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biggest carp ever caught in europe
The fish was caught today [November 23, 2018] and beats the previous world record of 108lb , which also ca A Devon-born man has caught was is thought to be the world’s biggest carp fish – weighing a whopping 232lbs. MONSTER: Brit angler John Harvey has caught the world's biggest carp (Image: BNPS) John Harvey landed the enormous Siamese carp after a knee-trembling fight to reel it in at a lake in Thailand. When it first came out of the water I was shocked, stunned, and to be honest, shaking like a leaf . mirror fell to Michel Schoenmakers at the Hungarian super venue. The beast of a fish was caught by Dutch angler Michel Schoenmakers on 23rd November 2018 along with some other absolutely huge carp. “I could see it was a carp,” he said. The Big Plated mirror was caught fairly on rod and line last November at a bloated 83 lb 4 oz at Kent’s Wingham Fisheries. The biggest carp caught in Britain was ... European Commission president tells EU leaders to compromise to get Brexit trade deal done. The … This time with the catch by Fishing Adventures Thailand pro guide “Kik” of the world’s biggest carp ever caught on rod and line in the history of sport fishing. It tipped the scales at 16.5 stone - heavier than a Mini. The world carp record has been smashed by a behemoth of a carp caught from the Euro Aqua complex in Hungary. The carp is the biggest ever caught in Britain. The monstrous 51.2kg (that’s 112lb 14oz!) The biggest British carp ever was found dead at the venue being tipped to produce the next bona fide home-bred record. That’s when Mr Burkitt caught a glimpse of the 87 centimetre, 11.5 kilogram monster on his line and his heart sank. At an incredible 112 lb 14 oz, the carp is almost 5 lbs bigger than the previous record. Nigel Ludbrook. Biggest Carp Ever Caught at Euro Aqua. Euro Aqua has done it again, this time producing the first 50kg carp ever recorded. The 42-year-old , from Westleigh, near Bideford, Devon, couldn't believe his eyes when the monster broke the surface of the water. He is also Thailand’s top rod builder and top handmaker of top water lures. 11 Dec 18. 0. Kik who has been guiding in Jean-Francois’ team since its inception is known locally as the most complete local angler of the country. Despite being the biggest British carp, at that massive weight, it was a catch never destined to become the official No.1.
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