work,” she said. As a queer Black person, I’ve learned how to compartmentalize and take this feedback and recognized everyone doesn’t want to or need to do that.”. “Coming back to school, I was at a crossroads. He found that the process was incredibly difficult and that helped form the foundation of his research. Talking to other people in grad school for art, it was about needing to be vulnerable and getting bad feedback. The School teaches individuals in Nigeria how to become UI/Graphic Designers. Test launches. This editorial article is a part of Design Month of's editorial calendar. Graphic Designer • Industrial Designer. It’s about understanding people’s thought processes, and understanding what is working well and why.”, A post shared by PhillyCHI (@phillychi_ux), Sign-up for daily news updates from Philadelphia. Feb 12 Nakita M. Pope. In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at the UX design process and some of the key tasks that a UX designer will perform. I decided TESCO's unhelpful bacon packet was primed for some problem-solving. Learn more about the School here:, Wes O’haire is currently a product designer at Dropbox. The goal is to inspire new designers, encourage people to diversify their feeds, and discover amazing talent. Adams used her design work for the Inquirer’s Diversity and Inclusion Gala as a case study for the challenges that come with converting digital design work to traditional newsprint. I find myself constantly looking to network, collaborate with, and learn from other designers in the field. Feb 14 Atikh Bana. Check out more here:, Lenora Porter is a Designer at Salesforce. If so, Black Spectacles’ Head of UX/Design role may be the perfect opportunity for you to grow in your career! Characters designed by UX designer Tony Moatan. (Clockwise) Jené Adams, Reggie Hall, PhillyCHI's Christine Cunniff and Tony Moaton. Five Visions of the Airport of The Future Offer a New Challenge for the Industry, 3 Key Skills for Top-Notch Instructional Designers, 5 Steps to Designing Better Digital Products for Women, The Impact of Introducing a Virtual Assistant to National Parks. Sie bilden die Schnittstelle zwischen dem User und dem Entwicklerteam. Feb 10 Jarrett Gilmore. If so, Black Spectacles’ Head of UX/Design role may be the perfect opportunity for you to grow in your career! Juma is also the Founder and Creative Director of the Nairobi Design Institute. Some of the world’s leading brands, such as Apple, Google, Samsung, and General Electric, have rapidly adopted the design thinking approach, and design thinking is being taught at leading universities around the world, including Stanford, Harvard, and MIT. Dark gray surfaces reduce eye strain — light text on a dark gray surface has less contrast than light text on a black surface. Nick Black is a UX designer with a background in animation and visual media. With designers at every level of experience spanning disciplines like UX Design, UI Design, Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, Product Design and UX … A UX designer has to create a black and white detailed layout of a product page. In fact, that high contrast can be painful to look at. Früher war es Nutzersache, sich mit IT Anwendungen zurechtzufinden – nicht umsonst fanden sich zahlreiche "DOS für Dummies" Bücher in bequemer Griffreichweite des heimischen Familien PCs. Our platform attracts architects around the world who want to push the limits of their industry. At Black Spectacles, we’re a purpose driven company, aimed squarely at educating and inspiring architects across the world so they can thrive in their careers. This is a space for Black Female UX Designers in Brazil. Using the “walk a mile” immersion exercise, he went to the Municipal Services Building and look for resources in the way that a non-English-speaking person would. Hall said that empathy was a key part of his and his six colleague’s design process. Check out the community she is building here:, Tosh Juma is a Managing Director for IDEO Nairobi. As a graduate student at the University of the Arts, Moatan frequently met other students who had become hampered by the feedback process involved in developing artistic talent. Black mentorship goes a long way when you’re only a junior designer working towards new opportunities, to further your career. Brand Strategist • Entrepreneur. Black designers who are already in the industry, offer any mentorship when you can, so we can see more of us, in the workplace. Take a deep dive into UX Designers with our course Design Thinking: The Beginner’s Guide . Black UX Collective. — For Hall, creating forms to help non-English-speaking Philadelphians receive city services was an experience that involved working closely with the people who would benefit from them in order to achieve the best results possible. This is a UX Design company based in Senegal and Cote D’Ivoire that designs experiences and products for social good. If you’re interested in seeing more listicles like this, give the article a clap! His app would speak to people not always recognized by academic spaces and the arts and answer his own question of how designers could teach users how to think of art and what it meant to step away from elitism. View more of Daniel’s work on here:, Omobonlanle is a UI/UX Designer and Founder of Geneza School of Design. Philadelphia Inquirer graphic designer Jené Adams, UX designer Tony Moatan and UX designer and researcher Reggie Hall Jr. shared their screens with the virtual audience to show off recent projects and talk through their processes. When she is not designing, she manages Black Women in Product Design. I’m pretty independent and introverted, so I didn’t do much reaching out to other designers for mentorship — men or women.
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